A writer is…….

A writer is……

What is “Writing” and what is “Creative” writing? Since our species first uttered it’s first “Ugghh” (possibly in exclaiming a pleasure now known as an orgasm), we grunted, uttered, and eventually we were speaking words, and then eventually short sentences. That was the very first form of communication for mankind.

The second form of communication to come along was pictures drawn on the cavern walls. Somehow, we evolved to the point where we could “Write” shit down in a form other than drawings of animals running away, and little stick figures throwing Spears at those same animals running away.

Eventually our hieroglyphs and whatnot became different “written” languages. From the very beginning, our species told stories, wither made up as historical records, religious myth, or just plain entertaining, like the cave dweller grunting out (with a lot of body language), the story of the huge mastodon that got away.

Eventually, our species began to write a lot of stuff, literally. The first books were all painstakingly………Wait for it……..”Hand Written”. Along came the printing presses, then typewriters, computers, Microsoft WORD, etceteras.

What does this have to do with writing, and creative writing? Writing down something that someone else has said is called “Reporting” VERBATIM. Taking what the dude just said and putting it into your own words is not “reporting” or “chronicling” it’s just your opinion at that point. Some dude reading off a teleprompter can either appear as the idiot he is, or be known as the greatest orator of our time, thanks to the amazing speech writers.

So, I contend, and everyone in this group should agree, that “Creative Writing” wither it’s a verse in a holy book, a recipe for mountain oysters, a record of a fantastic voyage to Mars and back, or simply just a story you used to read to your children when they were young, creative writing is the heart and soul of who we are, stepped up a notch from those first grunts of early man’s speech.

What’s your point Dr. Saxe? My point is simple. If you have a group for writers, like this one called “WRITING (Spam Free)”, and you insist in labeling “EVERYTHING” a f****** link, because in your mind, anything in a post or comment on your group page that includes a “link” is bad for the group, you have somehow mislabeled or named your group in error.

If all your group is, or becomes to be, is something that prohibits sharing creative writing, you have missed the boat. I can understand not wanting to publish links to websites, pages or groups that sell used condoms or baby parts, but when a “writer” is not allowed to share his or her own creative writing with other members of a closed group FOR writers, it is not labeled properly.

I guess it is necessary to weed out the bad shit, which I agree that links to naked photos of my great-grandmother should not be something that I would approve for publishing in a group for “Writers” unless accompanied by a hilarious story of my her swimming the English Channel, which she did do naked.

My particular writing may not be as polished or professional as the next person writing about the same subject, but it is original and therefore creative. I’m not selling anything, I am sharing my creative writing with as many people as I can, so what, that’s what writers do. My posts on PTSD, for an example, have helped people, I know this because they have told me so.

My comedic posts have made some people uncomfortable and a whole lot of other people laugh. I write about what I believe our future is going to be like because I’m a Futurist, in spite of the fact that I know I won’t be alive to see it happen.

I started writing in January of 2016 (this year). Since then, my visitor counter on my website blog is over 80,000 hits from about 30 different countries, and they either enjoy reading my “stuff” and come back time and time again, or they don’t care for my writing and never visit my blog again.

Bottom line in saying all this is that if a creative writer, good OR bad cannot share a “LINK” to his or her OTHER creative writing sites or pages, on a page or in a closed group for writers, then I say it’s really NOT a “Writers” page or group.

If a group or page is NOT set up to encourage or assist writers in their endeavors, or allowed free communication among writers, then what is it’s purpose? Share how much you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? There’s a page or group for that I’m sure. Tell the other group members that you have a toenail fungus? There’s a page or group for that I’m sure. Tell everybody what a lousy day or fantastic orgasm you just had? I’m sure there are pages and groups for BAD HAIR DAY or SEXATNOON.

If you do post this, I would only ask that you would present this, and allow the rest of the group to have a chance at weighing in on this subject. By the way, my blog is at www.tcsblog.net Thank you for all of those group members that agree with me. I think I’m WRITE! Hahahahaha!