Ensenada here I come

Re-enactment of my trip

Originally, and it’s only in this past week, I had a brain-fart and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could get a videographer on such short notice to film my trip as a “Soon to be Expat” to Mexico, specifically Ensenada in Baja. Well, it was too short a notice, but I did find two videographers that do want to get involved in the near future in filming a “re-enactment” of my journey south, and everything that is about to happen in the next couple of days. Scenes like, crossing the border, the drive to Ensenada, getting established in my new house, going grocery shopping in a new country, etcetera. Capping the video off perhaps with a scene in a local Expat hangout, drinking a Margarita.

This will be the first episode of a new series titled, “EXPATS R US”. I see it as sort of an Anthony Bourdain travel-type documentary style program. Beginning with my story, continuing with future episodes filmed in Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, and all the other countries that encourage and accept Expats, and the affordability aspects for those of us that can’t afford to live in the Good Ole US of A anymore. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be an interesting episode from Thailand, interviewing some sick asshole that likes little boys (or little girls).

So, then last night, I came up with this brain-fart to add a scripted scene for comic relief, which I first contemplated doing as a “selfie” video when I cross the border this initial trip down.

Here’s the scripted scene:

Holding my cell phone as I film myself, with a US Border Agent behind me in the scene, my car is ten feet in the background, as I say, “Yes, here I am, at the main border crossing into Tijuana. The officer has allowed me to film this as he’s about to ask me to put my hands behind my back so he can cuff me for he claims was two pounds of weed in my suitcase by their very thorough inspection of my automobile, and all of the contents there of”.

Disclaimer; This video contains footage shot in real time and some filmed as a re-enactment of the event, including some footage added strictly for comic relief. All footage is copyrighted by “Dead Armadillo Films, 2019

Thought to myself: When I actually do get to the border, should I ask the Supervising Officer if I can film the above scene? I could write and print out a form for “Release” for whoever (Officer) actually is in the scene to have him sign.

Again, I thought to myself when I woke up this morning: Changed my mind, NO FUCKING WAY! I’m not going to do this in real time. Might be funny to do as part of the “re-enactment” however.

P. S. I am NOT bringing any Cannabis in my vehicle as I cross the border, just so you know.

Ensenada here I come!

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

Strain: ENSENADABLOWHOLESHIT, harvested May 31st, 2019

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