Mormons, Arabs, Prostitutes and plain old Slutty Whores, and TRUE LOVE!

If you are trying to express yourself, with disgust, and belief that your mother was a slutty whore, to your half-brother and half-sister, especially if there are four or more fathers involved, you say, “Hello, half-brother from a different father”. This also works if you are talking to a friend, stranger, or just someone you don’t like in general.

Think about it. The dude will stand there for a while thinking about it, saying to himself, “Is this guy really a half-brother? Did mom fuck some other dude before my dad came along?” (if he’s younger than you), or wonders, “Did mom fuck around on dad?” (if he is older than you).

Is it especially “Slutty” if you have four sisters and three brothers, all from different sperm donors? Now, if the opposite has happened, and you are half-brother and half-sister with 7 siblings, from 7 different women, but all from the same father, you say, “What a lucky dude dad was, he really had it going on, didn’t he!”.

The truth. I swear, at least if you all had different mother’s, you would not think she was a Slutty Whore, right?  Hahahahaha!  If you happen to be from a family of siblings from three different fathers, but yours never married your mother, then you might as well……….Not talking about any specific family in my family tree here……..

I had only one sibling, my half-brother Johnnie. Mom divorced my father because of his drinking (he would melt shoe polish and strain the liquid through a cheesecloth to get the alcohol from it). Then she met and married my step-father and lived happily ever after (not).

So I don’t think, and I’ve never thought my mother was a Slutty Whore. So, if you do share a mother, but she was never married to YOUR father, she was a sperm catching, slutty whore, don’t you think? Ahhhhh, but you still LOVE her anyway, cause, let’s face it, she’s really NOT a Slutty Whore, cause it was all about LOVE!

So in conclusion, if you happen to have 13 siblings from six different fathers, your mother was not a Slutty Whore, she just loved being loved, by six different men, at different times in her life. If she WAS fucking the other sixth men on a rotating basis, she WAS A FUCKING SLUTTY WHORE.

If you happen to have 13 siblings, and you all share the same father, but there were seven different women who birthed you and your siblings……….then there is some likelihood that your mother was a Slutty Whore, or maybe a Prostitute, and your father, who donated the sperm for you and ALL your siblings, well, he was just a great dude, wasn’t he?

Now my two children share the same mother, and their births took place while their mother and I were husband and wife. My kids know, because I have told them both at one time or another, that they have a 52 year old half-sister or half-brother. I was 16, and my girlfriend was 17 and “Catholic”.

Go figure that one out, she got pregnant, was sent to a “Home” for unwed mother’s, and the baby, at least I was told, was put up for adoption. Even though at 16, for me, I thought it was true love, as I said earlier, it’s all about “Love” isn’t it?

Suzie, or whatever the fuck her name was, had no say so in the matter. What happened was her parents choice, along with some asshole priest more than likely. Me? I’ve thought about that child, and loved that child, whatever he or she is, all my life. Not a chance of ever knowing that 52 year old son or daughter. Even though I thought it was love, I can’t remember the girl’s (my girlfriend) name, Hahahahaha……..

Which really isn’t all that funny, is it. That’s OK. I don’t think neither one of us were slutting around at 16 or 17 years old. Too bad the parents took my child, and my rights as a father away.

The only other similar situation was after my divorce. I’ve written about it in a different blog, so go look for it. It’s an interesting story as well. If it’s true, then my two kids have another sibling, a brother, that’s just 17 years old right now as I write.

In that situation, I was MADLY in love with this woman. She was 26 and single, and I was 50, and single. But that time I was strictly an unsuspecting sperm donor for her own selfish reasons. SHE took away a child, a son, without considering how I would feel 16 years later, because that pregnancy was kept a secret from me for whatever reasons.

There wasn’t anything negatively out of whack with me, I was a normal “Hopeful Romantic”, in love with her. So one mother, one child, one sperm donor. Was she a Slutty Fucking Whore? Yes. Because she took the very essence of being a loving father away from me without me knowing about it for 15 years.

Do I forgive her? If I’m correct, and all you have to do is look at a fucking calendar and count the days, weeks, and the nine months to his birth, YES, how could I not forgive her. I loved her.

So, finally at the end here folks, what I am saying is no matter if you are the 68th child from forty different women, it’s STILL all about love. In your case, still, your father’s a stud. Wow! Forty different women, and YOU have a lot of brothers and sisters, and you are from the Middle East ………Hahahahaha! ……….Now, THAT’S FUNNY!

Those Mormon dudes, they got some action going on. I don’t agree with marriage to, and fucking a 13 year old. I think the legal age to get married AND bear children, should be at least 18.

These dudes, they literally take the word that says, “Be fruitful, and MULTIPLY”. I’m not talking about how to use a calculator, just fuck 5 or 6 women, aged 13 up to 35? Crazy. Plus, these dudes are basically fucking brides who are nieces, and other blood-related little girls. How fucked is that? Your wives who are older than 35 have to masturbate to get off, cause you certainly don’t want to fuck them.

How about those Arab dudes, ten, twenty, forty wives? You have to be a real stud to fuck that many women. 137 children? How in the hell do you remember all their names? George Foreman 1, George Foreman 2, George Foreman……..Wait for it………number 26?

Can a dude be a slut, because he’s fucking 36 women? Five women if you happen to live in Utah, or one of their communities in Mexico. Let’s  research that Mormon dude that ran for POTUS in 2012 and lost, what’s his name, family originally came out of a Mormon Enclave in Mexico, ahhhhh, I remember, Mitt Romney. How many 13 year old brides did his grandfather have?

If it’s not about “Love”, then what is it? I certainly have loved a lot of women in my time, before and after my marriage, just not at the same time, I’ve never tried that. I have ALWAYS been a “One Woman” man. For sure just one at a time. Hahahahaha!

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