Dignity: The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect

In my opinion, what we lost in America because of 9-11 besides the loss of our military folks who died and.or came back home maimed for life, physically AND mentally, was our DIGNITY. So much loss of life, American as well as Arab, military as well as civilian, all because of the “False Flag” Blame/Claim of who the “Evil-Doers” were (according to Bush and our government), with the insanity of the continuous wars against the peoples in the Middle East, for what? OIL?

What we lost because of 9-11 really was a theft of our dignity as a nation that began even before JFK was assassinated. It began slowly, and as a nation of people, we didn’t notice that we were even being robbed, sort of like back in the fifties, when I used to steal single cigarettes from my mother’s pack of Raleighs (you know, the ones with the coupons). She never noticed the theft. I was the official “Licker of the Stamps” for those of you that are old enough to remember.

Over the decades, the “Elite” or whatever name or word you want to use to describe them, gained more and more control. They looked at the results of war, like the Vietnam War, and said to themselves, “War is good business, let’s keep this shit up. Let’s start another war somewhere else”. The mechanisms for war were already in place because of two world wars and a so-called “Police Action” in Korea, and that mechanism got a real boost from the war in Vietnam. That mechanism grew and kept on growing, evolving into what we today still refer to as the “Military/Industrial Complex”, that Eisenhower talked about, including the development of much more advanced “Killing” technologies.

What also evolved, was the Elite’s ownership/powers and control of the Military/Industrial Complex, control of the majority of the media outlets, and control over our government’s political systems. Those with that power are the same dudes, and in many cases, the descendants of those dudes that originally said, “I love war, let’s create some more”. Meanwhile, as we all were growing up, individually, and as a nation, we absolutely did not have a fucking clue what was going on behind the scenes, just like my mother never knew that I was stealing one cigarette at a time from her pack that she sometimes left on the kitchen counter.

As the Military/Industrial Complex grew, the Elite began to get more and more greedy, bolstered by their utter selfishness, and at that moment in our history, in the late 1990’s, their greed would consummate in their need for a really big war, so they conspired/concocted the biggest “False-Flag” of them all, the deliberately planned operation we call 9-11. It wasn’t the first time to use a “False-Flag” as an excuse for war, think “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

Most Americans were outraged, wanting revenge against those “Muslim Terrorists” those “Evil Doers” as Bush said in his speeches. Right after 9-11, there were very few skeptics, no conspiracies or conspiracy theorists to speak of, except for a few ignored voices that had experienced AND understood what really happened in the Vietnam era. Think Daniel Ellsberg and a handful of others who were more than just protesters marching along with everyone else protesting the war in Vietnam back in the early 70’s. (Jane Fonda although a little mis-directed, was right)

If you did look at the polling right after 9-11, the vast majority of the American people really believed the bullshit being spread by the Elite, especially the “Sheeple” that received a weekly paycheck from the predominant employer in the United States, the Military/Industrial Complex, i.e., the employees of the major manufacturers of military equipment (like aircraft, missiles, bombs and other death causing shit). I was one of those dudes that supported my family with an income from a major military subcontractor at that time.

The major difference that has blind-sided the Elite is something that they were not expecting, and beyond their control, the rapidly evolving depth and breadth of the ability for more and more people to do research and to share the results of their research via the Internet. Research and sharing of the results that has grown exponentially in the past ten years of the almost twenty years since 9-11, and more in the past five years then in the last ten. The TRUTH was finally discovered/recognized that it wasn’t a bunch of Saudi “Extreme Muslim Terrorists” doing the bidding of Osama bin Laden. Yes, there were Saudis involved, but the Saudi dudes that booked a one-way flight that day really were “Patsies” deliberately set up by the Saudi’s, the Mossad, and the CIA as a diversionary part of the overall strategy. They were set up so that the Elite could point their fingers at the “Evil Muslim Terrorist Group called Al-Qaeda”.

I insert the words “Greed” and “Addiction” here, which I will come back to later. The analogy here, in my case, my growing “Addiction” to the Nicotine drove me, not greed, to steal what would be for the third time, an entire pack of cigarettes from my mother’s carton of Raleighs in the kitchen cupboard. Stupid me, it was the same carton that I had earlier in the week taken the second pack from, and the same carton that I had taken the first pack from the week before. Three packs out of the same carton. She knew it was me. My baby brother was only two years old at the time. Hell hath no fury like a mother discovering that her ten-year-old son Tommy had swiped cigarettes from her, three whole packs from the same carton, one pack at a time.

Today, if you poll the same people that you polled right after 9-11, a very large number in comparison not only believe that 9-11 WAS a False-Flag attack on America by the Elite via the CIA, Zionist Mossad, and the Saudi Royals, but guess what, they are really pissed off. Those that do know the truth about 9-11 and lost a family member on 9-11 or during the next two decades of war, not only are pissed off, but they want revenge. Revenge for a lost father, mother, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, or even a really close friend. Revenge for sending our young people off to war in the Middle-East to die, all for Natural Resources, and to put billions of dollars into the bank accounts of the Elites controlling the Military/Industrial Complex, again I say, the largest employer in the world.

America didn’t just lose people on 9-11 and on the streets/battlefields of the Middle-East (or in Vietnam, or several other wars), America lost her respect on the world stage, and therefore WE also lost our “Dignity”. Falsehoods like the 9-11 shit had convinced the “Sheeple” in our country, and in the countries that are close allies to America, like Great Britain, that we HAD to go to war to take revenge, to “Get those Evil-Doer Muslim Terrorists”.

