The Magnificent Karnack

The Magnificent Karnack, based on old Johnny Carson skit

The Unknown Sock Puppet has a Turban on his head, his voice is muffled when the turban slips down covering his face down to below his mouth. As he starts to introduce himself (turban slipping) this is how he would sound, “Behold, I AM THE MAGNIFICENT……Karrnnnack (muffled).

Now, as we all know, The Unknown Sock Puppet has no arms (and no hands). There he is, in a muffled voice, calling out, eventually shouting out, to his assistant “Bob”, trying to get him to come lift his turban back up. In a muffled voice, “Obbbb, gat urrrrr azzzz ova herrrr!!”. An arm comes  into view (led by the hand) and as the audience, we see the hand (attached to the arm) lift the turban up, The Unknown Sock Puppet’s voice goes from muffled to “Loud & Clear” as he is midway in another angry comment directed at his assistant “Bob”, “(muffled) youuu stupid motherrrfuckkker”…….(then not muffled) YOU CERTAINLY TOOK YOUR FUCKING TIME GETTING OVER HERE!!!!”.

You can imagine what The Unknown Sock Puppet sounds like when his turban slips down and muffles his voice by repeating his lines as you stick your face into your pillow tonight when you go to sleep

I was inspired to write this tonight when this documentary on ancient Egypt began focusing on the Karnack Temple Complex, near Luxor in Egypt. The word “Karnack” immediately reminded me of the old Johhny Carson skit “The Magnificent Karnack”

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: KARNACKDROPPINGS, harvested March 20th, 2019

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