Poetry by Frank Maldonado

This is a page dedicated to the poetry of my friend, Frank Maldonado.


This first poem is one that is beautifully written, touched my heart, and inspired this dedicated page.

Oh this dream I have
of a world, in peace.
Where racist
and rapist
and war
Where lions,
and tigers,
and bears
get along.
Where the roots of evil
can not grow strong.
Where truth and it’s light
bare the insolence of hate.
Exposing the anguish
of the minds, of ingrates…
And relieves our society
of this unwanted scourge…
That insults our intelligence
but must be purged.

With all of the beauty
that encompasses the earth…
The wondrous victory
of child birth.
The beauty of innocence
and it’s vulnerability…
Like a rose in a field
facing winters hostilities.
We’re born to a world
where innocence, fades.
Where the lies and the cries
makes lives, degrade.
An abysmal existence
where hate leeds the way…
Despite all the beauty
we see everyday.

Imagine if you will
every child as a psalm…
The poetry of motion
of a tropical trees palm.
No fears or worries
swaying in the breeze.
Embracing the universe
light and free.
The mist of the ocean
with its coral fragrances…
Spirits dancing gleefully
in innocent seances…
Souls mingling whimsically
without thoughts of origin…
Or the sting of hates lore
casting fear of moral sin.

“More beauty in this
than there is to segregation.
Souls creating discord
and racial annexation.
Not realizing
the beauty in humanity…
Where bearing a life of pain
isn’t a reality.”

I can not begin to tell you
the countless times I’ve knelt.
The tears that blinded me of sight
the anger my heart felt.
My screams, no one would notice
for the meekest… suffering.
For they have always been the souls
deviled through conquering.
But more like they
this world should be…
For of their love
we see sanctity.
A humanity
that bears more fruit…
The likes of the creators
wondrous truth.
That speaks of wholesomeness
in our humanity…
Where spirits and souls
rise above
Where love gives rise
to diligence…
Of a time when we
embraced, innocence.

Oh, this dream of dreams
that wakes my soul…
That warms my blood
through any cold.
That brings me smiles
while in my sleep.
With roots of miles
and miles deep.
Fulfills a longing
in my chest…
And nourishes my innocence
from my mothers breast.
And lifts me up
just shy of heaven.
Where I play
with long gone brethren…
Who remind me that
hate is wrong…
Segregation is devastation
for those not strong.
That life is love
in its communion…
That humanity was meant
to remain a union.
And peak in springtime
a birth of pride…
Where love wins
and hate’s denied.

By: FM


Oh humanity
born into calamity…
Having first…
to be, brave
while growing first
within a cave…
Recreating… the face
on earth…
By populating the world
through our birth.
But now, seeking
to destroy it all
Where humanity won’t rise,
but ultimately fall.

The terrain was full
of hostilities…
But somehow we found
the abilities…
To face so many
In times of gaining
And learning the ways
that would save our lives
That in tomorrow
we could rise and thrive…
And rise to take care of
this new world…
That was born of fire
and of peril.

So many billions of
years ago
So many seeds were sowed
and we’d woe…
But steadily
we toiled our way
Away from the caves
and the disarray.
And found our way
towards civility
And all the mindful
That would leed
all of mankind…
To rise and elevate
the human mind.

Look at all
that we’ve accomplished…
Without hate
and hates accomplice.
Without vile
Without any
Spreading across
these blue green lands
With parts so beautifully
kissed by sands.
That brings our hearts
the sweetest joy…
Where once all eyes
saw it destroyed.

We’ve lost so much
We judge our brothers
We subjugate
the sweetest lambs
we act like we don’t
give a damn…
Our world is dying by
what we do,
It feels like it’s
coming unglued…
And yet we’ve lived
for billions of years
Now shed, not for love
one single tear.

The world cannot
survive by hate.
And through all hate
The bigger problems
that we face…
That comes from malice
and disgrace.
That takes away
from all mankind,
All the beauty
we’ve yet to find.
Within ourselves
that “love” that thrives…
That lifts our spirits
and our lives.

Can’t we be
like first we were?
Burning fires
in bears fur?
Helping each
and one another…
Treating others
like a brother.
Rising up
with every tide
Sun up, sun down
as we tried…
To safely make it
to each dawn,
Without one single
person harmed.

We’re all family
earths our home.
No one of us should ever
be alone.
Nor love, a fading
diminishing star…
But breathing like
we all are…
And living for
our time on earth
Where we learn
what love is worth…
And leed the way
with time that’s borrowed…
Making great advances
for our children’s, tomorrows.

Let’s go back
lets sit by the fire.
Let love encompass
and inspire.
Lets all talk about
Lets all talk about
Lets all talk about
And how to eliminate
That we can walk
all through this land
And altogether
try to understand…
That we are truly
one family…
That walked away from
Where fire and brimstone
made us brave
That lead us away
from those dark caves.

I don’t know
where brotherhood has gone.
But when we had it
we ALL won.
When we had it
we were strong…
And even love read
like a psalm.
And we went walking
And everywhere
we would dare
To watch eachother
And to care…
To hunt and then
to always share…
To come to this
unfortunate end…
Where we’re not brothers
nor are friends.

If I can have it
my own way…
I’d gather you all up
And altogether
watch the sun rise…
And watch the geese
and swans fly.
And feel our skin
kissed by seas breeze
And sit in shades
of willow trees
Surrounded by
Tulips… Roses
upon lavender hills…
Until the sun
would sweetly descend…
As the beautiful moon
would slowly ascend.
And wish this moment
never end…
Recalling our brotherhood
and my friends.

