Dagwood Sandwich, or maybe you should trim the jungle

I was texting a lady friend yesterday afternoon, just chatting, “How’s your day going” kind of stuff, and in one text to her, I described what I had just had for lunch. A huge “Dagwood” sandwich….or Deli Sandwich if you are not old enough to remember the comic strip about the dude, “Dagwood Bumstead”.

So I sent a text message, “Just had lunch, thinly sliced Roasted Turkey, Havarti Cheese, Fried Egg, sliced ripe Avocado, lots of Mayonnaise, sliced vine-ripened Tomatoes, a little salt and pepper, on thick Pumpernickel bread”. She texted back, “That sounds like a great deli sandwich, where did you go?”…….”Made it right here at home”, I typed back. “It really was a great sandwich”.

So much so, during my sleep last night, I had a dream about eating this wonderful gourmet sandwich, basically re-living portions of my experience and my text messages. Lately my dreams have been very realistic, and the dream, combined with vocalizing part of whatever conversation, and hand or body movements, whatever, like, “Look at that huge shooting star!!”, and you wake yourself up, pointing at the moonlight streaming through the blinds of your bedroom window and it takes a second to realize that you are not standing somewhere in the Arizona desert, pointing at the sky.

This “sandwich” dream last night was just as funny to me, as I was going through the process, in my sleep, of making this huge sandwich.  Taking a huge bite, still in my sleep, I shoved my beard into my mouth, speaking out, “Ahhaaa, yes…..I forgot the radish sprouts” waking up with a mouth full of my beard, (Radish Sprouts), the sandwich dream instantly turning into the thought of a mouth full of some woman’s extremely prolific pubic hair.

Gag cough sputter go to the bathroom, cup some cold water with your hands, throw some on your face, look in the mirror, say to yourself, “How did I get from Dagwood sandwich, to “Babe…….I think you need to trim some of the jungle down there”.