Thought for the day


What do you think of when you are masturbating? Let’s break this down a little. If you are a woman, do you think of your next door neighbor? If you are a man, do you think of your next door neighbor too?

Let’s break this down even further. If you are a Republican woman, or man for that matter, when you are spanking the monkey, do you think of Donald Trump? If you are a Democrat, do you think of Bernie, or Hillary?

Just a wee bit further in this breakdown. If you are a red necked tattooed greasy haired farmer, male or female, does the very thought of getting a brand new pick-up truck make you Cum all over the Hay Bale?

And, last but not least, if you are a gun toting fully loaded dude that hates all other races besides white, what do you think of when you are masturbating?

Let us allow the audience to answer this one, so in three words or less, what’s the answer?



One sperm, swimming vigorously upstream in the glob, says to the other sperm swimming just as desperately, “Did you see the look on her face?”…..The other sperm, annoyed by the question responds back, “Not really, I was too busy being ejaculated to notice”. Yet another sperm looks over at the other two as they are now dripping down her left cheek and says ,  “Ahhhh, so that’s why they call it a Facial”.