Billions of years
for all of this?
Don’t you hunger
for lifes bliss?!
Don’t you hunger
for a family kiss…
Friendship, brotherhood
“you don’t miss?”
Life is fleeting
time moves on…
But it’s far greater
when we’re strong.
And to what end
must we all go…?
Where love dies sadly
and hate grows?
When all we need
Is equality…
Where love keeps us close



It wasn’t a perfect call
there was a “Russian collusion.”
There were thousands and thousands of lies…
anger, and so much confusion.
There was racial and religious discrimination
antisemitism, just like before…
There were children lock away in cages
And their mothers treated like whores.

There were black lives, hunted like animals
and black babies murdered as well.
By police officers whose racism should have mattered
while they used their badges to create hell.
There were hundreds of colored sisters missing
and the silence, couldn’t be more.
And not one, single fucken agent
came to the reservations or our sisters doors.

Brothers arrested for seeking asylum
and incarcerated, in Maximum Security prisons…
And even though asylum isn’t a crime
America, turned away, and wouldn’t listen…
To the cries and fear of the humans
Who were running to escape persecution…
And ran into the arms of racists
that were part of an attack on our constitution.

The deficit plunged into trillions
and Wall Street couldn’t be more
Our farmers would begin to lose everything
and were fooled by the mind of an infantile…
Who promised them a greater fortune
that through tariffs they would get all they’ll need…
Now they line up at banks filing bankruptcy
as they hunger… and they want and they need.

This isn’t the country I was born in
but the hatred remains just the same!
We have petty politicians who were voted in
perpetuating shame in his name.
And defending his criminality
even at the cost of our defense…
And he would attack everybody for their differences,
in a most vulgar, and deplorable offense.

This is the time to awaken
and start verbalizing all your opinions.
It’s time you demand that this hateful white man
stop using your silence to make decisions.
It’s time that we stand against this misery
and remind this administration who they are…
It’s time that their employee status be eliminated
and forever, they remain barred.
It’s time that arrests are made quickly
for the disappearance of all the little children.
And for the officers accused of rapings and beatings
who did everything to instill fear in them.

No more fascism,
no more racism
no more goddamn,
No more military arms
Or alt-right Christians causing harm.
No more burning any cross
no more haters in the malls,
No more rifles in their hands
No more Klansmen on this land.
No more alt-right
running things
Government officials
Covering up things…
No more human trafficking
babies that are lactating..,
No more silence from the masses
no more kissing racists asses
Just a nation
done with this…
Who’ve longed equality
for its true bliss.

No more politics
that smells like this…
That good ole boy crap
won’t be missed.
That racial preference
gone! dismissed!
White racists crime
on terrorist list.
And for every wrongful
minority conviction…
Arrests of those officers
for their dereliction!
And treat all people
with respect…
The likes of which
you would expect!

I hope to see
my family tree…
Walking peacefully
on any street…
Equally sharing
Embracing religions
and policies…
Cultures, colors
and astrology…
And always reaching
their days end…
Knowing that the world
is now their friend.

America I love you!
and all our people.
But I’d love you more
if things were equal.
If people didn’t
try to hurt…
But tried more diligently
to show their worth.
And be more truthful
in everything…
wouldn’t accept lies
on anything…
And love eachother
where truth be told…
So that we can be one heartbeat
and again, one soul.

Please… world meet me
once again…
Where stood Adam and Eve
in Eden.
And let us talk and walk in peace.
where love reigns ever after.
The world looks better with the stars at ease
and the sound of joy and laughter.
And in the morning, come the dawn
we see eachother equal.
Not a color nor a race
but humanity as one people.

Meet me there
beyond the lies
Meet me where
there are blue skies.
Meet me there
where love employs
Meet me where
people find joy
Meet me there
where seas connect
Where they’ll part
for real respect
Meet me there
beyond the hysteria…
for what awaits

By: FM


Oh beautiful “forgiveness “
who calls upon me.
That lights up my heaven
that my blind eyes see
How hearts that are broken
fall to misery…
How they seek equal comfort
cloaked in mystery…
How the anger that festers
just leeds to more sorrow.
Where solitude and silence
bring no comfort tomorrow.
For in all our hearts
just beyond all the ignorance…
Resides the vestiges
of love and forgiveness.

Oh beautiful “forgiveness”
i call out to thee…
I call for your counsel
head bowed, on my knees…
Heart burning with fire
for children suffering…
As my soul burns to ashes
from my, chastising.

A fire like “WAR”
that rattles with shackles…
The anger of lions and tigers
and jackals.
Visions of purgatory
while in my sleep.
Knowing tomorrow
i’m still in it, deep.

So tell me forgiveness
how might I forgive?
That i may awaken
and once again live?
That I find a peacefulness
that silences my heart.
And gives my mind sympathy
that with empathy, I start…
To learn of forgiveness
that these shackles might bleed
And melt off my heart
that again… I am free.
And move to my future
enshrouded in forgiveness.
Beyond all these thoughts
of sorrow and sinfulness.

A soul doused in hatred
brings years of ill fate.
Lowering morals
and righteous restraint.
Breaking your heart
while it stays on replay…
But it’s always your own soul
that daily, you slay.

Peace everlasting
can be achieved.
When we seek enlightenment
for the things that we grieve.
And end them all peacefully
that you may set sail.
And move towards new destinies
complete with new trails.

No soul can be richer
than the one that forgives.
It enshrines you in happiness
that you fully live.
And leeds you to prairies
full of fireflies and stars…
Waterfalls from heaven
that wipe away scars.
And leeds you to paradise
with a humble heart.
The likes of that innocence
when young hearts start.

