The Best Shrimp Salad Mush around

Tools, i.e., what you’re going to need:

1. Spatula

2. Food Processor (see photo, not a drink blender)

3.  Disposable, inexpensive Tupperware, (size, whatever). or any other container to put your mush in. 


1. One pound (16 ounces) of any inexpensive Seafood Salad from your local grocery store’s deli. You know, the kind with the fake crab meat in it. Or you can use real King Crab meat as well, as an additional ingredient.

2. One pound (16 ounces) of Bay Shrimp, you know, the tiny ones

3. Add some Soy sauce to taste, I usually put in a couple of tablespoons

4. Mayonnaise, a half cup (I use real Mayo, NOT salad dressing

5. Sesame Seed Oil, one teaspoon


1. Stick it all in the food processor, one item at a time. Turn it into mush, refrigerate before consuming, with a spoon or fork, I use a spoon, yummy


How to serve:

There are many ways to serve this salad normally, including as a main ingredient in Seafood Tacos, (probably need your teeth in, if you wear dentures). If you enjoy Sushi, use your imagination. How about in a Sunday Morning Omelet?
One way I am still yet to experiment with, is baking A scrambled egg mixture in some sort of multi-cavity baking apparatus, that will produce bitE sized little boats, with a small part of their interior hollowed out, for placement of your delicious mush. The recipe for these little egg things to come, soon as I find the right baking thingy. GARNISH TO YOUR HEARTS DESIRE.

Here’s a really gourmet way to serve my “Best Shrimp Salad Mush Around

Take your favorite sliced bread, for this shrimp salad, mine is Pumpernickel, the really dark brown stuff. Unless you have a professional pastry dough cutter die, use the top end of any clean empty glass bottle that is approximately inch and a half to two inch diameter opening.

Press down on your favorite slice of bread in three or four spots. I can get four circles per slice on my Pumpernickel. Oh, and if you do it right, you will barely cut through the bread, allowing you to easily pull away the bottle as you twist it, without leaving the circular piece of bread stuck inside the opening of the bottle.  There has to be a trick, after all, you ARE using the opening of a bottle, instead of a pastry cutter. I have used a stainless steel pastry cutter before. On dough, like thick biscuit dough, the circle of dough is heavy enough that it doesn’t stick to the cutter (plus you have vigorously sprinkled flour all over the rolled out sheet of dough).

The first time I tried the pastry cutter on a slice of Pumpernickel, the circle of bread stuck inside the cutter, which is okay because all you have to do is push your circles out from the backside of the cutter, works great, better than a glass jar, really.

So, now you place all your circles on your 14″ antique silver serving tray. I can get 20 circles on my great-great-great-grandmother’s silver tray that she inherited from Queen Sigrid the Haughty, also known as Sigríð Storråda of Norway.

If you have a pastry “bag” you will know what it is. Fill it with your Gourmet Shrimp Salad. With a steady aim, deposit a portion of your salad onto each piece of your favorite soft bread, remember, you are toothless, so using hard crackers will not work. Top the salad off with a small mint leaf. By the way, you can really get creative with the garnish. Paper thin slice of lemon, a tiny dab of Wasabi. Onion? I think a paper thin slice of a red radish would be marvelous as well.

Write to me with your ideas for garnish for this snack. By the way, I do eat a whole tray of 20 of these little jewels, and I could see a party of people eating these up, toothed or toothless.


The Best Exotic Egg Salad Mush around


1. Spatula 




2. Food Processor (see photo, not a drink blender) 




3. Disposable, inexpensive Tupperware, (size, whatever, see photo)




1.  Six (6) Large eggs. For a larger portion, just double all the ingredients.

2. Pickle relish (the kind you put on hot dogs), a half cup to 3/4 cup

3.  Mayonnaise, a half cup to 3/4 cup (I use real Mayo, NOT salad dressing. You CAN substitute low-fat or nonfat Mayo.

4.  Fresh minced, roasted garlic one teaspoon (or to taste).

5.  1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper (ground) or a splash of your favorite hot sauce (to taste).

6.  1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt, (or no salt at all). You also can substitute with your favorite non-salt spice.


1. Stick all the ingredients in the food processor. Turn it to mush

2. Refrigerate


Since this recipe is for toothless people, just scoop it onto a plate, and enjoy. If you can safely bite into soft bread, make a sandwich




Strain: KushBush1, harvested October 3rd, 2016

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