Coffee Freak

Are you a Coffee Freak?

If you’re not a Coffee-Holic, going through four pots a day, when someone comes over and the pot is empty, do you make a full pot knowing that the neither of you are coffee freaks? Or you’re just not sure so you make a full pot.

So, what do you do? You purchase one of those fancy coffee makers that drip, spit and sputter your single 8-Ounce cup of the finest coffee ever made.

We were discussing/discovering the cost difference between a traditional brewed cup of coffee, and the finest most expensive pod coffees out there.

Do the math. I don’t care that my $200 Coffee Machine (not maker) has the Pod device to accommodate those $9.00 per pod/cup of coffee imported from Italy. Compared to the average commercial pod like Starbucks, or? Let’s investigate.

The world’s most expensive coffee pod comes from Singapore as exported by Medano Gold Coffee. This coffee company holds the official Guinness world record for the world’s most expensive coffee pod because it’s infused with 22kt gold dust to be precise. Coffee drinkers of this special brew describe its taste and texture to be rich thanks to the infusion of the gold dust. This pod is also available without the infused gold. You can buy these limited-edition coffee pods in packs of 5 packs and they sell upwards of approximately $77.60 Singapore dollars per pod. That’s . Talk about an expensive coffee pod! See image.

Here’s a rather inexpensive pod, maybe not the cheapest. You would be surprised how great some of the lesser expensive coffees DO taste. Amongst some of the shittiest that is. This one is from Nescafe. It’s $.50 per pod/cup. See image.

This Nescafe offering is $.37 per pod on Amazon. If you are a coffee fanatic, you’ll pay for whatever your budget allows to have a great cup of coffee if you have a coffee machine *not maker) in your kitchen. If you have one, you’re not necessarily wealthy enough to afford expensive coffees.

If you are a traditionalist/serious aficionado, and you frequently have friends over to get high, you’ll be using a French Pot like I do, using my coffee grinder to grind for a 20-ounce pot using mid-range-priced whole coffee beans. I like a particular bean from Hawaii, see image.

I also enjoy this next one from Italy which is not too bad a price.

I still prefer my French Press over ANY other method. They’re not that expensive if you want to experiment and have the best cup of coffee in your life regardless of what your favorite bean is.

No, this is not a paid advertisement for the various companies depicted/cited in the images. It’s just me. Stoned, and writing an essay about coffee…..Titled, COFFEE FREAK


My second choice would be to try a Coffee Machine from another planet. The ending image is one that I created  using 100% AI.

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