Inspiration comes from everywhere for me, a short story inspired by this young dude

Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. Today I was inspired to write this post as a message to a particular group of people on Facebook, who know who they are. If you read this, you will easily catch the under-laying emotions that were touched, and the root of my inspiration.

On Facebook, there are groups and home pages for EVERYTHING. If you do a search on Facebook, you can find just about every subject matter, fetish, club or society. Looking for a FB group in an attempt to fit in somewhere socially? Want to join a group that worships something, from gods to toads? There is a group especially for you. Like your Ladies thick? There’s a group or page on there for that.

Anyway, one of the many groups I belong to is the “Anxiety And Depression” Group which can be found at the following link.

On there today, was a live feed, or maybe recorded, video of this dude talking, from a semicloseup view of his head with no neck. Get it clear folks, what I am about to say is NOT “Fat Shaming” or ridicule of any kind as far as I’m concerned.

He is soo obese, the fat in his face and neck area made his neck disappear. My guess is that this poor soul is at a minimum, 500 or 600 pounds in his birthday suit. I clicked on the little speaker icon on this live or recorded event and rewound so I could hear this chap from the beginning of his message.

His message was a morning greeting message, just simple, humble in his words, I liked and “Liked”, his post and “friended” the gentleman I am talking about. Looking for a time at his FB page, I can see that he is on a course or plan of some kind to lose weight. I say BRAVO, keep up the good work!

Those of you that read my blog on a regular basis know me for who I am as a human being. The poster, MRXXXXX is suffering from a common, and shared condition, that is called DEPRESSION. Additionally, he has recognized his issue with OBESITY and is doing something about it. It looks like he already has lost a lot of weight.

People who are suffering with OBESITY right now, seek out professional help to help you lose all that deadly weight. I personally have lost about 57 pounds from a high of 285 pounds.

I can easily share how I lost the weight I lost, and maybe I will share later, but instead, my emotions for this dude started with sorrow and pity, as I imagined how difficult his life must be, the emotions HE must feel, the depression he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Out of the sorrow and pity grows newer emotions and thoughts. After letting his greeting message sink in for a few hours, I suddenly felt emboldened to reach out to this new FB friend to see if I could at least, be a source of mental and emotional support, for some kind of positive Karma and comfort.

So, my original thoughts for a post about quitting hardcore drinking has now included my message, I hope is viewed as positive encouragement, to MRXXXXX, my newest friend on Facebook, who has not responded to my request to use his image and link to his FB page.

Dear MRXXXXXX, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. For all I know, you may not be a real person, but a clever CGI character created just for FB. Just kidding, I believe you are a real person, with real emotions and real life-threatening medical issues.

I believe obesity to the size you are, is a medical and mental disfunction, and should be treated as such. I am happy and relieved that you are losing weight. Knowing that you are doing something about your condition, I just wanted to share with you that you inspired this post that may help others in some way, either knowledge or for encouragement.

So, my suggestion for everyone who is dealing with your weight? STOP EATING SO MUCH! Drink water only, no soda pop or juices, no alcoholic beverages of any kind. EAT HEALTHIER! Remove snack foods from your diet, completely. Slowly introduce some kind of physical activity, even if all it begins with is walking to the refrigerator for another bottle of water, (just walk there 25 times in a row before you grab that bottle of water).

Myself, I have fallen in like with a particular brand of bottled water. Before drinking, I put a bottle of water in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. Really really cold, not quite frozen water is the best! I love it!

I have lost about 7 pounds out of 57 this past summer season here in Phoenix by eliminating soda pop and beer from my life. Those of you that live here in Southern Arizona that read my blog, know why I don’t participate in outdoor physical activities here in the summer.

People with OBESITY issues should seek out and have medical professionals help you. Seek out those specialists that primarily treat OBESITY. You need professional help. If you don’t recognize that your weight is even an issue, you need help! If you do know just how dangerous your illness is, think positive, devote your time to losing weight, save your own life.

Of course we accept you “for who you are”. I just want you to live a long and happy life. My baby brother died many years ago, when he was about 46 or so.

Without bothering you with the circumstances of his early passing, Johnny weighed about 500 pounds, give or take. A normal person, say your sister who weighs a total of 122 pounds, is concerned about the “give or take” of say, one or two pounds. For someone like my brother, the “give or take” was all on the “take and put it all in his mouth side”.

Although not a direct cause, the Riverside County Coroner told me that OBESITY was a contributing factor in the cause of my brothers death. What a shame, what a loss for this world. There were some things that he could’ve shared with others to make their life better.

So, young or old, man or woman reading this right now, and you know you have a deadly serious disease called OBESITY. Make a serious decision to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to lose that heavy burden you are carrying around (if you can walk). Less food passing your lips, will take it off your hips. STOP EATING SO MUCH! DRINK WATER! EAT HEALTHIER! THINK POSITIVE, WITH PURPOSE, AND WITH ANTICIPATION!

Repeat these few words: “I don’t Hope, no, I EXPECT to live a healthier, longer life! I ANTICIPATE losing all the weight I so desperately need to lose”.

I have been a little amazed at how much I DON’T spend at the grocery store now. Add up your savings as you go along, you will be pleasantly surprised, and possibly amazed. You can spend the savings on a better grade of weed, instead of that shit you are smoking right now.

Post for another time will be about my experience with drinking, social or business entertainment purposes, stories of drinking 7 bottles of Andre (ex-wife, 5 of them) at Sunday Brunch at our favorite Mexican Sunday Brunch, with the story of the party every weekend at the beach house, three different kinds of beer in the refrigerator, bottle of vodka in the freezer, scotch, rum, whiskey bottles in the refrigerator, now I drink water…..I’ll still have a beer at Sushi, I just eliminated alcohol and sodas from my regular diet at home.

Strain: DustOfSphincterMuscle14, harvested February 16, 2016

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