Trump/Clinton Debate and, a line of Syrian refugees facing two doors, sign on door number one says, “Waterboarding”

Cartoon (someone please draw this): Line of Syrian refugees facing two doors, sign on door number one says, “Waterboarding” the sign on door number two says “Martyrdom”. Above the doors, a sign that says, “U.S. Customs”. Pointing at door number one, the first Syrian refugee says, “Been there, done that”. Syrian refugee number two is pointing at door number two saying, “Lousy fucking choice the Americans are giving us”.

Point of this cartoon? There are millions of bigoted, racist Americans out there that feel that their shit doesn’t stink. In their minds, unless you religiously believe as they do, you are not equal. In reality, if it wasn’t the Syrian people, the bigots would be banning some other people because of their religion.

Trump really fucked himself during tonight’s debate with just about everything that came out of his mouth. You don’t have to be intelligent to figure out that Donald Trump is a complete fucking idiot, who got rich through inheritance, ruthlessness and greed…….well, you have to be of at least average or above average intelligence, to figure that out.

Sorry all you Bubba’s out there, if you still believe that Trump is the right person to run this country, you are pretty fucking stupid. If you lack intelligence, but have even an ounce of common sense, you are smarter than Doctor Boogerpicker standing there in his Trump hat and Trump T-Shirt.

The “Trade” between countries is all part of our evolution as a species. Take a look back to the late 1800’s. A small part of the world was advanced, and a large part of the world was not. Go back a ways further, and the intelligent, advancing countries were trading with each other, things like Silk, Whiskey, Cotton, and Slaves. The parts of the world where the rich, sophisticated people got their “Slaves”? AFRICA!

A hundred or so years before the insane idea that a human being was less human because of the color of their skin, the American Indians lived in peace on THEIR land. Sure, we progress. We evolve as a species. We invent shit. Including weapons like the first atom bombs dropped on innocent civilians at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Slowly, the same parts of the world that were the explored and conquered, become traders as well. Forget “SILK”. Think about all the electronics from the Far East. Although slavery is abolished, some African countries are more impoverished now than before slavery. They just have cell phones now.

Some of us are old enough to remember when the first Japanese automobile rolled off a ship in Los Angeles. Technology, i.e., the advancement of Science and the ability to invent new things, is coupled to world trade, as much as the education and evolution of our species is.

Ask the people throwing rocks at each other, when a smarter dude picks up a big stick, swinging at those stones as he runs up to you and bashes your head in. Ask those same people 25 thousand years later, as they pull the trigger on their AK-47’s.

I believe this year’s presidential campaign is different because of technology. Think about it. Give millions of certifiable idiots a “Smart” phone and show them how to play “Ozark Ozzie Spanks His Monkey” and Warcraft, and a dude like Trump shows up on his “Twitter” feed.

Monkey see, monkey do.

If you are already an idiot, the shit that Trump is saying on JUST his Twitter account alone, will almost brainwash you. Go think about it, take your time all you Trump supporters, we realize you are not responsible for your low I. Q. Anyone, after seeing this debate tonight October 9th, 2016 who STILL backs Trump, needs mental help, seriously.

Oh, and for those of you Trump supporters that would say, “I have a Doctorate in Bicycle Seat Sniffing, and my I. Q., is 105”. Guess what, they weren’t handing out “Common Sense” pills along with your paper degree. I know people with half your I. Q. that are a hell of a lot smarter than you. Especially the ones without “Smart ” phones (think about it).

One of the main goals any elected politician should have is to educate the people. Think about it. Raise the I.Q. of a people, and you raise the bar, continually. Communication begets Education begets Invention begets Evolution begets Communication begets Education begets Invention begets Evolution.

Eventually, the same people that you conquered or enslaved become Scientists, Educators, Inventors, Politicians, and just plain old successful people. Who knows, maybe someday someone will invent a condom that’s not only self-lubricating, but talks to you as well, “Oh Baby! Oh Baby! OHHHHHH Baby!”.

I think we are close to a major turning point in our evolution. I don’t quite have my finger exactly what that is, I just feel that it’s coming while I’m still living. Sorry to say, but it might be that part of that change in our evolutionary path is one last world war which wipes out half the world’s population. Or………Wait for it………We could survive our own bullshit as a human species!

Why do I think this? Look around you. Look at the world. Too many idiots have been elevated to positions of authority in every area of our lives, including politics.

I don’t think I am a complete “Socialist”, but here’s a crazy socialist idea. Maybe we should have an international law that MAKES the top 1% give all their money and assets to the poor and legitimate charities when they die. Sorry kids, you get zilch.

Like that dude, Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of “Oracle”, third richest man in the world, that has so much loose change, he bought the entire Hawaiian Island of Lanai from another billionaire dude. If I were him, I would tell the indigenous people of those islands, that once he is done having his fun, i.e., after his ashes have been spread over the south side of the island by helicopter, the island is theirs again.

Divide up ALL the rest of his wealth among charities approved by the United Nations. His kids and all the other descendants will be okay, trust me. Some of the world’s top 1% of the 1%, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are giving away billions already, and they’re still alive. Think about it.

If you made your fortune primarily in Japan, with Japanese employees, a large portion of your fortune should go back into the Japanese economy. Fifty percent would go to the world charities as defined by the United Nations, and the other fifty percent would be shared equally with the people of Japan. They would get a check in the mail.

Same thing if you are a Russian billionaire, an Italian billionaire, or a billionaire from Zimbabwe. Of course the world wide charities would be selected and vetted and approved by the United Nations for things like, REAL GOALS. Medical Research and eliminating disease, feeding humanity, provision of simple things like, WATER. Slowing down CLIMATE CHANGE.

Yes, I think I might be a socialist. The smart billionaires are giving their wealth away now, while they are still living. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all agreed to do that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Larry Ellison’s “Last Will and Testament” already has committed to give the island of Lanai back to the real Hawaiians.

Regardless, politics has evolved, and there are idiots that would vote for fictional creatures called “Pokémon”, which humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, catch and train to battle each other for sport, and there are the rest of us, the ones with common sense. There is no in between.