Episode #1444 about the Corona-19 Virus? Not really, but Duncan sure looks the part

Joe Rogan with Duncan Trussell #1444 March 19, 2020

Sometimes, as many of you are aware having read my previous “Reviews” of movies and recently, several of Joe’s podcasts, that I ALWAYS take forever to watch a movie or in this case, an episode of a Joe Rogan podcast. I only write my “Movie Reviews” when they are really good movies, and the same with Joe’s podcasts in that I have only written reviews when Joe has had Duncan Trussell on the show. As I have said before, Duncan is a fucking genius as far as I’m concerned, and Joe? I’ve always felt that Joe was exceptionally bright and expressed a lot of common-sense as well (89% of the time anyway).

Well, this episode wins the Big Fat Cigar, because so far, it has taken me four days to watch and write my review for this episode. I lost count, but I think it’s six Memes that I created while “Reviewing” this particular episode, which is a ton of fun for me. Duncan wins the award for greatest outfit EVER worn on a video podcast. He actually only slipped the mask down a few times to re-light his blunt. Both he and Joe WERE stoned for this epic episode., Hahahahahaha! LOVE IT!

Okay, so Joe and Duncan are talking about when Duncan happened to be in the parking garage of his Gym early one morning before the Gym opened, (I’m guessing around five AM). Duncan is in the passenger seat of his car, high as fuck, just sitting there, eyes closed, trying to meditate, when he suddenly opens his eyes, looking to his right, he notices two creepy looking dudes, creeping up to his car. He jumps over to the driver’s side, starts the car, and speeds out of the Parking Garage.  Joe says something about the two dudes being Meth-Heads, “You know, dudes that like to break into people’s cars at 4 in the morning”, and Duncan responds using the terminology, “People trying to improve their lives”. At first, I thought he was referring to the Meth-Heads, because I originally missed the first part of his sentence. “At 4 AM. You get two types of people. The Meth-Heads, and people trying to improve their lives” (referring to those that work out). HUGE difference in the original perception between what I THOUGHT Duncan said, and what he REALLY said. Hahahahahaha.

Funny part is, here Joe is a buff, “dedicated-to-his-body-so-he-works-out” kind of dude, and it turns out that Duncan never really works out when he goes to the gym, he sits on the couch and writes. Famous quote, “How many people have collapsed at the gym listening to David Goggins”. Love it!

Watch for Duncan’s new Netflix show, “The Midnight Gospel”, coming out 420 (April 20th, 2020), hahahaha.

You are going to want to google the name, Damien Echols. And “Ceremonial Magic”, and “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”.

Note to my son Tommy: Watch especially starting at one hour, fifty-nine minutes and thirty-six seconds into this podcast, you will love it!

“Apocalyptic Rogan Elk”, hahahaha! Love it! But seriously folks, Joe goes on to describe what I feel, is a TRUE “Hunter”, shooting game, in this case an Elk, with a Bow & Arrow. I have a few cousins that are TRUE “Hunters” in that sense of the word (a shout out to my cousins Barry and his daughter Samantha).

CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease God help us if they ever develop THIS as a humanly transmitted virus. Google it yourself to discover what it does to animals like deer, then go to the following link for additional information regarding the potential for humans to get infected.


HEY! I’m not a “Mad Virologist” working in some government-sponsored university laboratory, but how about a “Lab-Developed” Rabies virus, that’s spread like the Common Cold or Flu? It’s 99% fatal.

“Our spreading of bad or negative information, about anything, can sometimes be considered a form of Contagion” – Duncan Trussell 

Sometimes we prove that we were not listening, when we are telling someone something, and the other person responds, “I already told you that, dude” – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

“Stoners who prioritize their shit when they first get high get the most benefit, from that first hour, like in my case, I write, then I go run a mile, do 500 sit-ups, and 200 push-ups”  (Sure Tom).


Your random thoughts, your “Ideas”, are using you” — Joe Rogan

What I think Joe was saying here, (the quote that I created the Meme for), makes sense in that sometimes we DO feel like, “Holy Shit! Where the fuck did THAT idea come from”?  As if our bodies, our brains, were just “Vessels” that our thoughts and ideas inhabited, appearing sometimes from out of nowhere, releasing themselves from our brains to our amazement and wonder.

Some might say they received their “Inspiration” from their “God” whomever that may be, some might say that the many profound ideas and inventions down thru the ages, like in Tesla’s case, may have manifested itself from another dimension, or was transmitted telepathically by an “Alien”. It would have been interesting to be the dude that invented the wheel, Atom Bomb, not so much.

