Controlling the camera

A buddy of mine and I were watching several YouTube videos on different types of mining last night. Different videos on mining for Opals, Turquoise, Rubies, Gold, etcetera.

While watching one in Australia, where this dude is digging for gold, surprisingly in the topsoil using a metal detector, pick, and his hands to move the dirt/clay (no shovel).

From time to time, the dude moves his tripod with his video camera for the close-up shots of the small hole he’s been excavating by pick and hand.

This hole he’s been pain-stakingly digging, is two feet deep and three feet in diameter in a medium red-brownish clayish hard-packed soil.

Of course at the end he finds a nugget of “Australian Gold”. It is amazing that his metal detector was able to blow it’s “Flute”, (the sound a metal detector sort of makes when you are watching this particular YouTube video). I laughed to myself when at one point, my brain actually was fooled into thinking that there WAS a flute playing in the video background.

Then as my buddy is fast-forwarding through the really repetitive and boring parts of digging (pick & hand), for about 52 seconds, I thought he was controlling the “Fast-Forward” on this dudes video camera. I even looked over at him and told him that he was doing a great job in controlling the camera. At the 53rd second I realized that what he WAS in control of, was the fast-forward of the YouTube video we were watching.

Awesome home-grown from Washington State.

Could be modified for Stand-Up

Related, my buddy reminisced this same night about how he and two other dudes, back in the day of VCR, were watching Cheech and Chong”s movie “Up in Smoke”. All three of them were high on Acid. Right at the end of the video, one of the dude’s sister happen to come in the room. Noticing that the VHS player was doing that fluttering thing they sometimes did she fixed the flutter saying, “Didn’t you guys notice it was fluttering?”, as the ending credits are playing. The three dudes looked at each other with the proverbial question mark look on their faces. They had just watched two hours of a fluttering video. All three of them were afraid to tell the other two that the VCR was fluttering. When they came back from Psychedelica Land”, they rewound the movie and watched it again.

It’s noteworthy to mention that if you google the movie “Up in Smoke”, most, if not all sources does NOT list Cheech Marin as a Cast Member. The fucked up reason? And you won’t find it on the Internet, at some point, Mr Cheech Marin, who made tons of money off his role in that 1978 movie as well as many more after that, no longer wanted to have his name associated with that movie. Further research is required to see if he also requested his name to be removed from the other movies. All their movies have grossed a total of half a billion dollars. That’s ok, I always considered him to be the side-kick to Tommy Chong’s main character portrayal anyway.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

Strain: ENSENADABLOWHOLESHIT, harvested May 31st, 2019

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