Beam all of them the fuck out of here Scotty

There are changes taking place around the world right now that I believe are indicative of things beginning to change like never before in human history and evolution.

In spite of the shit storm going on currently, the things we see happening right now, what I call “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”part of our evolution as a species, some things like never ending wars for over a century, actually over the past couple of thousand years, the poverty and despair, and the rage, is in it’s final death throes.

The current situation with the war in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict and genocide in the Middle East against the people of Palestine, and the wars in several other parts of the world that nobody ever talks about, is all coming to a head like a festering huge pimple that’s about to get squeezed, and go away.

As far as current affairs, I believe that we will soon see the two-state scenario come to pass, with the recognition of Palestine as a legitimate country with its capital in Jerusalem and the state of Israel ridding itself of zebraism (the Bad)….Real peace in the Middle East.

I see BRICS as a “Good” thing, but it will evolve and merge with whatever is left of the Western powers, i.e., the United States (the bad), evolving and merging into a new world of a new global economic and social/political system.

No, not the “New World Order”, the “New Age Order”, a system of worldwide self-governance I call INCLUSIONISM, root word, INCLUDE! Not Socialism, or what we call Democracy, but something that combines all the great features of all positive governance and social systems.

Call it what you may, I see it as a fruit of the Age of Aquarius. Google it. Key descriptive words…The Age of Technology & Peace.

Google the Age of Pisces which has lasted approximately 2,300 years. Primary descriptive words, the Age of Religions & Wars.

I’m 75 years young, and I will be dust in the wind before this final part of our species evolution is completed. My grandson who’s ten years old right now, will quite possibly will be my age (or perhaps middle aged if my calculations are a little off), when the fullness of the Aquarian Age has manifested itself.

The whole world is going to eventually adopt Gold as a standard for each country’s currency. However, somewhere in our future the entire planet will be using the same yet unknown electronic currency for trade and commerce.

Possibly digital at first, like my IRTHKOIN, but I also think that we will evolve to the point where every human being will have the same access to all the goods and services that support a happy healthy life. There will be no “class” distinctions. No Elon Musks, or Jeff Bezos. No more societal separation/segregation.

Sure, for decisions affecting us globally, like what places in the universe we should travel to, or what we do as a planet, as a member of an Intergalactic community, will be decided from the bottom up to the top elected leaders of our planetary governing body I call, IRTH Council of Elders.

I say from the bottom up because of the technology that we already have in our hands that most of the world currently uses to communicate, play games, check the weather etcetera.

Imagine if you will, the Intergalactic Council made up of fifteen planets, is asking for a decision about trade issues with another planet/life form or admitting a new planet into the INTERGALACTIC FEDERATION OF PLANETS, or some other issue requiring a decision.

You, are sitting there taking a shit or maybe you’re watching the tenth annual Intergalactic Games on your 3-D projected holographic type of image, and your hand-held communication device beeps, asking for a thumbs up or a thumbs down on a given issue. You press on the “Thumbs Up” or the “Thumbs Down” button.

More than that, prior to that “Vote”, you had the opportunity to digitally submit ideas/proposals long before a final vote is instantaneously recorded and received by the IRTH COUNCILOF ELDERS. Beam me up Scotty. Yes, fiction quite often becomes fact. If this new system I call INCLUSIONISM we’re in effect today, we wouldn’t be deciding whether or not to bomb the fuck out of people.

Age of PEACE means no more military/industrial complex’s all over the world. All those companies manufacturing weapons/products for wars and killing will instead be combined in developing and creating products for the global good, like Starships (think Star Trek), or providing manufacturing facilities for robots? Who knows.

Back to the current day bullshit. Once zebraism is eradicated and replaced by Israel’s new system I call HEBRATIC, all those U.S. politicians who have dual-citizenship with Israel will be gone, either voted out or removed by some other means.

Although all cultures and most countries will maintain their ethnic/cultural identities, there will be no borders or let me say, need for passports for traveling to other parts of the world. We will still identify with our own cultures and countries, but there will only be a handful of separate IRTH regions.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico will be known simply as NAR for North American Region. Same as SAR for all the countries in South America joined together as the South American Region. WER for Western Europe Region, EAR for East Asia Region, and so on.

Although you will still be recognized as a citizen of a given global region, like SAR, you STILL will be identified as from Argentina or Brazil, or whatever country you’re from. What I shared in this essay is a culmination of many years of research and writing.

I’m optimistic that parts if not all of my thoughts and suggestions will eventually be shared and come to fruition. I have been “Preaching” this schtick for years now, (ever since my third stroke near my Pineal Gland) that our species WILL survive whatever shit comes our way be it nuclear devastation, Asteroid impact or whatever and take the correct “Fork in the Road” that we’re coming to soon.

For additional schtick please check out numerous other essays here on my website. For all of you who don’t suffer from ADHD, thanks for reading, and “Share if you care”.

Postscript: Certainly, there IS an alternative to the two-state option that’s been around for decades.

When all is said and done as far as the total elimination of zebraism as a political force in the “State” of Israel is concerned, I can imagine that if a vote was taken amongst all the citizens of that “State”, a vote by all the Muslims, real Jews, Christians, and whatever other religious groups are there, a new “State” would be declared and recognized by the rest of the world, as a “State” which would accept and accommodate ALL people indigenous to the land. A vote also could be held to decide what to call this new “One-State” solution. The people of this new “State” could have a contest and let the children come up with a winning name.

How about, Palestine like it originally was mapped out in the past few hundred years? Or, Palisrael? Or, how about something from ancient times, like, Palashtu, Peleset, or Pilistu. The first written records referring to Palestine emerged in the 12th-century BCE Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt, which used the term Peleset for the neighboring people or land.

In the 8th century BCE, the Assyrians referred to the region as Palashtu or Pilistu.

Or, how about Philistia? The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century bce occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv–Yafo and Gaza.

The point is, regardless what that new “country/state” is called, there would be peace amongst ALL the citizens of that country, and harmony between the people as it was for so long before the zebraists from Eastern Europe took control.

Sounds too good to be true though. I believe that one thing is for certain though. The apartheid regime/political system zebraism will be abolished/eliminated at some point, optimistically in the near future.

This essay was brought to you by those wonderfully visionaries at IRTHKOIN. The Evolutionary Crypto-Currency coming soon to your laptop, computer, and cellphone, stay tuned for news.







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