What Trump said today to the visiting children of the journalists

What Trump said today to the visiting children of the journalists is absolute proof that President Trump is SENILE!

If he’s not SENILE, then perhaps he is certifiable, absolutely, fuckin’ CRAZY!!!

Click on the below link and listen for yourselves. Image by: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais



Would any non-senile person say that kind of shit to those children? Think about it? How would you feel, as a parent, if someone said something like that. I know that if some dude said that to my children like that, I pretty sure that I would pissed enough to deck him. There was laughter in the Oval Office, but I can guarantee you that the parents of those children that were in the room were shocked and dismayed at what that fucking “Moon Crater” asshole said to their children! If it was a child of mine, and I was one of the journalists, the Secret Service would be hesitantly trying to restrain me as I jumped over Trump’s fucking desk.

Someone needs to organize a nation wide PETITION asking congress to impeach Trump if his staff doesn’t bite the bullet in NOT removing Trump from office. Maybe I could start it myself on FB? Stay tuned folks. Update: I have created a FB page called “National Petition for the Impeachment of President Trump”. I still haven’t figured out how to create a YES or NO poll or petition. So for now, it comes back my WordPress page that you are currently on.

Credit: (Photo by Maring Photography/Getty Images/Contour by Getty Images)

I temporarily have set up this PayPal button until I can figure out how to do it on the FB page. Donations will go to the FB page, “National Petition for the Impeachment of President Trump” for funding the petition drive in as many cities and towns that  we can get volunteers to canvas for signatures. If you have experience in “Petition Drives” OR if you don’t have experience, and you want to get seriously involved in this petition drive, please send me a comment or private message of FB, or you can email me through my website, or send an email to: hereallyissenileimpeachtrumppe@gmail.com