Unfortunately, because as a nation, we are all “lumped together”, the rest of the world’s “Sheeple” regard America and Americans in a less than positive manner, (burning the American Flag), The folks in those other countries that have been/are “enlightened”, so to speak, do know that we are decent human beings just as they are, and realize that their own “Sheeple” have been “Propagandized” by the Elite into believing all the false narrative bullshit.

As the world’s most powerful country, the reasons for our loss of dignity and the criminals responsible for that loss, is like an open cancerous sore that needs to be removed. That cancerous sore that has destroyed our “Dignity” as a nation has been festering, and growing over several decades of wars (since before JFK’s assassination, (google Eisenhower’s warning regarding the Military/Industrial Complex).

Those of us that are hard at researching and exposing the Elite assholes, are also fighting to restore America’s dignity and respect in the world. Up until now, people in other countries have only seen what the “Elite Establishment” wants America and the rest of the world to hear and believe, seen through the established Main Stream Media (MSM) voices of the Elite, through their propaganda machine. Propaganda that is rife with the falsehoods that continue to feed the “Sheeple”, those false narratives that it was Muslim Terrorists that attacked us on 9-11 when we now know that all three World Trade Center buildings were brought down by the use of pre-planted explosives.

The people of the Muslim faith make up 24 percent of the world’s population, which is nothing to sneeze at. Just like many religious conflicts, wars and genocides throughout mankind’s history, the Elites have taken advantage of religious differences as a means to accomplish their goals, goals of domination over others, and some believe the elimination of 90% of the world’s population and the establishment of their idea of a New World Order.

Personally, I have not lost one single ounce of my own dignity, self-worth, and pride as an American, but I do know that the sheeple of the rest of the world still lump me right in there with the “Sheeple” here in America. I DO care about the fact that we ARE considered to be a “Nation” of despicable “War Mongers” and that undignified image that accompanies that belief.

I also believe that we will restore dignity to our nation, but only by eliminating the cancer that has caused so much suffering, not only the suffering “America” has caused in other countries, but also the suffering right here at home. As an example, the Elite here in America give an enormous amount, billions of dollars in financial aid to the Zebraists, more than any other foreign aid program, compared to the piddly amount we spend on our own veteran’s health and welfare, that is simply outrageously undignified, as a nation.

Speaking to just the “Sheeple” in America, the ones that still believe the 9-11 false-narrative-outright-lies propagated by the Elite, that also refuse to believe all the other “Crimes Against Humanity” that the Elite have committed. You all are a bunch of idiots as far as I’m concerned. The “Sheeple” are Idiots because they don’t even have trace evidence of “Common Sense” in their bodies. Those same “Sheeple” still believe it was Muslims that attacked us on 9-11, and continue to falsely accuse, and in many cases, physically attack Muslims, their Mosques, and their religion.

Remember that third pack of Raleighs I stole from my mother? As I mentioned earlier, I had a newly discovered addiction, and I wasn’t very bright.  The Elites got a too greedy with their decades of War-Mongering and now have been found out as the despicable assholes they are. The only difference is that they lack the ability to feel remorse for what they have done. Greed is never remorseful. As long as they still have money in the bank, they will never feel remorse. Even as they lay there face up on a Guillotine watching the blade fall someday, they will never show remorse.

Back to the cigarettes. After I was caught, and yes really caught, because my mother marched me up to my bedroom and made me retrieve that third pack from under my mattress, I lost my “Dignity” at that moment. I felt as if I had lost my mother’s respect and trust, that I no longer felt worthy. Fortunately, my mother was compassionate, and a very smart woman as she sensed how I felt. She let me wallow in my guilt for the rest of the day (that’s the punishment part), and then in the evening as I was going to bed, she came in my bedroom and consoled me, explained everything to me in love, how even though I was wrong to steal from her, that she recognized that children do get curious about different things as they are growing up, and that as long as I felt remorse, I would be fine. I slept good that night. Later I would realize how wonderful it was that she never mentioned a word about the incident to my step-father. About three or four years later I did find the courage (and the need) to steal a condom from a package in the drawer on my step-father’s side of their bed, and I never got caught. It was only one time, and it sure as hell wasn’t curiosity on my part, as I was at that age where you start finding out what to do when you have a hard-on.

My mother’s actions and response restored my dignity because I was remorseful, and I hadn’t taken her cigarettes out of greed or selfishness. It was more so my ignorance. Let’s restore America’s dignity with action, together, by arresting prosecuting, convicting, and punishing the criminal Elite in our society that took our country’s dignity away.

The wealth and power of the Elite, and perhaps even the “Adrenochromed” blood of children have been an addiction born from their greed and selfishness for decades, and ultimately it is their lack of remorse for their greed and selfishness that will be their demise. I conclude with one of my favorite quotes,

“Expecting a Greedy/Selfish person to feel remorse and compassion is like expecting a dead man to smile at you as you close the lid on his coffin”


Ask me about the “How do we bring about the end of their reign over us” part.


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Peace & Abide, La paz y la morada, السلام والالتزام , שלום ושמירה, Paix et Demeure, Խաղաղությունը եւ մնալը, Мир и пребывание,, 平和と遵守, 和平與恪守, Aştî û Abad, صلح و عبید, Fred och Abide, Kapayapaan at Patuloy, Frieden und Bleiben, Mir i Ostanite, शांति और निवास, Hòa bình và ở lại, Мир и Абиде, שלום און בלייַבן, สันติภาพและการปฏิบัติ, Mir in bivanje,

Yadhum oore yaavarum kelir, “The World Is One Family”

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE


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