How NOT to Slow Play Pocket Aces


It’s 2:30AM, and I have been playing Texas No-Limit Poker online via Farcecraps WSOP  “App” for several hours. Here’s a little bit of advice. It’s time to quit and go to bed when this happens to you.

I have written about this before, when to “Slow Play” a hand, and when NOT to “Slow Play” a hand. We have all been on the receiving end with a losing hand when someone else slow plays a “Nuts” hand. Here’s a play by play example of a hand that should convince you when it’s time to go to bed.

Before the FLOP: I’ve been dealt a pocket pair, of ACES, an Ace of Spades, and an Ace of Clubs, so I slow play, limping in. Limping in is when you just call and not raise before the “FLOP” hoping that everyone else limps in as well, which in this case, they do.

The “FLOP”: The flop is a Jack of Clubs, a Queen of Clubs, and an Ace of Diamonds. So now I have TRIP ACES, and there is a strong possibility that a few of the other players have hit either with pocket Jacks, pocket Queens, or straight draws.

Everyone limps through the “TURN” card, which is the Ace of Hearts. The table now reads Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, and Ace of Hearts. At this point, before the “River” card is dealt, there are possible straights, possible full houses, and for sure possible hands with trips (three of a kind) facing you before the “River” card is dealt. I have four Aces BEFORE the “River” card is dealt.

The dude with what he thinks is the “Nuts” with a flopped “straight” bets. The dudette with what she thinks is also the “Nuts” with the “Turn” card making her “Full House Queens over Aces” raises. Everyone else has folded. You really like the betting action but have closed your eyes for what you thought was just a “second”. It’s my turn now to bet, to go “All In” before the “River” card is dealt, but I AM momentarily asleep.

With Farcecrap’s app, there is a timer, which if you don’t call or raise, you are AUTOMATICALLY FOLDED in that hand. It’s just a second or three, but when I open my eyes back up, I have run out of time, and my hole cards, those pocket aces, are “greyed out”, and I watch in horror as I see this gigantic pot of $30 Million or so, go to the dudette with the “Full House” against your folded four Aces.

Moral of the story. That certainly was the right time to “Slow Play” my hand, but the wrong time to close my eyes (just for a second”. I try not to play when I’m that tired. That hand was a REAL bad beat, like beat MYSELF with a rubber hose, bad beat. Hahahahahaha.

Peace & Abide,



Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

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