Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, Let me begin by saying that if you have a hard time understanding me right now, it’s because I am in the middle of having all my teeth (didn’t have many left) yanked out with the eventual goal of getting the permanent teeth screwed in. So, if you ARE having difficulty understanding me, you can go to my Facebook page, “The Unknown Sock Puppet” and get a transcript for just 29 cents plus appropriate tax of course, (after the debut on YouTube, shortly), or if you are REALLY smart, you will just read all of this ON my………FACEBOOK PAGE titled “The Unknown Sock Puppet”. You can also find it on a few lucky websites, posted at the end

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, I’ll make this as brief as my Hypomania will allow me. First of all, I LOVE FB! I consider it to be one of the greatest inventions in our modern era. Let me splain why…..Facebook is already known as the largest social media website/application in the world. Much can be said about how FB has already changed how we communicate with one another, how it is able to be so many things, to so many people.

Besides providing THE primary social interaction platform, FB has become a real source of news for people. REAL news, and FAUX News, and pure BS that even an idiot can appreciate.

News news, sports news, political news, world news, news your parents would rather you didn’t see, AND…….Every other thing you ever wanted to know, like

“How to light a fart with a match without burning the hair around your anus too bad”.

That brief film is going to be a scientific interview/episode in the near future with the UNKNOWN SOCK PUPPET which will be on You Tube shortly via a link on the official FB page for “The Unknown Sock Puppet”. I just have to find a famous scientist who doesn’t mind the subject matter and can help us all understand more better why farts ignite like a…….wait for it……….GAS! Hahahahahahahaha!

Yes, FB is almost like the Internet itself, with an enormous encyclopedia and dictionary attached, including your father’s great-grandmother’s recipe for homemade hooch.

I still “Surf” the Internet, a lot, and the Internet by and of itself is amazing. My thoughts are still focused on the future, and I enjoy writing and sharing these “Futurist” ideas whenever I can.

From ordinary conversations, to enlightened discoveries from previously unused portions of our minds, we all have an appreciation for how FB has changed us, and how it is still changing our lives.

For me personally, FB has become one really successful bit of medicine which has helped me recover from my last stroke (along with the use of medicinal cannabis).

My reasons for writing, when I began in January of this year (2016), we’re so different from my reasons to write today. My writing has evolved. My writing has definitely improved over the past 11 months. And I have experienced remarkable improvement in how my brain functions, and how my spirit or karma functions. All thanks go to, my Therapist, Medical Cannabis, my persistent writing, and……..Wait for it……..FACEBOOK.

Having said all that, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, the reason for this communiqué is to share my thoughts on the future for Facebook.

We all can agree that down through the eons of our evolution as a species, technology (science) has played a most crucial role in our growth. Both a positive role, like the cures for diseases, and the negative roles, like the creation of the Atom Bomb.
Science and technology continue to influence our evolution. What’s just around the bend for us I believe will still come to us through science, technology AND…………Wait for it………COMMUNICATION.

So, what does THAT have to do with Facebook you might ask? I’m so glad you asked that question Mr. Zuckerberg. Study the following, it is NOT tongue in cheek bullshit.

To be continued: Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, please contact me for further information on the future of the human race as a species, and the future of Facebook, as we know it.

Which translates to, the Unknown Sock Puppet will only reveal this information during a live face-to-face face interview with you, in a casual setting, like by you pool, if you have one, under a cabana, if you have one……..Or we’ll just fake it. (Fade to black to an image of a caveman smoking a joint), then my cartoon image of an Armadillo taking a few steps, quickly saying, “Maybe if I play dead, they’ll ignore me” then flipping over with the headlights coming, fading quickly back to “put on your sunglasses, leave the lighted theater now” white.

Here’s a few good websites:

Here’s a few funding links:

P. S. a little Dementia never hurt anybody



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