Laughter, and what to do with real evil

When we laugh at something, do we do so with light-heartedness, pity, or cynicism? Laughter can be cruel, or it can be an emotion expressing honest joy and relief from the norm. To be honest, right now, most of the world is responding with a cynical laughter even at the mere mention of the name, “Trump”. Guess what folks, the joke is on us, and it’s real.

Just as when we see images or film footage of a leader like Kim (I’m going to bomb the shit outta you) Jong-un of North Korea. When the rest of the world sees Trump, they laugh, not a happy, light-hearted laugh, maybe with a little buyer’s remorse if you are a Republican, certainly with a whole lot of cynicism, i.e., ask the average person in Mexico.

What we should be doing as a “nation based on freedom” is the opposite of what has been happening for the last fifty years or so. Humans have been evolving in a direction that very well could be a means to a negative ending for our species.

There have always been warriors, and there have always been peacemakers. The warriors, and that includes anyone desiring to take what is not theirs, have brought humans to a crucial point in our time on this planet. I believe in doing things that would label us as peacemakers, not warriors.

At the same time, how do we deal with and defend liberty, from the warriors, i.e., war mongers? Preemptive strike? Surgical elimination of a festering sore? Offering every man woman and child in the targeted country (like North Korea) $100,000 (cost = $25 billion or so), plenty of food, clothing, medicine, housing, (cost = another $25 billion or so) in exchange for their willingness, perhaps partnership, in “removal” of the festering sore in their society. Drop leaflets, not bombs.

Telling a people that their lives are going to change and be enriched by offering them real physical reward is better than indiscriminately or discriminately bombing them all.  There ARE people in countries like North Korea that want freedom, peace, and prosperity, after all, it’s only “human” to want peace and freedom, right?.

If their leadership needs to be replaced, let it be because of the threat their leadership imposes on the rest of the world. Drop leaflets, surely you know what I mean by that is to inform the people in every possible way, by radio, television, leaflets, etceteras. Then….send in the SEALS, not just the special forces from the United States, include the PEACEMAKERS from many countries. You see, I call them peacemakers instead of warriors.

They are going in with the sole purpose of killing some so-called evil dude, and all his close staff and supporters. Eliminate the festering sore quickly, simultaneously air drop food, clothing, medicine, copies of the U. S. CONSTITUTION, copies of the Howdy Doody Show, Kit-Kat bars, and everything else that will make their lives better.

Of course you offer Kim Jong-un the same, even though he is swimming in his own idea of wealth and power. You tell him, “enjoy what you have for now, for approximately six more days, 21 hours, and 19 minutes, because we are going to get you”.

So, back to the laughter thing. When they hung Saddam Hussein, did you laugh with relief? No? If you were in Iraq, and part of the Shi’a and Kurdish movements, you laughed, you cheered, you clapped, you sang, you danced, WITH JOY!

Here in the United States, when Saddam Hussein’s head came off his body when he dropped, we only wondered why it took so long for the waiter to bring our food. Some of us are still wondering, “What if we had not invaded Iraq?”

So, back to the process of laughing. I believe we can create a world society filled with joyful laughter. I believe that we can do positive not negative. Let’s laugh, but laugh out of the goodness we can share, not the evil we can bestow on others. I have heard an evil laugh, and it’s not funny.

Other than what we have been told, and assume are human rights violations, and his desire for weapons of mass destruction (nuclear), this Kim Jong-un dude might be a fairly funny, maybe normal person. The data supports the belief that he really is an evil mother-fucker, so my recommendation is for us to plan our next move as a well-planned, surgical, preemptive strike, coordinated with a widespread communiqué of peace, and a massive air drop of goodies.

In conclusion, I write for myself first, and I would like to believe that my thoughts will have a “good” i.e., positive influence on my fellow man. I am sincere in my beliefs, and encourage debate, so your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

You can smile with graciousness and pride, during a standing ovation, but as soon as you open your mouth, your humility is fucked – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

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