By: FM


It came down from heaven
gently, and silently, it blew…
Beneath a beautiful moonlight
in a starling midnight blue.
The stars a stunning florescent
brilliant… from so afar.
The lake in a crevasse of history
that mates frequently with beautiful Mars.
Nothing more magnanimous than this moment
Could move me to depart.
For as I laid on a gentle wave
appeared a beautiful heart.
Hypnotically, and elegantly beautiful…
Was this moment that startled my eyes…
As I pondered what side of heaven
would send such a vision through the skies.

Oh Masterful Creator
whose love, reigns on me.
Exalted is my infinity
where my heart can barely breathe…
For in this magical, celestial time
as I ponder “that heart, to mine,”
I can only wonder of this quest
a heart would appear as the one in my chest…
And dazzle me with brilliance
that leaves me longing an experience
The kind where love sweeps me in flight
to join this cloud that haunts my sight.

Must be love that seeks my presence…
To awaken dormant senses.
Reminding me to love again
as in true love, you gain a friend.
And float upon the sweetest pond
with this friend, as we’ve grow fond
Embracing all that love imparts
when from heaven, appears hearts.

By: FM


Today… this day
as you show your gratitude…
As you celebrate with family
and the multitude…
As you sit with all your loved ones
and count all of your blessing…
Remember to teach, all of your young
And spread true kindness where you go
with love and joy and laughter.
That love may keep them in its embrace…
This year and ever after.
From my loved ones to yours…


So rare this beauty
of petals and thorns.
That melt hearts of Queens
since before I was born.
That brings them the yearning
to smell just like this…
As they’re wrapped in our arms
in rapturous bliss.
Soft petals!
Soft skin!
with thorns that will cut…
Enter our passions
and “commandments” combust.
And love her like petals
and her “musk” scented lips…
Deep moans condescend
And bed hair and wisps.
Her rapture as passionate
as the red in her rose.
Taking my breath
as I can’t stay composed.
And water till moistened
this rose jubilee…
Till i lay down beside her
and her, beauty.

By: FM


Is there such a thing?
How can it be?!
Is there “really” two types
of “Christianity?”
A good one… a bad one
we’re all so confused…
Or are the bad, just Satans pawns
and his loyal muse?
But if not
we ask just this…
Why do the good permit
these ventriloquist?
To defy the righteous teachings
of their great creator.
While hating us by color
though we’re colored like their savior.

Who made up, the white Jesus
“born a, mideasterner…”
Why would they “think” the lie to be
so much easier?
We are more aware, these days
of Christian history…
How the vile crusaders
brought so much misery.
How Jesus brought the light of love
a spiritual prophecy.
That should have made the vile crusaders
bow in decency.
That should by now make every Christian
depose all bigotry…
For hatred flows from the past they know
and from this history.
“Can you see?”

How can any Christian
not rise up, against the lie?
How will they, ever face
their creator when they die?
How will they convince him
“that,” they didn’t know?
When everything they do in life
is history in their soul.

The seed of love that permeates
the soil in our hearts.
Should not allow complicity
to tear our faiths apart.
Will not allow the seeds of hate
to create in us, deceit…
Will disavow and not allow
the hate and its conceit.
For one need not be Christian
to stand up, for what’s right.
For righteousness is what we need
to use as a spotlight.
To expose all indignation
used against a race.
For everything that Jesus taught
was of “true love and grace.”

I call upon
the Christian church
To “due diligence
and research…”
To wash away
the hate displayed…
By those who claim
the Christian ways…
That color never be the reason,
to create dissension and malfeasance…
Where love will rise
and sanctify,
All that Jesus

Demand the return
of our sweet children…
Demand the arrest
of those who raped them…
Demand the arrest
of those who raped their mothers,
Demand the release
of our confined brothers.
Demand the arrest of
pedophile priests…
Who bear the soul
and the mark of the beast!
Demand the return
of decency…
That we may regain
our humanity.

Demand that the lies
be erased…
Demand that the haters
be disgraced!
Demand they disclaim
their place with Jesus
Demand that they surrender
to the truth that would free us.
Demand that the love of Jesus
be “our true demise…”
That equality is the rule
and not a compromise.
That loving one another
never come with bones…
That throwing at glass houses be with truth
and never stones.
And that the love once given
by our loving great creator.
Was meant for for all humanity
and not because of favor.

Remember to give all creation
true humility…
And banish every snake that cries
in favor of bigotry.
Remember, there are other souls
that pray, differently.
And they must be, embraced as well,
by Christianity.
And when we stand against this foe
And give love, to every people.
The world will be a greater place
when, we walk as equals.

By: FM


Daughters are
far more than Queens.
Roses and daffodils
their daddy’s precious dreams.
Tulips with angels breath
the sun at every dawn…
They’re stars from every galaxy
that sprinkle us with charm.
They sooth our lives with beauty
in ways most never see.
And quietly they go about
loving deliberately.
They tediously fix broken things
that make our lives far better.
And move the darkness from our hearts
no matter what the weather.

What kind of world
could vilify this?
The beauty they give
of life and gifts…
Of children and grandchildren
of a home filled with laughter..,
Such moments of bliss
during our lives and after.
Where they always stand with you
when things aren’t right.
And never digress
despite their plights.
And in desperate moments
they’ll act like a friend…
Ready for battle
and to defend.

So I ask you America
are you ready to defend?!
That daughter, that friendly
who’ll defend you to the end?!
Against this republic
that honors the rapist!
The police, priest, and ministers
those secret sadists?!
Against their abusers
who looks like our brother
Who promised to love them
but impregnates another.
Then beats on her frequently
without remorse.
And mistreats her shamelessly and always with force.

