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Words are integral part of witchcraft. I’ve lately been contemplating the word ‘tolerate’ or to be tolerant of something or someone. Tolerate or to be tolerant is not a healthy place to be. I think back to hearing that word in context when it came down to ‘accepting’ other people’s ideals, lifestyles, or choices. However, to tolerate is not to accept at all, it is a hypocritical word. To tolerate doesn’t mean to accept, feel compassion for, or even understand. The connotation gives an energy of dismissal and disingenuous.

I don’t want people to tolerate me or be tolerant of me. To do this means you are disrespectful of me and have belittled who I am.

Does the average person who is living their lives give a damn about your tolerance? All they or I ask is to be respected and to live with dignity. To have a life of autonomy. To be able to believe how we feel without another forcing their beliefs on one another.

True compassion is a dead art. Learning to stand a moment in another person’s shoes is another. Mindfulness is another dead art. How many can say they know what it is to accept or reject. To know how to love or hate fully. A witch worth her soul knows all of this.

When it comes down to it, I know the power of words and energy is real enough to uplift or drag down. I feel it every day. Am I tolerant? No, I give, accept, or reject. I ignore or scream. I know the damage I do. I also know the good I do as well.

~Cheri Remily

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Letter to the Rolling Stones

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