First, let me make it clear I’m 75 years old and a week and I’m not a gamer, I’m a bonefish Whoops, I mean “bona-fide”, the real deal maybe as am ultimate fan of GTA-5, and not JUST a crazy old fart sitting on the deck of his 3,698 foot yacht named The Unknown Sock Puppet.



Genuine; real, ”only Bona fide Members of the Company, organization, group of people, etcetera, are allowed to accurately describe or write about, GTA-5″

In other words, I’m not a member of ANY group, anywhere in the world that aren’t/isn’t “Bona-fide” to me in any subject.

In the gaming world, there are several games in my tom-ten as
for the “Entertainment” value, AS a non-gamer. I’ve narrowed it down to the top three GTA-5, Microsoft Fight Simulator, and Red Dead Redemption 2.


We we’re having a sesh, and Paul asked me to go to Discord because he was streaming GTA5. Which IS my number one video “game” in MY top three games that my brother “plays”. I put “game” in quotes because GTA-5 is much more than just another video “game’.

If I were to have been on the team that first created the legendary General Mills cereal TRIX ARE FOR KIDS in 1954, I would be been talking about “Branding” which I am actually, as a “Branding” study and unpaid endorsement of this GTA-5, the current and latest version of the GRAND THEFT AUTO empire.

Produced in 1954 TRIX. was the first fruit-flavored cereal on the market. The original round corn puffs came in three colors: raspberry red, orange orange, and lemony yellow. The cereal was advertised as being enjoyable at breakfast or as a quick snack (munchie for potheads) right out of the box. As a kid, I remember we all interpreted “TRIX” to mean practical joke “Tricks”, like finding a three inch-deep pile of horse shit in your rubber boots in the winter.

So, as a really bad joke I blurted out when we were almost to the agreed-upon final name for a revolutionary new food for children and Beatniks (pre-hippie).

“Actually, I didn’t blurt it out, I was the last person to speak in our group of seven of the best Marketing/Ad Agency players in the business that worked for General Mills at that time (1954). It took us a few weeks to decide on a name for the cereal. Note: This experience was shared with me a long time ago by the real dude that gave the thumbs up to TRIX ARE FOR KIDS.

I was the top of the Totem/Pole as we used to say, so, yes, the other six people were anxious to see if I would give it the thumbs up or down and maybe say something as a thank you to my team for coming up with one of the most genius General Mills Brand Names of all time”………

Wait for it, slowly and seriously spoken like a Guru, like you know, that dude that owns 150 Rolls Royce and Clint Eastwood, combined, I spoke.

TRIX ARE FOUR KIDS IN A BATHTUB IF YOU WANT TO GO THE PEDO DIRECTION, OR, TRIX ARE FOUR KIDS IN THE TRUNK OF A CHEVY that were ACCIDENTLY killed in that trunk when the U. S. Border Patrol fired into said trunk because instead of giving up and surrendering to a good place for you AND your four kids, you got it mixed up in your drug-rattled brain for a moment and thought about that trunk full of cocaine, from your last successful trip, momentarily forgetting your four boys in the trunk because you’re NOT some poor young Mexican dude who wasn’t smuggling his four little boys in a Pedo Club for the rich and famous, you were the father of the four boys, and he kept his cool because his gift from all of us is his incredible work undercover to get the goods on the major source of disappearing Mexican children, from newborns for the organs and blood these devils harvest at $5000 Gazillion Dollars in annual revenue…..to boys AND girls no older than nine year olds…….Smiles on the older staff, horror on the face of a newbie, a brilliant young woman straight out of Stanford.

I’m speculating that a majority of the pedophiles like fucking the young boys versus horny18 year-olds where maybe the Pedo shit is morphing into homosexuality.

I guess to end this long story made slightly longer as I magically keep typing), “One of the most genius General Mills products and “Branding” of all time, TRIX WERE FOUR KIDS IN THE TRUNK OF A CHEVY that were killed in that trunk when the U. S. Border Patrol fired into said trunk.

Now, I said all that to get to the reason and inspiration for this epic essay and review that now for sure, will be posted on my website before sharing it on social media. GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE, and my bro was actually giving grandpa a treat by sharing it on Discord.

I have been hooked on this game for over two years now, and I still have never “played”, the “game”. I consider myself to be a Bona-fide Fan in appreciation for all the technical and creative aspects that made this the greatest game on the planet with 2.8 Billion with a “B” people who are called, “Gamers” by the gaming community. Community? Shit. Larger than the population of the top twenty most populated cities, combined, compared to the in the world numbers of “Gamers”. With GTA-5, do the math

I can sit back and just chill out to the nightclub DJ who although a CGI on screen IN the game, this particular DJ is a real live creator who’s playing. In YOUR game, HIS original music. That writer/musician I’m sure is very wealthy via his earnings off the music that is playing on all 1,687,398 player’s’ gaming stations, and laptops, and even cellphones as the “gamers”, are playing GTA-5 right this very moment. Do the math,. Now, how fucking genius is that? As a player of the game, you actually can play your own music on the Taxi’s radio. Which brings me TO the taxi, and the DOCSAXE Award for the best genius four words ever assembled in ANY language.