Against “fake Christian” values
that APPROVE this behavior…
That says it’s gods blessings
stamped by their savior.
Believing a 12yr old
must bear, “her rapist spawn…”
Or suffer “A Godly Punishment”
and a lifetime of harm.
If you believe this
then you are a fool.
A bonafide hypocrite
a medieval tool.
That should know more of suffering
the likes of their beliefs…
Where they suffer the consequences
without relief.

This fate once inflicted
upon all my ancestors…
Will suffer your breed
from a braver aggressor.
Whose beautiful brown skin
will hunt you for pleasure…
Who will crush the infantile
of such endeavors.
For never again
will we turn the other cheek.
To a spineless pervert
whose physically weak.
And not entitled
to two lives in one…
But suffer the purge
they’ve inflicted with guns.

Attention good brothers
Do not let our daughters souls
silently die.
Do not let these rapist
hurt them till their slaughter!
Wake up Mutherfucker
defend! defend your daughters.
I’d sooner die a fiery death
than to allow any brutality.
To take this soul that I so love
away from ALL my family.
But become the wrath of vengeance
Not ascribed… in any Bible…
But written in the blood of ancestors
of my native tribal.

There is no war so fiercely fought
than the one to defend your family.
For any violent loss of one…
would bring about insanity.
The kind of insanity of an open wound
that steadily and painfully grows worse…
Till the longing… to taste their blood
ends… when you satisfy your thirst.

No woman should have to worry
but be in the throes of a hug and a kiss.
Be in the moment of a family pic
teaching us all how we can all click.
Teaching the world
how to live with manners
How we are a people
not some racist banner.
That we may rise
as a powerful nation…
Because if it wasn’t for them
there would be no creation!

By: FM.


It’s the saddest form
of victory…
When man embraces
When man embraces
Disgracing God
and families.
Embracing lies
and bigotry…
And falsehoods
against diversity…
Forsaking our
And the sanity
of earths sanctity.
We are parts
of many galaxies…
Converged as one
to create this majesty…
Seeded by
Gods gentle hand.
Blessed as keepers
of this land.
To love, not rule
in earths diversity,
And live a life
of love and certainty.
But not of trial
nor tribulations…
But of one race
in loves exaltations.

Don’t be fooled
by hateful shadows…
For hate will poison
all its arrows.
To create and inflate
a great divide…
And disrupt the unity
of mankind…
For in our soul
lives our creator…
T’was love he chose
to be our savior…
That we may rise
as an equal…
But not as “many”
but just one people.

All we are
are beautiful stars…
and variably scared.
Living in
an atmosphere
of being endeared
To one another
and our creator…
Who chose, NOT ONE
but all to favor.
In this cipher
of milk and honey…
That lost its way
because of money.

I see the mountain
but not the top…
By coming together
we can stop.
Those who would
subvert our peace,
Using hate
as a disease.
Using lies
to justify
that won’t materialize
But leed us to
a separatist state
Where they control
our love and fates.

Lets come together
lets be as one…
We’re all Gods children
in this kingdom.
Of beautiful people
who love diversity.
Who are filled with love
and Gods mercy.
Who would rise against
who seek to through supremacy
a world of disasters..,
But find instead
a beautiful people
Who would rise for love
than live in a world

By: FM


Though I have nothing
i… shall surely give.
For in this world of milk and honey
it is how, we all should live.
It is how we should enlighten
our future generations,
Where “broke” does not mean broken
of a “fallens” desperation.
When the cold and painful hunger
weakens their resolve…
When everything disintegrates
and hopes, slowly dissolves.
When cardboard boxes houses them
in temperamental weather…
When the suffering is day to day
and conditions don’t get better.

These souls you see
but quick, to reject
Are souls once suffered
from vile neglect.
Are souls once troddened
by misery…
But not less human
to humanity.
But children, just like
the creator intended,
Whose circumstances aren’t
meant to be offensive.
For in their walk
the lines were cohersed
Impossible to move forward
but easily, reversed.

Their kindness led
to timid swallows,
Where they might stand
Is barren hollows…
Where silence perceives
invisible voices…
Where “Mental illness”
deletes good choices.
Then further down
violence begins…
As delirium creates
That strips away
their will to think
And lose it all
within a blink.

So many are
both near and far…
Still our family
another star.
Another child
of the creator,
Another soul
we could make better!
But feign and sigh
upon first sight…
Through out the day
and any night
A hope that they
not ask of thee…
For any help
of your money.

This could happen
to anyone…
When life sets you
before the gun…
And chips away
at your morality…
Then carves away
at your mentality.
Until the walls
can not hide…
The decimation
of your pride,
And leed you to
an abrupt tailspin…
Where in this struggle
you will not win.

Blessed are they
that feed the hungry…
That see the suffering
but aren’t angry.
But understand
the pain they’re in…
That being poor
is not a sin.
For though the manger
showed of Christ…
That love and kindness
would suffice.
Where 3 wise men
brought myrrh and gifts…
That his young soul
through birth, would lift.

Let kindness be
our theme this year.
For our misfortunate
and children in fear.
Let us fight for the good
of our humanity.
Let us rid the poor
of their anxiety.
Let us love our pets
all creatures in the world.
Let us treat with dignity
those in peril.
Let us fight against evil
that seeks divisiveness…
Let us do what’s right
because of righteousness.
And lift each human
up off the floor…
For there is no sin
in being poor.

By: FM


Comes the dawn
of a beautiful New Year.
Another one fades
into the atmosphere.
Another one blesses you
and those endeared…
Another one lifts your dreams
into the stratosphere!
And with your resolutions
and dreams that will come true.
Look forward to your destiny
transforming, your old to new…
And set your sails, towards the sun
and hitch onto your star.
And keep your many promises
as you rediscover, who you are.
I wish you all abundance
I wish you all true peace.
I wish you oodles of happiness
to the ump and outer degrees.
I wish you joy and comfort
A love, that’s sweet and tender.
I wish that in the coming year
our friendship, you’ll remember!
And when you open up your eyes
from a night of good and plenty…
Remember, we must embrace the change
come November 2020!

