Advertisers for “The Unknown Sock Puppet Interviews”

Advertisers for ” The Unknown Sock Puppet Interviews”

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HOLY TOLEDO Water, from America’s Industrial Rust Belt, slightly greasy odor, with a rusty mechanical after taste….

HOLY MACKEREL Water, tastes a little fishy to me, need I say more?…..

We can’t leave out, FUCKING FLINT RIVER Water in all it’s subtlety, perfect with beans and watermelon, with a slightly heavier lead-like taste.

The amazing, portable, AND discreet Sphincter Muscle Exerciser, the AMAZING SPHINCTERATER!!! No one will know just how good your pinch-offs are until they try the AMAZING SPHINCTERATER for themselves! Using a gentle pulsating action, the AMAZING SPHINCTERATER gives your sphincter muscle continuous exercise, even when you are sleeping!

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(Caution: Although prolonged use of the AMAZING SPHINCTERATER may induce pleasurable feelings coupled with orgasmic issue, if your orgasm lasts for more than an hour, or you experience excessive anal bleeding call 911).

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We need story boards of the Unknown Sock Puppet holding up the various product, we also need professional looking labels for the water bottles, we also need a subtle but realistic design for the AMAZING SPHINCTERATER Sphincterater Muscle Exerciser and the optional folding TURD-SLIDE, plus the packaging they come in