I AM your GOD!

I know Mandy and Atlas, and love them both like a daughter and grandson although we’re in no way related or that close enough, but I know you will be happy to know that your post, which I read word-for-word, inspired this sermon-like post following the text of your (Mandy’s)  post which which is now here on my website.

Here’s Mandy’s post: 

“Mankind, through various religious concepts, have imagined God to be a “creature-creator” simply because they themselves are “creator-creatures.” Using the tremendous outgoiung energy of being, men have diligently imagined and imaged forth the nature of God, while only the few have apprehended the truth that God is consciousness, and as consciousness he is life, intelligence, will, and love manifest in a rich variety of dimensions and attributes.

Now I tell you, God is a benign Impersonal Personality, a Personal Impersonality, a Personal Personality, and an Impersonal Impersonality comprising the manifold consciousness of being. He gives of his creative Self to the creatures he has made in the hopes that they will apprehend his purposes and emulate his consciousness to the fullness with which he has endowed them.

As they grow and mature throughout life, people imitate one another, consciously and unconsciously mimicking the personalities that touch their lives. They dwell in such a sense of un reality that they persist in identifying themselves as vile sinners. They accept not only the accusations of the “accuser of our bretheren” whose machinations are exposed in the twelth chapter of the Book of Revelation, but also the burden of mounting waves of mass condemnation which, like a raging sea, threaten to drown the image of the Real Image of the Higher Self in an ocean of emotion.”
The purpose of thought and feeling is to form the mold of fruitful and progressive experience which in turn endows mankind with the highest aspects of his Divine Self.”
“Mandkind, in the mainstream of their influence, have misused the energies of their thoughts and feelings; and, unaware of the consequences of their mental and emotional inconsistincies, irregularities and incongruenties, they have molded Light’s energies descending down into their world into asymmetrical forms which, by reason of their nature, could never produce happiness for themselves or any other part of life.
The idea of a tempermental, vengeful, or unjust God is abhorrent from the outset. The concept of an arbitrary Diety who would show favoritism is likewise distressing. Hence, according to his awareness of the Diety, man himself becomes the arbiter of his destiny, and, according to his uses of energy, the harbinger of truth or error in his life.”


“Now, it is true that it may be more comfortable, at least temporarily, for mankind to vegetate neath the sun and the moon in an isolated reverie, remote from the challenges of life, without benefit of the sometimes voilent but always disturbing alchemical heat which, as Christic fires, acts to purge mankind of his dross. But I am certain that the soul which desires to climb the hill of attainment to reach the summit peaks will neither find fault with nor reject the necessary chain of experiences that are intended to broaden the mind, sharpen the intellect, exalt the spirit, and test the mettle of a man.

Saint Germain On Alchemy: Formulas for Self-TransformationBook One. Chapter 9, The Crucible of Being

My ‘comment” to her post:

(Unedited) As a published Atheist, I try to explain that in a sense, we ALL are our own individual Gods. When the religious world says that the difference between the human species and all other life on earth is that humans have a “Will” the Shakespearian “To be, or not to be” with the knowledge of good versus bad, and the free will to make the decisions between right and wrong.

Since ALL of the human race from the first humans seeded by aliens for the third time in two billion years, or, you believe the Garden of Eve fairytale. I teach or treat people with PTSD, to start each day in front of their bathroom mirror and look at (changing POV) at yourself directly in the eyes (or eye. One soldier had a really real looking glass eye) and say, “I AM GOD. I am YOUR GOD”, and I’m going to have a wonderful day!

Whatever it is that you do or whatever you might be facing (except for a lobotomy, or execution by guillotine which is what I’ve always advocated for. Sorry all you pro-life anti-death penalty folks. There are a very small percentage of the world’s population, and the French got it right even after the French Revolution.

I digress.

As an Atheist, and the fact that I AM God just to me and not the rest of the world, I have no need of a “savior”, no reason to believe there is a heaven and a hell. In the seventies I was a Gospel singer which began as soon as I moved to Southern California. I was a regular guest soloist/singer at many meetings of the FGBFI, Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International. I was 50-50 on Atheism versus Mankind’s invented “religions”.

Since man DOES have a free will, it was so easy for me to choose compassion instead of animosity, cruelty, hatred, mercilessness, and indifference. Instead of using our will, “I WILL THIS WOMAN’S LEG TO GROW”, as some Televangelists tried their Healing/Channeling , I just naturally go to every positive and good thing instead of the “dastardly evil” side of me because unlike the religious bullshit that beats into every brain, “We all have been born with sin in our hearts (except for jesus)”……Bullshit!

My friends that really know me, know I purposely don’t lean towards “The Dark Side”, but rather show compassion and understanding towards everyone including strangers.

In closing, the primary ingredient to seek for a happy life, for a better world, is the natural ability to truly forgive. I sat on the grass in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles 43 years ago (I was 32) with my stepdad Ed, the maniac who beat my mother to death when I was 15. We sat under a shade tree, eating McD’s, never speaking much, but I knew his mind was jelly as he looked at me and spoke as if I was still 15-year-old Tommy, shit, at one point in this one-sided conversation (with him reminiscing about fishing and other relatively great memories that I remembered), he asked, “How is Evie doing?” That was my mom’s nickname, short for Evelyn.

Four years later, after Ed froze to death in the winter-snow-covered mountains in Riverside County next to empty booze bottles and all his worldly possessions in a Ralph’s Grocery cart (my “Popsicle Ed Frozen Till Dead story), my baby brother and I found out why Ed was so mentally unstable (unstable? Fuck, as a child from the age of three on, to me he was a monster, a maniac.

A genius. Worked at Honeywell and had several patents to his credit but not shared by Honeywell in the really early stages of modern day aircraft electronics flight control, In world War Two, an American Spy behind enemy lines IN Germany, was captured by the Nazi Gestapo, spent the next two years, not in a POW camp, but in a German prison in Berlin where he was physically tortured and use as a Guinea Pig for experimental Truth Serums. The man I forgave, the man that murdered my mother,

WAS A FUCKING WAR HERO that was unacknowledged because of the nature of his job in the U. S. Army’s precursor to the CIA today. I still think all these years later the “Why” forgiveness part was a miracle for me, and Ed’s story, especially the spy shit, could be a blockbuster movie. Note: Spy image created with NightCafe’s incredible AI Art Generator.

FORGIVENESS, and the ability to throw shit under the bus or bridge also means FORGETTING, not holding a grudge. All the rest flows easy, the empathy, compassion, the love for all mankind, AND……Wait for it…..Acceptance of self.

Postscript: This British dude has publicly claimed that it’s OK, to have sex with a nine-year-old boy. I wish I could get a face-to-face meeting with him, here in the Mojave Desert with  thousands of square miles of desert, places to dig a hole, or just leaving a body like the Vegas Mafia dudes did, let the Coyote get him first, the Buzzards next, the bugs last.


The end. Place those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and weed in the offering basket. I don’t ask for money and don’t care about money, unlike that “Snake in a shitty toilet you’re taking a dump in”, KENNETH COPELAND who has recently claimed publicly that he is the very first Billionaire Televangelist. I knew him personally back even before my wife was babysitting him & Gloria’s kids. This “Pulling the Wool over the Sheep’s Eyes” has been going on forever since the dawn of time. I’m just sharing from my own life and experience.

It’s not hard being a GOD.

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