“This device goes in your ear, and this one goes in your rear”

“This device goes in your ear, and this one goes in your rear”, the CIA Medical Dude said. “This is the standard LTS Model 3 earbud that clips on the earlobe of your right or left ear. It can receive transmissions from ten blocks away. Our brand-spanking new RS-3SR mini-mike is capable of recording conversations within a range of 19 feet. It’s slightly uncomfortable, but don’t eat within 24 hours before insertion”.

Note: Back in the old days, you NEVER saw an agent wearing two earbuds. Imagine how confusing that would be, two separate voices giving info, talking at the same time. Never happens.

Except for, the dudes wearing two earbuds in those Faith/Healer Televangelists events.

One earbud was the control area where they counted the money, looked at the highest check amount for the name, and read the prayer requests. The other earbud was the control agent in the auditorium.

All healings are from God” says, Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer. The dude in the $4,500 Armani suit.

Isaiah, who has worked up the crowd of about 2,500 or so “believers” who have come to be miraculously healed after the ten-person Gospel Group has sang and led the audience in veracious songs about Jesus, Or came to watch the spectacle of it. The good shit is towards the end, after a very insightful sermon about how God, CAN’T help/heal those that cheat “God” of HIS money.

People who truly “Believe” that this “Man of God” has the Holier than thou…..Whoops! I meant, “Holy Spirit” coming down from the heavens to speak only to him are victims. ALL of them.

He hears in his right earbud, “Name Sally Wedgeworth. She’s 58, has a terminal brain tumor. Husband died two years ago. No children or other family. She’s worth $683 million dollars”. The left earbud, “I found her. She’s over here in Section 29”.

From the moment the anxious “Christians” we’re entering the auditorium, the back office team were already at work on their laptops researching the main healing for the evening, Sally Wedgeworth. There are always two, maybe three other healings besides the “Main Event “.

Two of those were usually the “Wheelchair Roll-Ups, and the two “Devine Call-Outs from Doctor Isaiah Prayer, Sally, and some Biker dude dressed like a poor farmer with a hearing defect. He was paid $500. Miraculously, his hearung was restored. Pretty good for one night’s work.

Of course, if you’re in the back-office control/money count area, you have been doing the due diligence on the Star of this ungodly show, Sally Wedgeworth on your computer.

Just when you think you’ve seen/filmed it all, (you’re from a documentary film company), Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer, goes into a semi-conscious convulsive state and yells out, “The Holy Spider (whoops, I mean “Spirit”), is seeing you and listening to your prayer dear one”.

“Wait…..(as he pretends he’s listening to some other-worldly voice), SALLY! Is there a SALLY HERE TONIGHT!!??….YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF TERMINAL AFFLICTION and OUR GOD IS WAITING TO HEAL YOU”. These charlatans love that word affliction, It rolls off the tongue so well…..”AF-FLIC-SHUN”,

As Prophet Prayer (as he’s called by many) turns towards his left, he sticks his right arm out as if it was a sword and with his right finger points directly at Sally and screams like a banshee, “Sally! Bring Sally down here! RISE UP SALLY! Jesus our God wants to heal you”.

Now, Sally, who was a devout brainwashed Baptist, really was excited. She had been going to the Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer’s Faith/Healing services for three years. She KNEW that the reason her husband was not healed and died. His company made WMD in the form of biological pharmaceuticals. Go figure.

Sally enjoyed being a part of the “Rich & Famous” community, but she still loved Jesus, and really thought her healing was at hand.

Specifically, the right hand of Doctor Prophet Prayer, i.e., the hand that pushed her so hard she tripped over the foot of a stage hand dressed in the finest Sears fashion, dark grey suit and light blue tie.

After a few minutes of whooping and hollering, singing and dancing by the audience, and the prancing around the stage of the Gospel Band, (they play “Bringing in the Sheep (not sheaves). The final of the two offerings are taken. The exhausted Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer is led off the stage by twelve  “Elders”.

Take that night including Sally’s check for $1 million dollars, is $1,097, 687 and 47 cents. Main Stream Media never covers these thriving/thieving lying asswipes.

Everyone there that evening truly believed that Sally and the other three people were miraculously healed by God.

None of them ever found out that Sally died of her tumor six months later after she had left the bulk of her $683 million estate to…..Wait for it…..”The Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer Evangelistic Association”.

True story? Vote on it. What do YOU think? Remember now, I was a Gospel Singer back in the day, so I may or may not have been inspired today because of the great Vape Pen that Paul had passed to me…..And/or, I have some experience-based knowledge that I wrote about.

As I was holding down the little button, with the end pointing at Paul (for him to indicate if the red light was on as I was sucking on the vape, as I was sucking in hard, the look on his face and his right finger in the air, for sure indicated to me he was about to say, “Nope. Give to me and I’ll get’r started”.

Well, I then put what I call, a “Paul Suck” on this vape,  and actually experienced the biggest “Willy” (named after Willy Nelson) that I had ever taken. I coughed for a few minutes and wrote this story for three hours.

Last word. Why in the hell did the designer put the red light on the end where you, the person taking a the hit, can’t see it?

Postscript: Although I’ve been an Atheist most of my life because of something called Common Sense, there HAVE been miracle healings throughout our history as a species. Most of them, in fact ALL of them have been explainable scientifically and medically.

No one in history has ever been healed of something medically /scientifically impossible, like a severed head. Great strain.

The spy with the RS-3SR mini-microphone placed up his ass about an inch was never discovered by the Russian Mob or, the KGB.

The plans for the Soviets to finally give up and exit Afghanistan were part of a major intel-gathering operation by the CIA.

Doctor Reverend Prophet Bishop Isaiah Prayer (pronounced, I-SAY-A- PRAYER) was eventually caught with his pants down, literally, with a 15-year-old girl.

We may, or may not have to leave this property because someone has turned us in as operating a “Trailer Park” without the proper license and zoning. May not because the county gal that Paul spoke to in person was 100% on the side of HOPE RESCUE. She did everything in her power to try to help Paul figure a way out of this mess we’re in. My optimism tells me that the people responsible for serving Paul hold off as long as they can, after THEY find out what this is all about. A grieving couple with PTSD whose son came home in a black rubber bag from Afghanistan. I’m still trying to figure out how to help Joe and his wife get treatment. So, THIS post, I’m asking al my faithful friends that come to my website on a daily basis to contribute ANYTHING you can to saving HOPE RESCUE, two dudes living on Social Security, our families,  and Ton Ton and his children. My PayPal link is further down this page. Thank you!

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