Love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sincerely yours
Frank. 🙏🏽


The final call
will suffer all…
If society is weak
upon its fall…
As in our silence
we deny our woes…
From the vile hatred
our oppressors pose.
Absorbed by them
by our absent words.
As the oppressor creates
many curbs…
And curved the masses
to a corral
By baiting lies
that raised this hell.

Silence is
our eminent enemy…
It allots their forces
permissible energy.
A confidence
they never had.
Surveying us first
they’ll do their bad…
And all the lambs
soon lead to slaughter
For when they should
would not bother…
And lead the people
who wouldn’t stand…
To leave bloody footprints
in the sand.

We are our own
worse enemy…
When we surrender ourselves
as casualties.
As entities
of menial varieties…
Suffering in silence
in piety…
Making for sufferance
and subjugation…
To those that we chose
in our elections…
But only as servants
Which is why we must rise,
To confront these beings
in their Kingly disguise.

We must staunch our dreams
against the upper class…
And crush the Alt-right
as the iconoclast.
Not as the middle class
not as a the lower class…
But as a nation of people
in our total mass!
And make right our way
as a country that’s free…
Void of racism
and bigotry.
And make wise our voices
against all injustice…
Preventing them all
from creating distrust amongst us.

We must move the mountain
and tear down the wall!
We must not allow communist
to own our country at all!
We must stake our claim
But not stay quiet
as they create hysteria.
For when we’re silent
they raise the bar…
Pushing and pushing
to see how far…
We will travel
and take their abuse…
Until America
hangs by their noose.

Wake up America!
they’re at our door.
Because this president
to them he swore…
To belie our ways
and our constitution,
To create upheavals
and civil revolutions!
And weaken our country
and our defenses…
And attack our dept of justice
with falsehoods and offenses…
That we will weaken
from his lies…
And change our America
and our lives.

Be strong stand strong
we all must rise…
The fools of evil
will compromise…
All our faiths
and families!
all our hopes
and sanities!
All that we
so love and adore…
The lambs, the meek
the old and poor.
The beauty of
this sacred land…
Surrounded by
Oceans and sand.
That begs we rise
and denounce this man
Who stains our shores
with blood in sand.

By: FM


It was suppose to be
a time of joy.
The start of a life
for a little boy.
The start of dreams
the start of visions.
The start of growth spurs
and making decisions.
The start of longing
the start of passion,
The start of noticing
men’s new fashion.
The spark of love
that ignites his soul.
That by all accounts
should be there to console.

There are things in life
that will create upheaval.
By outside forces whose intent
are pure evil.
Whose intent is to harm
because they are innocent.
Whose hatred and angers
will use them as instruments.
And leed them into
false pretenses…
that make them vulnerable
to horrible offenses.
That will come upon them
from many unknowns…
Suffer will the child, worse
when the pain is in his home.

There are promises in life
that should be kept.
But a loving child
should never live with regrets.
Should never live in sorrow
should never live in confusion.
Should never live with scars
nor beatings and contusions.

Children are vulnerable
They would quietly die
at the hands of a “loved one.”
They would suffer brutality
while loving… continuously…
And keep sending out love
though they live miserably.
And the sadness in that
in the midst of all others…
Is the sufferance at the hands
of their fathers and mothers.

Imagine the outside world
upon a fragile mind.
Imagine all the variables
and the confusing signs.
The dangers that follow them
when they’re alone.
Now imagine the fear
when the worse is at home.
Can you imagine the terror
the anguish, and all of the fear?
Can you imagine the stifling
of their cries and their tears?
Can you imagine their prayers
“Oh dear God, why upon me?”
Why so much pain
upon a baby?
Can you imagine a life
in the most silent, of sorrow?
Can you imagine the sadness
that plagues their tomorrow?

Be good to your children
love till your death.
Don’t be the “The catalyst”
that robs them, their breath.
Don’t be their oppressor
but be their true light.
Be the Angel of giving
that brings them delight.
For life is a thin string
that can not be mended…
Where severing the knot
would leave the creator, offended.
And a child sadly broken
and a long life, alone…
For love should be everything
they find in the home.

By: FM



Embrace every morning
that disguises the sky…
From stars that shine brightly
in your slumbered eyes.
Awakening your dawn
with sweet morning dew.
Like stars in a meadow
In a sweet interlude.
And in a crescendo
sparks symphonies
Where birds upon flight
play joyfully…
Until comes the dusk
when we silence the cheers…
And look to the skies
when the stars reappear.

This from your angels
of both day and night…
That kiss every star
that they sparkle at night.

