Conscientious Objectors versus Conscription

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conscientious objector is an “individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service” on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion.

In some countries, conscientious objectors are assigned to an alternative civilian service as a substitute for conscription or military service. Some conscientious objectors consider themselves pacifist, non-interventionist, non-resistant, non-aggressionist, or antimilitarist.

On March 8, 1995 the United Nations Commission on Human Rights resolution 1995/83 stated that “persons performing military service should not be excluded from the right to have conscientious objections to military service.”  This was re-affirmed in 1998, when resolution 1998/77 recognized that “persons [already] performing military service may develop conscientious objections.” A number of organizations around the world celebrate the principle on May 15 as International Conscientious Objectors Day. The term has also been extended to objecting to working for the military–industrial complex due to a crisis of conscience.

During the time of the Roman Empire, if you were a “Conscientious Objector”, you were executed. look up Maximilianus. Throughout the short history of the United States there has been many who were “Conscientious Objectors”. One very famous dude,  Muhammad Ali, was one of them.

Clay v. United States, 403 U.S. 698 (1971), was Muhammad Ali’s appeal of his conviction in 1967 for refusing to report for induction into the United States military forces during the Vietnam War. His local draft board had rejected his application for conscientious objector classification. In a unanimous 8-0 ruling (Thurgood Marshall recused himself due to his previous involvement in the case as a Justice department official), the United States Supreme Court reversed the conviction that had been upheld by the Fifth Circuit.

The Supreme Court found the government had failed to properly specify why Ali’s application had been denied, thereby requiring the conviction to be overturned. A unanimous decision (8-0), “the court said the record shows that [Ali’s] beliefs are founded on tenets of the Muslim religion as he understands them.”

“What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.”

The United Nations got it right. I wonder what the State of Israel would do, or does? Recently, a panel of nine justices (in Israel) ruled that parts of the conscription law that exempt seminary students from service were “unreasonable and unconstitutional”. It gave the government a year to resolve the matter.

First of all, those of you that know me and know my writing understand that I am against all war, and strongly object to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL complex, and the families that control it. By raising the subject of “Conscientious Objection”, I hope the subject will be a catalyst for change.


From 1940 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the United States Armed Forces that could not be filled through voluntary means. The draft was ended when the United States Armed Forces moved to an all-volunteer military force.

There are many countries that have mandatory military conscription as a law. I picked the State of Israel as an example because of the recent court ruling against exemption of seminary students. People of the Orthodox Hebrew faith (Jews) have been demonstrating AGAINST the ruling. That’s because most Orthodox Jews do not believe that the “State of Israel” should even exist. They are still waiting for their “MESSIAH” to come down from heaven, (not come back, as Christians believe).

Imagine if you will, that the United States of America cuts the military equipment funding from $78 Billion, down to ZERO. Imagine if you will, more and more Israelis discover that the Zionist leadership is wrong.

Overheard at an Army Recruitment office in Dallas, Texas:

Potential recruit: “I just want to shoot guns and kill the enemy. I love guns and shit, I like blowing things up and stuff. Can I bring my own guns?”

Staff Sergeant (recruiter): “Wanna learn how to operate a M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank? Sign here, Son, I promise we will turn you into one mean killing machine, one bad mother-fucker”

What if all this negative energy was turned into endeavors of PEACE? Like conscription in a PEACE CORPS of some kind, that would go into areas of OUR country that need help. Oh, yeah, I forgot, WE don’t have a DRAFT.

Israeli Agriculture

For those countries like the State of Israel, what if instead of mandatory military conscription, they had a peace corps type of organization that went into the Palestinian cities, towns, and villages to help them, instead of kill them? What if these young Jewish kids were excited about helping the Palestinian people with their agricultural and industrial growth?

Destruction of Palestinian Olive Groves by the State of Israel

It still all boils down to the roots of our human species dark side, and the VERY SIMPLE answer to it all. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you are either numb emotionally, or stupid.

One last thought. Sure, the battles are between two sides. It’s just that one side has an outrageously superior advantage over the other side. Palestinian rockets never seem to hit any kind of intended target, and the Israeli Military goes in with their superior strength and sophisticated weapons, and ANNIHILATES THE PALESTINIANS.

Gaza 2014
Women of the Israeli IDF in 1968

GOLDEN RULE, look it up before you criticize my viewpoint. I challenge the Israeli’s to give Conscientious Objection” a chance, and that includes the American Jews who find it a moral obligation to go to Israel and join the  Israel Defense Forces (IDF). How about instead of joining the IDF, you volunteer to HELP the Palestinian people, instead of kill them? Oh yeah, I forgot, anyone other than a Jew is less than human, here to serve the Jewish people, (look it up folks).

Israeli IDF training

Finally, how do you commit “Suicide by IDF Sniper”? Throw a stone at a hoard of heavily armed Israeli IDF soldiers.



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