Mark, the dude that bought my house, has been here about a week, waiting for his stuff, and waiting for me to move out. During the week, every night we sit on the porch, light up, talk about every subject under the sun. Occasionally, Mark would share some of his grass. A little bit here, a little there. Tonight, he walks up the steps of the porch holding a bag of Washington State home grown. I called my son to say hello, share my great day I had today. Part of my voice message (voice mail?) I’m telling Tommy this story, “Tommy, this is a gallon freezer ziplock bag, half full, a fricken quart of BUD, no twigs or dust or dirt, ALL BUD.

Now at least three hours into relaxation and conversation, Mark says……

Mark: “I’m not insane!…..I’m not left handed!”

Needless to say, I almost busted a gut laughing.  Let me tell you a little bit about Mark. He has a few issues he’s successfully dealing with mentally, don’t we all?  Mark is one of the most intelligent human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He also is one of the naturally, funniest people I have ever met. So he has a few problems, so do I.

Tonight, I decided to turn on some music on Direct TV. Started out with some Blues, changed to Jazz, then settled on music of the 60’s. How wonderfully therapeutic. Song after song, reliving those years of my youth. Just a little bit before Mark’s teen years. Bob Dylan singing “Like a Rolling Stone”, Donavan singing, “Mellow Yellow”, Leonard Cohen singing “Suzanne”. Song after song bringing us both back to our individual memories, at a school dance, the drive-in Intermission music. playing on the radio in my cousin Butch’s 65 Malibu.

What I am saying is that for me, as well as for Mark, tonight, in general, the music, great weed, lots of “Bust your Gut” laughter’ has been very therapeutic. Soothing, satisfying, healing, expanding our brains with the game of trying to guess a band or singer’s name, what year or era. The brain exercise is wonderful for healing areas of our psyche that man-made medicines can’t touch. I believe it is a great natural remedy for many psychosis like PTSD, Schizophrenic related issues, depression, etceteras.  As I just said to Mark, I put a “Groove” on it tonight, referring to my writing of this post.

Last thought. Mark and I were sitting here, trying to figure out what MILF stood for. Many VERY wrong guesses and much laughter. It was obvious that neither one of us knew what it stood for. Possibly because none of our friends in High School had busty, sexpots for mothers. So, I googled it on my Samsung Tablet, gave Mark the answer, and we both laughed again.

It’s now 1:27AM Thursday morning. We started last night around 7:00PM. I really enjoyed the evening, the conversation, the laughter, and the great stimulus for my brain. Thanks for reading my sometimes serious posts, and sometimes frivolous posts. This coming Saturday I pack up the U-Haul and head to Southern California. Hope to see you all then.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: SeattlesBest1, harvested September 23rd, 2018

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