The taxi driver leans his body around and says, “MY TIME, YOUR MONEY! In responding to you, the player in the game….the Mafia-Type Boss who owns my favorite casino in the movie. SEE! There, I said it. Grand Theft Auto Five is for me, entertaining LIKE watching a movie. I’m not dissecting and chopping up the movie, I’m studying the technical and marketing moves and decisions that guaranteed it will always be number one on the all-time video games list, as I did for the TRIX comparison.

We are at version five. I can hardly wait for them to release GTA-6. Will they finally add my SMELL-O VISION?

Talking about my invention here, I’m trying to get people interested in helping me convince owners of GTA-5 game, to license my SMELL-O VISION and brand it The GTA-6 Official “Smell-O Vision Machine”, a battery-operated six-inch square shiny black box that dispenses various smells, beginning of course with the slight perfumy smell of Old Spice, tied to the scene in GTA-5  of the main character placing $10,000 on Number 17 for me. Everyone who knows me knows that story.

The lab specialists/scientists HAVE to add the smell of freshly-mowed grass on a hill in San Francisco in honor of the hippies in the 60’s. That becomes one of the top sellers to hippies, stoners, well, here we go. In a few paragraphs I’ll give you more names.

 I don’t think there’s a question about it. We HAVE to have the essence of a really bad, juicy farts. I won’t license my invention WITHOUT written agreement to add the ONLY official Fart smell in liquid form that can officially be used in my machine. I have to bite the bullet and give it my official sniff, but that’s the only one.

I’m sure you guys and gals sniffed over twenty distinctively different farts for the team. The product launch team have been around my farts, so they know what I like, “Hey Alice, can you help me here for a minute” as I’m standing at the water cooler pretending that I can’t get a cup out, and fart just as she is reaching for the cup dispenser.

Timing is sometimes critical when doing this in real life versus the reason for a Fart smell in the application of it in a living room full of Stoners. SMELL-O VISION OFFICIAL FART SMELL WITH PRE-PROGRAMMED SOUND is used with our optional single-oil capacity octagon which is a small enough device that it can be stuck in-between cushions on a sofa, or secured with our Velcro Kit for semi-permanent installation under an easy chair.

Phew! I said all that to tell you the best way to cause an idiot who is 420 friendly, to leave and go home is when I put press a digital button on my iPhone and a healthy enough dose of FART #7 whiffs into the air surrounding the idiot enough to cause him to either leave on his own accord  because the Moron is stoned enough to think he just  shit himself, the smell was so foul, and he just figured it was had to be him, because of the proximity of the smell………Or if he refuses to be embarrassed and waves his arms around further spreading FART #7, as you, the host just explain/convince the asshole to “ Look pal, we all love you, but ya gotta leave, please! You smell like shit dude. I think you shit your pants. Go home, spare us”, as you have politely and civilly removed the pain in everyone’s ass while everyone else was outside on the patio for cigarette breaks and also to avoid FART #7.

You can get those essential oils for your “Smell Box” as they become known and a common addition to any gamers station. Yes, the Chinese knock-offs are shitty compared to my device. They DO produce some great fart smells though, so I’m thinking about letting the public buy the Chinese farts without voiding their warranty. I’m not a gamer. I want to make sure that all the best-selling fragrances are available for the official SMELL-O VISION MACHINE.

Changed the shape just now. Not some lack-luster plastic device that you have to use extension cords to power the thing, my device costs $1,500.00 retail on Amazon and is like a miniature octagon-shaped device about six inches in girth, similar to a small Bluetooth speaker in size, with doors and trays that open and close.

For just $100 more, you can order or select off the shelf at Walmart, an optional version with CD/DVD Player/with projector lens for projecting on walls or ceiling (depending on wither your own part of the party has moved to your bed.

THE OFFICIAL GTA-6 SMELL-O VISION MACHINE! No, I’m not obsessed with the game I haven’t watched it in over a year. I’m watching and writing this article ABOUT the game, and how it inspires me, to optimistically encourage and inspire others to play/watch this King Of The Hill of all-time video games, Grand Theft Auto 5. This has been an unsolicited/unpaid essay on GTA-5,

Lastly, go see AND SUPPORT, that powerful documentary SOUND OF FREEDOM. Human Trafficking is real folks, and that idiot who his his four sons in the trunk of his car is fiction not to far from truth. Let me know what YOU think about GTA-5 and the gaming industry in general.

We may, or may not have to leave this property because someone has turned us in as operating a “Trailer Park” without the proper license and zoning. May not because the county gal that Paul spoke to in person was 100% on the side of HOPE RESCUE. She did everything in her power to try to help Paul figure a way out of this mess we’re in. My optimism tells me that the people responsible for serving Paul hold off as long as they can, after THEY find out what this is all about. A grieving couple with PTSD whose son came home in a black rubber bag from Afghanistan. I’m still trying to figure out how to help Joe and his wife get treatment. So, THIS post, I’m asking al my faithful friends that come to my website on a daily basis to contribute ANYTHING you can to saving HOPE RESCUE, two dudes living on Social Security, our families,  and Ton Ton and his children. My PayPal link is further down this page. Thank you!

This essay was brought to you by those wonderfully visionaries at IRTHKOIN. The Evolutionary Crypto-Currency coming soon to your laptop, computer, and cellphone, stay tuned for news.







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