This land is MY land, this land is no longer YOUR land, from California to the……

Art depicting the Thacker Pass Massacre by Trav London.

I was taking a break tonight from my online video poker that I play for relaxation and educational benefits….(free chips action), and more out of curiosity than anything, I started to educate myself about Lithium.

Specifically, all about the area bordering Northern Nevada and Southern Oregon called the McDermitt Cauldron, which recently has been discovered to contain the largest amount of Lithium in the world. Google it. General Motors has invested in a company called Lithium Americas, which is only one of several mining companies in that area.

When I first began watching the various YouTube videos, the first one was all pro mining, with very little said about the people opposed to ANY mining in the area. Google Thacker Pass Massacre.

At first, lacking a full understanding of lithium mining and its impact on the environment and the “Originals” (indigenous people) of that area, I thought, this might be a great long-term investment….White Gold as it’s called. The McDermitt Caldera area where the lithium deposits were discovered is probably the most valuable land in America, the largest deposit of Lithium in the world, and estimated to be valued at over a Trillion Dollars.

Here’s a link to the first video:

Then I watched the next video which obviously told the other side of the story. A story from the “Originals” (indigenous peoples) point of view.

Yes, nobody gives a Rat’s ass about the people who consider that area to be sacred.

Watch the following video to find out things like how the U.S. Calvary slaughtered men, women and children on September 12th, in 1865. Reminds me of that song by Woodie Guthrie we all sang in school when we were kids.

“This land is your land, this land is my land…From California to the New York Island, etcetera etcetera…This land was made for you and me…..

This land is MY land, this land is YOUR land…..unless you’re an “Original” (Native American). If you are, you don’t get shit. Unless you’re tribe has casinos…..I wonder what Woodie thought about the “Originals”? That might be interesting to research and write about.

Here’s the second video:

The conclusion that I’ve come to is this. Obviously, progress cannot be stopped when it boils down to the facts of how lithium is used, and how strategically important this is to our country. So, life goes on in the big city as we say. Nothing will halt progress.

Obviously, the three tribes in that area will never have any “Indian Casinos” because of the remote location, so I propose that all the mining companies pay a small “Lithium Tax” to a fund to support the local tribes, for their own benefit, to be spent on whatever needs they determine. I’m thinking that a 1% “tax” should be no biggie to the mining companies. 1% of a trillion dollars which is what the lithium deposits is estimated to be worth, equals TEN BILLION DOLLARS! Divided by 1,134 tribal members from the three tribes in the area is a heck of a lot more than any casino would give them.

Not a casino, but income to basically pay members of the local tribes for their long/suffering/suffered history. To enrich their lives in what ever way they deem appropriate. Seems fair to me. That’s my humble opinion. Wither they agree and accept the idea is yet to be determined. What do YOU think?

Postscript: All of you, my Facebook friends, and those of you that are reading this essay here on my website that DO agree with my 1% Lithium Tax idea, PLEASE, share this idea with your mayors, city councils, governors, and your congresspersons/senators at the state and federal level….AND….You can see it’s a BIG AND, share the idea with the POTUS. Let’s make this happen!

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