By: FM


Oh the pain that captivates
the sufferance of the afflicted.
The anguish of disparity
the aneurysm when rejected.
The loss of their identity
not knowing where they belong.
The dysfunction that affects everything
no longer strong.
The solitude that culminates
upon their, “mentality…”
Leads them to a sadness
that leeds to insanity…
Of broken hearts, “of humans”
loved less, by all the masses
When their affliction reduces them
to deplorable, classes.
One might ponder
that they deserve homelessness
That they should be punished
because they take no ownership.
For all that now afflicts them
deep within their sorrow…
When it is because of poverty
that they’re not prone borrow…
Nor keep permanent employment
because of greater distances…
That they’re far too soft to manage things
because they’re under the influences…
Of many drugs and alcohol,
of, “immoralities”
Grinding down their broken hearts
that leads, to their fatalities.I summons upon thee
to show a little empathy.
For the souls, like us
that found their wells, empty.
For the souls you once loved
deeply and immensely…
Whose lives were turnt around
horribly and intensely.
For he whose never suffered hardships
Should judge a broken soul.
Nor judge him for his appearances
where hardships took its toll.
That leaves those most afflicted
in corners, where they cry.
Lost to any sympathy
for they only wish to die.This world, can be so cruel to some
but not to many others.
The cruelty exists for fun
a sin against, your brothers.
It breaks the single thread they have
that leeds them to their graves
For what so many never had
was someone who could keep them safe.Can you find an ounce of goodness?
maybe a little goodwill?
Can you help them with a blessing
that just might grease their wheels.
Can you shake their hands completely
without… regrets or demands?
Can you look beyond the dirty facade
and see the soul in the man?
If you can find this tenderness
deep within your heart…
If you can see their promises
before they fell apart.
If you can walk this stranger
to a place to sit…
Then you might learn, why they fell apart
and what, had made them quit.
And you’ll be better for it
I swear this to be true.
For when your loving on that soul
that soul will be loving, “you.”By: FM
There’s something very beautiful
about this time of year.
People celebrating their holidays
“their way,” with those endeared.
Sharing custom dishes
with friends… and families…
Sharing love and kindness
and heartfelt pleasantries.
Remembering their fallen
rejoicing the beautifully new.
Embracing their beliefs with love
that keep their own hearts true.
Building on the bridges
that sustain humanity…
Tearing down the walls of doubt
There’s something truly magical
diverse, in our ethnicities.
But all is filled with love and hope
in its simplicities.
HOLIDAYS❤️❤️🙏🏽❤️❤️Sincerely yours
Frank. 🙏🏽✌️🌹


What are we even fighting for
with enemies amongst our people?
Why are our children fighting wars
for a country that won’t treat them equal?
Why are we more likely to die
in America, than any war?
Why does this racist affliction
lay the burden on the poor?
Why is it always our babies
that keep dying on our streets?
Why does the sun burn hottest
when it’s our brothers, wearing the white sheets?
When will we stand up together
and deface the enemy of our race?
When, will we call out the lies
that is the cause of our disgrace?
When will those accountable
be tried for their malfeasance?
Will there ever come a time for us
when peace enters with the ease
of the seasons?
When will the churches voices
condemn against bigotry and classism
And woefully reject the state
of the hate in white Nationalism?When will they stop recruiting racists…
Into the police departments?
When will they stop them from killing
black children, because of an argument?!
When will all of our sisters
“while everyone else is whispering?”I will not be the torch
but the beam that testifies…
I’ll become the light of truth
in, the migrants eyes…
I will crawl to heaven
and offer it my blood…
That they may know, amongst their own
“We’ll GIVE all, and love.”Focus historically, on tomorrow
our history is buried in blood.
From boot prints and pellets from rifles
that became trapped in the
our earths mud.
And held the truth within it
that we may always know…
That though it be old history
it’s history that died with a soul.We can not part, neither time or space
we can not part the oceans…
For there can never be a peace
with all of these commotions.
And there can only be one peace
upon this beautiful earth…
And I “KNOW”it exists in us
because we came with it at birth.By: FM


A tear can not ascribe
to it’s journey…
Or know what provoked
this emotional infirmity.
Nor the shaking of
your trembling… lips…
Or why it travels
in this eclipse…
It neither cares
when wiped away…
For pain like sorrow
will not stay.
And never know
the pain it was in…
when it finally
meets its end.
By: FM


Lift up your eyes
see the “misery”
Do not deny
their thievery.
We’re taking back
our beautiful America,
We’re pushing back,
on the hysteria.
We’re shutting up
all of the lies…
That kept America
in this fake disguise.
That tried to lower her
into disgrace.
like they did Jesus
in a painted white face.
We are the rainbow
of many colors…
The stars that embrace
and love eachother…
The hearts that stood
always together…
The souls whose wings
lift us, untethered.
But brought true hearts
to stand and defend…
With courage and bravery
our foreign friends.
“All of world people
in sufferance,”
From evil weak men
and vile governance.America must awaken
from this hypnosis…
And become aware
of hates psychosis…
And reject all of
these painted lies…
“And stand against
all they deny!”
For we ARE NOT
part of this ignorance…
That paints a face
of intolerance…
But a face of love
in many colors…
Ordained by God
to be all brothers!We are NOT INVISIBLE
and we will never be!
We will take back our AMERICA
the way we crushed, slavery!
And stand against this misery
and all this bigotry!
And march into the future
“unclandestinely!”Lets call upon our rainbow
to lift away the storm.
Let freedom be the prophesy
and the righteous norm!
Lets walk upon the mountain
that loves us all in kinship…
Lets sit before the oceans
that connects us all in friendship.
For I would rather bathe the feet
of foreign dignitaries…
Who seek the peace and love of life
and not of enemies.
Whose love and true convictions
is free of hostilities…
Who see, like we, lifes beauty
and all the“seeds” in possibilities!We are the bar of freedom
For it has been the promise
that has kept hate in its void.
And brought us to the glory
of hope and empathy…
Where we embrace our holy place
in freedoms… prosperity!We are not the shadows
nor that which hides from sight.
We are the chosen people
who pull the sheep, from plight!
And leed them to the promise
that blessed all m-i-g-r-a-n-t-s
As it did for hundreds of years
for every ones descendants.Lets start the love, my people
in love we will succeed!
It’s time we start “arising”
And again, IN AMERICA

This coming year
we must prepare.
To fulfill young lives
and elders, with care.
To heal our souls
and mend our hearts.
To bring together
what was torn apart.
And blow through trumpets
That we rise and embrace
our destinies…
Where hate returns
to where it dwelled
Buried deep
Inside its hell.

