Dear Mr. Zuckerberg 2

The Unknown Sock Puppet. He is a dynamic speaker, author, talk show host, gourmet chef, caring, dedicated lover, Doctor of Dudeology, and overall good karma person, oh yeah, almost forgot, Dr. Unknown  Sock Puppet is also a twophilofuturist, a new term for a philanthropist/ philosopher/futurist.

Watch for the first YouTube video from the Unknown Sock Puppet very soon on the YouTube Channel, THE UNKNOWN SOCK PUPPET. His very first guest MAY be Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founders and current CEO of the giant social and media platform we all know as, FACEBOOK.

The Unknown Sock Puppet and Mr. Zuckerberg will discuss important issues like, Sushi? Joking here, his wife is of Chinese origin.  What some may think is a comedic look at issues and news, like tongue in cheek stuff, will very quickly discover that the issues ARE serious issues, like global warming, starvation, war, etceteras. More on the upcoming interview with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg in Dear. Mr. Zuckerberg 3.

Although the “interviews” may be sprinkled with a lot of comedic moments, (it’s a fxxxxxx Sock Puppet folks) the portion of the audience that knows and understands what common sense is, will get it right away, i.e., the truly smart people will begin, if they already haven’t started, to believe and REALLY think about the future of our planet and the future of our………Wait for it……….SPECIES!!!

For most people, the program (short interview, maybe 6 minutes at first?) will swim around in their brain for a few hours, maybe a whole day, before THEY get it.

People with no common sense at all, won’t get it, ever, but they may sure laugh their asses off. They’re the ones who will never get the Moon Crater joke either.

All the above, including the character “The Unknown Sock Puppet”, and any sample dialogue or suggested synopsis, story-line, script, set design, or ideas related to the “Show” (The Unknown Sock Puppet and Real Shit You Need To Hear Show), or any variation of that name, any released “YouTube” video or other method of transmission, presentation and display, wither static in print form, or moving, as in video, is copyright and trademarked by Dr. Thomas C. Saxe 2016

We need volunteers! I intend to have my script/dialogue ready by January 1, 2017. I will be in the Simi Valley area for three months beginning January 2, 2017.

We need help with Set Design, Videography , maybe a director, a lighting dude or dudette? How about a sound dude or dudette? although I pretty much know what and how I want this filmed,

I will appreciate any and all advice, AND any and all volunteers, even if you don’t have a clue, join this project and learn with me.

Please contact me simply by sending me a note of interest on FACEBOOK, and we can then privately message our contact info.

Here’s a few funding links:

P. S. a little Dementia never hurt anybody