Altering a somewhat famous quote, “When they go low….We go High-Grade with the Ganj” – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

My final thought. It is amazing that either BOTH of them are totally “Uninformed, Misinformed” “Beholden to the Elite/Cabal”, so therefore they are NOT allowed to discuss the various “Conspiracy Theories”, or they’re just plain “Idiots”, which they’re not. I have already established MANY times, that both of them are highly-intelligent dudes. Maybe they are fully aware of the possibility that the Corona-19 Virus is potentially “Man-Made”, and all the other theories, but they just don’t want to deal with controversies, and thousands of “Fans” responding to them on their various Social Media platforms that they are on.

As far as the entertainment value, definitely Five Stars out of Five. I really do enjoy every single time these two dudes get together and talk, and as I have said before, I feel like I’m literally injected into their conversation, as if I was sitting right there, along side Duncan. THAT’s how great their conversations are, and the many, many laughs I get from watching/listening makes me feel good, and that’s a very healthy feeling to have, yes?

Here’s the link to the Joe Rogan/Duncan Trussell Podcast #1444



If you are reading this review and you happen to be a real friend of Joe Rogan, or you have a great connection to him, please share the following with him, as I think the “Timing” is right, and the opportunity to interview John Barbour live, on stage in Las Vegas is an awesome idea!

I have just decided to “Executive Produce” the following. This has become a priority project for me when I get back to LA. Executive Producers: John Barbour, Joe Rogan and yours truly.

The “Joe Rogan Experience” live, on stage in Las Vegas, with John Barbour as the premiere/inaugural  guest. I think the entire concept should be appealing to Rogan, and with John being the inaugural guest! Such a deal!

Project will plan for a two and a half hour show with one intermission which will allow the sole advertiser to sell it’s brand new mid-engine iconic sports-car (guess who and what that is. I want mine in Black with Red Leather interior).

The “Intermission”, 12 minutes in length, will not be presented to the live audience in attendance. The network that carries the program “Live” as well as the DVD and Internet version, will present this “Advertisement” for an iconic world-class super-car, equivalent and superior in many ways, to exotic automobiles costing at least twice as much, or more. An “Oscar-Worthy” documentary-style short film/advertisement that will keep most people glued to their TV’s for the duration of the Intermission, “Hey Martha, please grab me a beer and some more Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Venison Jerky while you are in the kitchen”.

This show will be set in a small Las Vegas theater, perhaps at the Bellagio, with no more than 75 people in the audience so it remains intimate for them as well as for John and Joe @ $75/per person. A one-off show that turns into a contract for 12 more at one show per month with the most intriguing guests that can be procured.

This “Live Audience On-Stage” podcast in front of Joe’s peers, i.e., (an audience filled with his comedian and MMA friends as well as friends of John Barbour) will be a first, which is why HBO or Netflix will buy the rights to it as we intend to market/auction the “Idea” of the first “Live Podcast” to HBO, Netflix, and others.

The set. We intend to duplicate the look of Rogan’s own little studio/man cave as much as artistically possible, but on a stage. The “Desks”, will be facing each other, but at enough of an angle that Joe and John will still feel like they are facing each other, and the audience will feel like John and Joe are facing them as well. The co-joined desks, forming a triangle, will place Joe and John at at a 90-degree angle with the base of the triangle facing the center of the theater audience. The back-drops behind the two desks will be similar to Joe’s studio/man cave so those who watch the taped-video version on-line who are fans of Joe’s YouTube podcast, will see/feel the familiarity and feel right at home.  

Here’s an announcement to the audience towards the end of this first show, “The DVD of John’s JFK documentary is available at the tables in the back”. (Along with T-Shirts and other good shit) Hahahaha. Along with copies of Dr. Saxe’s new book, “How I turned a Brain-Fart into a Las Vegas Show”. Autographed copies, of course. Anyone interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For those who have been keeping up with my progress with “The Dead Armadillo” story, here’s my latest:


Peace & Abide, La paz y la morada, السلام والالتزام , שלום ושמירה, Paix et Demeure, Խաղաղությունը եւ մնալը, Мир и пребывание,, 平和と遵守, 和平與恪守, Aştî û Abad, صلح و عبید, Fred och Abide, Kapayapaan at Patuloy, Frieden und Bleiben, Mir i Ostanite, शांति और निवास, Hòa bình và ở lại, Мир и Абиде, שלום און בלייַבן, สันติภาพและการปฏิบัติ, Mir in bivanje,

Yadhum oore yaavarum kelir, “The World Is One Family”

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE


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