I wish the nations
love and peace.
I wish in my country
love to increase.
I wish that smiles
shine from your face.
That love consumes
us as one race.
That lovingly
we share the fountain…
That lifts us all
onto the mountain.
That glorifies us
as one people…
that plays together
as an equal.

Lets make America
the belle of the ball!
Where stars that lift
won’t let her fall.
Where souls uplift
those old and tired…
Where kindness is sparked
with brand new fire…
Creating songs
that reanimate life,
Where triumph looms
when love stifles strife.
And brings us righteous
That from all stars
comes true blessings.

I’ll walk with you
hand in hand.
And let love purge
“hate” from this land.
That all our smiles
begin to melt…
All the sadness
that many felt.
And leed ourselves
to greener pastures…
Where we bury the hate
and the disasters.
That tried to create
vile misery…
But lost to love
as our victory.

My sweet sisters
and my brothers…
Lets teach the world
blood’s just one color.
Lets teach the world
about, “blessings…”
That love is just
“one” of those things.
That empathy
is synergy
That fills true hearts
with energy.
That leeds us all
in positivity…
And keeps us all
civilly, Inclusivity.

The time has come
for America to rise.
Like all the stars
up in the skies.
And be the light
that shines all day…
Like it does
along the Milky Way.
And dance away
all of these blues…
Where we felt anger
from being used.
And laugh away
all the hysteria.
That tried to take
away America.

By: FM


they were just sweet “BABIES.”
With parents running strong
to save them from the crazies.
Who dress as US soldiers
weaponized, as same.
A “CRUSADE” of gargantuan proportions
that rapes and kills for game.
The world must crush these factions
sent in to coup a government.
Terrorizing developments
for a mass exodus of sufferance.
Where weapons of destruction
empowered their most cowardice…
Murdering unarmed peasants
to kill the meek and powerless.

Where do migrants run to
to save their families?
Why do bigots long for
the “black and brown babies?”
Why do alt-right Christians
seek wars, and use religion?
Why create such suffering and woes
based on racist decisions?
Why abduct our children
to pass around as pawns?
We’re not those old colorful statues
you place out on front lawns.
We’re not broken spirits
that do not see the dawn…
We are descendants of the God
you use to inflict such harm!

For 4 long years
you called us names,
and lied
Attacking mothers and their children
in lust, “pervertedly!”
Insulting our civilians
with racist bigotry…
And now we get to watch your leader
groveling fearfully.
The lies he cries
Sound like the cries
of our babies…
Who knew they didn’t
do a wrong
but we’re locked in cages
4yrs long!
And cried out for
their loving mothers,
But drugs and beatings
and rapes would smother…
Their innocence
Their decencies…
But now no longer
those crying babies.

We relish the cries
of this imposter.
Who begs for prayers
but still an accoster.
Who hurt the migrants
and good women.
Who set the KURDS up
for the Turks to kill them.
Who destroyed the hopes
of Palestinians
And allow the slaying
of their civilians…
But cries for mercy
on the world stage…
As still our babies
remain encaged.

The ghosts you created
will be your slayers.
For every tear
the children shed…
For all the suffering
in their heads.
For every single
little heart…
That you destroyed
and tore apart…
For every woman
that you raped,
Not a single prayer
will help you escape.
The lore of all
this history…
The racism, fascism
and bigotry…
The anger and lies
that you displayed…
Will historically live
beyond your days.
And in my time
I’ll recall your sorrow…
As we embrace
the children who groveled.
For love of all
their families…
That should have lived
like all babies…
But found a world
of racist men.
Who tried to hurt them
till their end.

Impeachment isn’t
the worst for you.
For all the bigots
will remain true.
For all the racists
who hail your name
But only in silence
to avoid the shame.
Of commingling with
a traitor of country.
A lifeless star
with hateful company.
Who sought a gain
from his fake presidency…
While sleeping with AMERICAS

By: FM


An event horizon
occurred today.
A winter solstice
couldn’t chill the day.
Hells bells were ringing
at first dawn…
When Satan learned
we impeached his spawn.
And all the spirits
dead and alive…
Heard the news
and began to rise.
Some would cry
feelings of victory…
Proving they weren’t
America’s misery.
But a portrait painted
by a narcissist fool…
Whose hatred incited
angst in his brood.
And fell to the truth
a future in infamy…
As karma rolled out
its carpet of misery.

Your past came tainted
in criminality.
Perverted excursions
and a grifter mentality.
Starting up organizations
to steal, and launder money
Collegiate institutions
that created so much disharmony.
Famous for raping young women
friendly with human traffickers…
Robbing banks for all your greed
while litigation created parameters…
That kept you riding with ease
with thoughts of you a master
A “president”. you said you’d be
unaware of your pending disaster.

You took children
from the humans…
Lied about, the ones
who knew them…
The ones who waited
just for them…
Fathers. Mothers
and children.
Having here
a destiny
Where they’d be treated
But instead you placed them
in a cage…
Where they’d be raped
by racist rage.
A loving mother
watching her daughter…
Being raped
as she cried for her father.

This is where
the stars aligned…
When karma knew
there’d come a time.
When you’d attempt
a bigger bite.
While telling lies
in broad daylight…
As slowly you
came crashing in…
population cheering
by the, “billions.”
Who watched proceedings
of your demise…
Of your impeachment
for your crimes.

The world will know
all that you did.
How you ran with your taxes
and you hid.
How you broke your promise
And you broke the Farmers backs
How every black and Muslims
were set up for attacks.
How the LGBTQ community
now attacked by Christianity…
How preexisting conditions
is creating so much anxiety…
How PTSD and our veterans
are suffering, homelessnessly…
Because of this bigoted presidency
that couldn’t be run, more disgracefully.

