Marilyn Monroe and my neighbor, “Chuck”

My neighbor Chuck is a really cool guy that sometimes laughs at my jokes. Chuck is 82 years old, sharp wit and mind, physically having some issues. When I first moved in here, five years ago or so, Chuck sat on my porch for a bit and shared his scrapbook, which he’s been keeping for probably 50 years or so. The scrapbook, with autographed photos, not just from Marilyn, but from dudes like Joe DiMaggio.

B3K05P MARILYN MONROE with 2nd husband Joe DiMaggio
Alamy/Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Along with newspaper photos and articles, a lock of blonde hair, and an entire section dedicated to his Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and birthday cards that he had received from Marilyn Monroe back in the day. Chuck is a lovable guy now, and I’m sure Marilyn cared about him.

Yes, Chuck was a personal bodyguard for Marilyn back in the middle 50’s up to the early 60’s. His scrapbook was fun to go through with him. Now, four years later, we are having one of those quick, three or four times a year chats, him standing in his doorway, me sitting in my favorite rocking chair on my porch.

During our back and forth conversation, I was GOING to ask him about the three young ladies that visit multiple times during the week, but he had to tell me first. “Hey Tom, have you seen the ladies I have coming over to the house now? Yeah, I got three young nurses that come over to check on me now”. I responded, yeah, I’ve seen them, beautiful young ladies there. How lucky you are”. Right after that I said, “Hey Chuck. You ever get a HARD-ON when they come over?’. Chuck says, “Yaa, all the time”.

A few more minutes of conversation go on, and the last words Chuck said before going in his house were, “What’s a HARD-ON?”. Laughing, I responded loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, (Chuck is hard of hearing), “An ERECTION”.  We both laughed, Chuck went in his house. I sat there thinking about the last part of our chat. Either Chuck is somewhat stupid, or, he’s a very clever dude and saved his question for the end on purpose. I think clever. Yelling “ERECTION!!” in my neighborhood (+55 Retirement Community) could be another whole story.

If I had a Scrapbook from the 1950’s and 60’s, it would be filled with hospital identification wrist bands. Long story, look it up on my blog.

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