Dear Charitable Foundations, and “Why do we call it Defense Spending? Why not call it Offense Spending?”

Letter to ALL Charitable Foundations


That’s my introductory word. As our species has evolved over the thousands of years, the most important factor in our continuing evolution AS a species, has been COMMUNICATION. I’m not talking about the diversity of our many languages and cultures, although if you look at history, the ability to communicate with one another has been such an incredible achievement.

Imagine, if you will, the first verbal communication between two completely different peoples in Africa, Asia, Europe? Or the first time the Pilgrims tried to speak with the Native Americans they encountered.

As our science has progressed, so has our ability to communicate with one another, like the invention of the Telegraph and Morse Code, which became an internationally understood “electric” language.

As our species explored and settled new lands, eventually we began to understand and speak other languages. Now it is common in many parts of the world, to speak at least two or three languages. COMMUNICATION.

Fast forward to the 21st Century. Today, we have the ability to communicate with the entire planet, instantly. The Internet, Cell Phones, and so many other inventions that help us in communicating with each other. Our news, sports, and thousands of other subjects are available instantly, just by switching on our laptop or cell phone.

The evolution of how we gather and share information has brought us to the point, that five minutes after that missile from a drone aircraft has completely destroyed a children’s hospital in some war zone somewhere, some news service is showing a video of it on television, all around the world, instantly.

Which brings me back to my original and primary thought, COMMUNICATION. What may seem as folly to some, (and I do agree that my platform for communication is a little “tongue in cheek”, and downright silly at times),  it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my subject matter IS serious, and should be taken seriously.

As a “Futurist”, I believe we are coming to a fork in the road, in our evolution as a species. Maybe that fork is three-pronged, or two, I just know that the decisions we make, “Which way we should go?”, AS A SPECIES, will greatly affect our planet, as well as ALL species of life on our planet.

I have been writing the praises of FACEBOOK for a while, in spite of their algorithms that ban me from posting once in a while. As I have explained in the past, I believe that the processes involved in our communication today, i.e., like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and many more, are continuing to evolve, makes sense right?

Could it possibly be that we can become a peaceful species at some point in our evolution because of………Wait for it………COMMUNICATION? Tonight, I discovered the Puffin Foundation simply by googling the words. After watching the 20th anniversary show for the news program, Democracy Now! and reading a bit off of their website, I discovered that Amy Goodman was a former recipient of the prestigious Puffin/Nation “Prize for Creative Citizenship” award (which I admit, I had never heard of before tonight). I had thought at first, about writing to them only, and then my letter turned out to be a letter in general, to all that would care about the subject. After all, a little dementia never hurt anyone.

I have hopefully created a genre of expression and COMMUNICATION which will help bring positive changes to HOW we communicate, perhaps combining or splicing together, separate parts to become one very powerful instrument of peace not wars, hope instead of despair, better lives, better living for all people, and a planet we can proudly say will be here for our great-grandchildren’s grandchildren.

How are you going to do this you ask? It’s a rather radical thought which is akin to the merging of companies, the fusing together of technologies and thoughts, to strengthen and support the communication of good karma, not the bad karma.

I believe that Facebook, or something like it, will merge and purchase other genres of communication like television networks and broadcasters. I eventually could understand and appreciate the merger of companies like Microsoft and Facebook. New technologies will be invented, at a far more rapid pace. Along with all this communication comes unity and peace,

The Unknown Sock Puppet. Simple. Effective. The reason for the Unknown Sock Puppet?……….Wait for it………COMMUNICATION. I believe that our species will survive ourselves, if we communicate the correct kinds of messages, Peace, Love, every good karma thing you want to put in here. How we do this is critical, and I have the answer, partially.

So, as I continue to develop this genre, “The Unknown Sock Puppet”, and everything else related to this hope, as a Futurist, perhaps the next phase in our evolution as a species will be a pleasant one.

In closing tonight, I just want you to think how important COMMUNICATION really has been, and will continue to be, as a major element in our evolution.

Imagine, that’s all I ask of you. Imagine no more wars, no more starvation, no more hatred, racism, and bigotry. How about instead of trillions spent on military weapons of death, (Defense Spending? Bullshit! Call it Offense Spending!) we could spend that money on curing diseases, like cancers. Imagine. (stick as many positive karma adjectives here as you can think of).

Communication. Think of that explorer who upon discovering vast riches beyond his wildest imagination, wrote a letter to his King, which the explorer knew would take six months to get there via another boat, “Sorry Georgie, I know I haven’t written in a while, I’ve just been really busy. I discovered gold and other riches beyond your wildest imagination. By the time you read this, I will have sailed to bla-bla bla, i.e., another land if you’re that stupid. A land that doesn’t get any fucking snow. Bye for now, have a nice life. Oh, and thanks for funding this incredibly successful exploration near the edge of the world. Tell the Queen I miss her”.

That folks, was communication in 1492.