The world is cheering
that you’re down.
We really don’t want
you around.
But if I were you
I’d leave the states.
Go to Austria
Or the polar base.
For the monsters you created
will not forget…
Which just might leed you
to regrets.
For those were humans
that you caged…
Who’ll grow to be
full of rage…
And always know
that it was you…
In history books
for all to view.
And find you
though you think you’re hid…
and do to you
like to them, you did

By: FM


There will come
a place in time.
When your third eye
awakes your mind.
Awakes your soul
awakes your heart.
Will make sense of things
fix broken parts.
Bring about
Where you’ll find
no enemies…
Just a life
filled with experience…
As we reconcile
a life with less brilliance.

Through age we apprise
the road ahead.
We ponder the living
and the dead.
We rise and we fall
then we rise again.
We struggle and we fight
until we reach our end.
Still we manage to find
time for company
And Astrology.
Science to keep us
up to par…
Leading this life
to return to the stars.
Daily forging
a sense of peace
For the struggles in life
will never cease.
To finally seat
in a moment in time
Where we embrace
the sublime.

It will not matter
when we’re elderly.
But for the comfort
of our sanity.
Will leed us towards
pleasant pastures…
Embraced by memories
full of grandeur.
And there we’ll watch
a young humanity…
Leed our world
towards a greater sanity.
To which we relish
our sweetest end…
And return to the stars
once again.

By: FM


A broken heart
may become wings…
Depending on
how you handle things.
On how you think
and how you feel.
On how you fight
to keep things real.
On how much anger
you display…
How long the heartbreak
is forced to stay.
How long you vow
to never rest…
While life keeps beating
in your chest.

Good and bad things
come and go…
And all of it
affects your soul.
But pain and heartache
drains our hearts…
As we pick up
all the parts…
But maybe we
should walk away…
As a new heart
forms that way…
That we can build
a greater life…
Beyond the pain
that brought us strife.

The future is
a moment away…
The pain is not
required to stay.
The heart can lift
if you enlist…
A different perspective
to this gist.
Where pain remains
and foreboding
As we keep on
quietly eroding…
Because we grieve
and won’t let go…
This pain that drains
our hearts and souls.

Let it rise
and drift away.
Don’t let the heartbreak
create disarray…
Create gloomy days
make you lose your ways…
As you carry the burden
that always enslaves.
The happiness
that you deserve…
By throwing at you
all the curves…
That lead you to
a place of darkness…
That makes you angry
eventually heartless.

Find yourself
before tomorrow…
The pain will only
give you sorrow.
But brighter days
are in your view…
If to yourself
you remain true.
For hearts and minds
know to rebound…
When they’re beaten
to the ground…
But rise above
when you believe…
T’s better to laugh
than to grieve.

Spread those wings
and smile, brightly.
Come on, baby
become feisty!
Change those clothes
hit the town…
Wipe away
that victims frown…
Live again
your road is open…
“Belief is real”
and your token.
To a better
way of life.
When you walk
away from strife.

By: FM


I do not have to see the sun…
to feel it on my skin.
I do not have to see the moon
but I feel it all within.
I feel the presence of true love
and all its warmth and kindness,
And embrace the things I see and don’t
with a righteous soul and mindset.
I do not need to see a rose
but know it by its scent.
Its floral musk fills up my lungs
so sweetly decadent.
And close my eyes to listen
to our beautiful, living earth.
Who gave me reciprocity
at my time of birth.
For I was given… “to this life”
and “life gave onto me.”
That I may see and feel the world
in all its pageantry.
And where I couldn’t, see and feel
I smelt it’s majesty.
And thought at times in my young mind
“If life’s a fantasy?”

We do not need to see it all
to know that life is there…
And all the magic that she shares
is literally, everywhere.
With all her beauty to astound
some, don’t dare to care.
But if you close your eyes you’ll
life, upon the air.
Oh, the essence of our earth
surrounds us by “Life Water.”
Mountains that will scratch our skies
as, would any lover.
And lay green grass across the plains
to the shining seas…
And bring back whiffs of salty air
on gentle blowing breeze.

I can hear the seagulls
cackling in the distance…
I can hear Canadian geese
and know them in an instant.
I can hear a feisty fox
frolicking amongst the trees…
For life is what you feel and live
not just what you perceive.

Take it in
and hold it close.
Embrace what gives you
the most.
Close your eyes
smell the breeze
Those scents are from
the flowers and seas.
Listen closely
those are bees!
Life is alive
so your soul can see.
Embrace this time
Just close your eyes
“all’s there to see.”

By: FM


Oh Beautiful phantom
who, haunts my dreams…
covers me with stardust
and arouses my being.
Appears in a mist
that halos the moon.
“Fiercest,” is thy beauty
when her light is full bloomed.
And wraps me in rapture
where “I” willingly remain…
For the loss of one minute
would drive me insane.
And fearest the dawn
within this silent space.
Until comes the dusk
when my dream shows me her face.

This Goddess, a mystery
that arouses my sleep…
That I long to conjure
from the ethereal deep.
And bring into life
that I may give her my heart…
From this world of dreams
that we never part.
And wake every morning
to the smell of her hair…
Cupped to my body
without underwear.
And seduce her in waves
of primal fire…
Where ecstatically she succumbs
to her burning desires.

Let me breathe her “in” life
as I do in my dreams…
That all of her softness
that is so mesmerizing…
Avail me her nectar
by tide and full moon.
That we drift to the parlor
of a tropical lagoon.
And live in the rapture
of love and of bliss…
Where passions ignite
beyond a sweet kiss.
And leed us to fortunes
of stars in our days.
Where not just in dreams
but in my life, she stays.




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