Letter to the Rolling Stones

Howdy Rolling Stones,

I have been a really huge fan of yours for more than 50 years. It’s amazing that I’m still alive, and more amazing that you dudes are still alive, together and PERFORMING. Back in the mid-sixties, there were a lot of Beatles fans, and then there were the Stones fans. The Beatles fans in High School were the Jocks and the prissy girls, and us Stoners were the bad ass motherfuckers. Your music has been, and still is, “timeless” for me as well as for millions of other fans.

I have a thought to share, a request if you will, an idea for a documentary film, all centered on this letter, and the subsequent film we are going to do together, about this old fart “ME”, fulfilling a life long dream of not just meeting the Rolling Stones, but spending a few weeks with you all together, and also one on one with each one of you doing whatever you normally do on a daily basis……..WHILE WE ARE FILMING IT FOR A DOCUMENTARY. Title?…….“Me and the Stones”, or “Grandpa and the Stones”.  Think about it. Could be released as a reality show?

I am 68 years old, retired living on Social Security, and in fair health. I reside in Phoenix, Arizona.  My kids and my grandson Owen live in the Los Angeles area. I would love to leave a legacy of some sort for my grandson and future generations.

It could very well be that my blog, my writing, well, as least SOME of my writing will become a legacy of some kind, but I think it also would be exciting, tremendous if fact, if when I’m gone, people will still be watching “Me and the Stones”, getting a few Oscars, and providing an income for my descendants.

So, my one and only “Bucket List” item? Doing exactly as I just described above. Not just meeting you, the Rolling Stones, but spending 3 or 4 months together and one on one, (not all at one time), filming it for release as a documentary, and potentially as a limited series-reality show. Kinda tricky, but possible to split the documentary in to “Episodes” to be shown as a “Reality” Series on HBO, or Showtime, or whatever. Just a thought.

In conclusion, all I can say is that I’m glad to be alive, I love my sphincter muscle, and I’m glad that you dudes are still alive and kickin’. I think my idea for a documentary film is pretty darn good, and I think just the idea itself is Oscar worthy.  Give me a call. Let’s do this!

Sincerely yours,




Dr. Thomas “Tom” C. Saxe, DD

CEO, Silverstrand Studios


Email: meandthestones@gmail.com

“You can’t always get what you want” but if you ask real nice…..Maybe they’ll have fun with it tooooooo


Strain: GrandpasBellyButtonLint, harvested October 3rd, 2017

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