The DOCSAXE Award for being the most optimistic dude on the planet, goes to….

A new statuette created with the AI-Art Generator NightCafé.

The very first award for being the most optimistic dude on the planet……

CLOSE IN TO CENTER STAGE where my  brother Paul and the actress Michelle Pfeiffer is on the stage at the microphone at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Paul ends his brief eulogy to slight murmurs throughout the audience….JUST KIDDING as Paul would say. Not a goodbye you old fart type of introduction. After all, this IS an Awards Show.

Actually, Paul’s hilarious stories cracked up the audience so much that even Pierce Brosnan got tears in his eyes. Then Michelle, who had listened and laughed along with the audience, stepped forward slightly up to the microphone.

Michelle proudly says, “The VERY first DocSaxe award goes to……”DR. THOMAS CHARLES SAXE”! 

Now, the full-circle on this one is quite hilarious, because throughout my career in Social Media slinging my schtick, AND the fact that I have a LOT of friends via my website that is soon to reach 1.5 million readers from 181 countries, I do have friends that actually believe for example, that I placed a live Armadillo in the trunk of a 1968 Chevy Malibu SS, with a 396 and a 4-speed, with every intention of selling it to a zoo in Florida. For those readers from that part of the country, you know how fucking stupid THAT really is.

In defense somewhat, I was a country boy from Minnesota and had ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CLUE what an Armadillo was.

When I saw it crossing the road ahead of my headlights at three in the morning, I thought it was a dinosaur. Truth be known.

We didn’t have those fancy books called encyclopedias and dictionaries in grade school, and I don’t recall having ever seen a picture of an Armadillo all the way through high school.

Back then, we weren’t in the school library studying and doing our homework (unless we were in detention after school was out).

We were in the boy’s room (bathroom) not the library, looking at titties in Reader’s Digest magazines mostly, because Playboy magazines were obviously banned under the penalty of exposure, expulsion, and slight embarrassment

If you were caught with ANY Porno magazines, you was dead meat as far as the school was concerned, to most of us 14-year-olds, one particular buddy DID get expelled, and went to work full-time at his father’s gas station. He was a hero amongst men..

Plus. those super-pious idiots that ran the school system could not ban or forbid us 14 year old boys that got Woodies from gazing in wonder at the images of topless African women in 1954 that were abundant back in the 50’s in Readers Digest Magazine especially.

Our family had a subscription, every one I knew received it in the mail at home. You just had to be at the mailbox when the mailman drove up so you could quickly scan for titties. If an issue was void of such, you brought ALL the mail to mom. I could quickly scan through a Readers Digest between the mailbox and the house. If I was lucky enough to be so blessed with these topless women, I stuck the magazine and took it up to my room. Mom would later ask the whereabouts of her magazine because my step-father really could care less about it. I responded more than once with a “I don’t know Mom, I’ll ask the postman about it tomorrow” with Dad winking. Hahahaha!

No, I had no clue about that animal that is as common as skunks and possum in Georgia. 

There is my story telling side which are bits and pieces of my life, and then there is my fictional writing. The DOCSAXE Award is a work of fiction, yet I have friends that will believe it’s true, and ask me for the date and time of the upcoming event (which will be produced by Elon Musk. Not! HAHAHA!

My fictional writing can be a ride in a flying saucer, or that  I have very good news about what I think will happen to our species. Fictional for now, but so was Jules Verne. Much of my writing is on serious topics.

In other words, I do have some friends like my friend Sally in Australia that actually believes to this day, that I took a six-month vaca on Planet Dork four years ago.

In other words, a small percentage of my readers DO sometimes confuse the truth with my fiction writing.

And now, to present the 2nd DOCSAXE award for Optimism, is Dr. Thomas Charles Saxe himself…..(standing ovation entrance, with much applause, cheers and whistling).

Full circle for this essay. I was forced by Mother Nature to spend an entire day with six dogs, and two humans. When the situation had calmed down a bit, I watched my brother Paul take a can opener and open up a can of raw corn well, maybe semi-cooked. He has Type Two Diabetes and he was hitting a sugar low.

I looked at him and said, “You know, we may not be wealthy, when it comes to food, you and I both know that our dogs and the other animals come first. We all strive to provide our pets (like our dogs), with the best  possible nourishment and the best physical and mental care possible, why not do the same for humans by caring, and through understanding? It starts with optimism. As I continued, “We are somewhat healthy, our dogs are happy, what more can we want?…..BUT, and it’s a BIG BUTT, with my optimism, I can see us dining on real food someday, cooked in a huge kitchen that serves the hungry folks in this area, and refrigerators? Mine needs work, yours need work, and they ARE RV sized and can’t fit much in, so, when you have the pig roasted, give all the meat to Bobby & Gina. I digress. I see you walking into a huge walk-in Freezer to get yourself a steak. Caviar and Champagne dreams on Food-Stamp budgets, right, hahahahahaha! I’m still alive at 75 is what I’ll be saying in nine more days”.

Then, as if this essay needed a punch-line I said, “You know, that freezer where we store the road-kill before we give them a decent burial”. Optimism or crazy? You decide. 

We may, or may not have to leave this property because someone has turned us in as operating a “Trailer Park” without the proper license and zoning. May not because the county gal that Paul spoke to in person was 100% on the side of HOPE RESCUE. She did everything in her power to try to help Paul figure a way out of this mess we’re in. My optimism tells me that the people responsible for serving Paul hold off as long as they can, after THEY find out what this is all about. A grieving couple with PTSD whose son came home in a black rubber bag from Afghanistan. I’m still trying to figure out how to help Joe and his wife get treatment. So, THIS post, I’m asking al my faithful friends that come to my website on a daily basis to contribute ANYTHING you can to saving HOPE RESCUE, two dudes living on Social Security, our families,  and Ton Ton and his children. My PayPal link is further down this page. Thank you!

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