“Law & Order, Crime & Punishment”, According to all the Rich White Dudes, and…..All the rest of us, of all races, colors and creeds that are tired of being your slaves

How come we don’t hear more about perverts or pedophiles that are NOT “Christian”. I’m sure there are some, but you never hear about the Atheist or the Muslim perverts, or the Buddhists perverts and pedophiles because they are all alone, and not a pastor or priest of some church. The only Mormon perverts you HEAR about, are those dudes fucking 12 year old girls, on an altar (bed) in the front of their “church”.

They are out there folks, many in prison (some should be medically institutionalized), and probably just as many of them standing in front of you at the grocery store check-out line. Just the same, there ARE scores of perverts and pedophiles standing in churches all over the world as I write this, waving their hands back and forth, eyes closed, heads lifted up, singing, chanting, speaking in some unknown (but widely mimicked) “Tongue” or “Language.

Don’t let that friendly young man (who says he’s planning to go to a seminary) standing next to you, babysit little Johnnie. Just saying, we only hear about the “Christian” dudes (church leader dudes) who garner all the publicity when they are caught with a hooker, like Jimmy Swaggart, (what’s wrong with that, really?) or the pastor who is caught on camera, sucking on some other dude’s dick, (really, what’s wrong with that?), if it’s love, so be it.

Now, we obviously draw the line at perverts and pedophiles. If some dude rapes and kills a child, male OR female, that dude deserves the maximum penalty that we can assess as a society. If he is a priest, and he loves, literally, young boys OR girls in a pedophilic manner, my vote would be to place him with all the non-pastoral pedophile dudes in a mental institution. Let them figure it out from there. Not in a general prison.

We all know what happens to the perverts and pedophiles in a regular prison. Eventually, some semi-normal dude, that’s only shot three people to death over a package of Twinkies, will stick a shiv in that child Fucker. So be it, but I really think that these perverted and pedophilic tendencies are desires devised out of a mental deficiency or disorder, i.e., it’s not NORMAL.

So don’t put Father Lenczycki, OR Jose, in a cell with Bubba, who is twice their size, and lost a son in Iraq. You may as well give that pervert or pedophile a knife so he can cut his own throat.  Even if you give the dude a life sentence, please, put him in a mental facility, NOT a prison. Now, if that semi- normal dude happened to choke the shit out of 37 women, and used their skin to make slip covers for his furniture, he’s really NOT semi-normal, is he, he’s fucking nuts! Stick him in the Booby-hatch. That’s what they should have done with Dahmer. He was one CRAZY dude.

The “Real” prisons should be filled with real criminals, not people caught with some dope. Secondly, “Real” prisons should be paid for, perhaps, with some kind of tax on people making in excess of, pick a number, one million Dollars? After all, it was partially the fault of all the rich fuckers that the poor people have to rob a gas station in order to feed their families.

Let me splain that a little. Rich Fucker owns a sweat shop in Queens manufacturing women’s bras, time comes when he has to “Lay Off” half of his employees. Mamasita just lost her $7.47 cents per hour job, her flaky husband’s unemployment ran out 2 years ago, and they have six kids, all under 12.

Jose, who really isn’t a career criminal, happens to be Hispanic, or African American, or WHATEVER, JUST NOT WHITE. He wakes up one morning and says to himself, “Self, I really don’t need a gun to rob the 7-11 down the street”. After all, Lakshay, his pot smoking buddy from India who clerks the store after midnight every night except Thursday, will certainly hand over all the money, right?

No. Lakshay by the way, even though his name means, “Target”, and in spite of giving you free beers at night when you and a few buddies are smoking a little weed in the back room, feels a little betrayed, so he hits you on the head with a short baseball bat (kiddie size) and KNOCKS YOU OUT! You wake up in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Your buddy, Lakshay, pretends he doesn’t know you at all, despite all the great Cannabis you have shared with him, and the deep deep discount you gave him on weed, “Officer, I really don’t know him. Yes. He does shop here, but I never thought I would be robbed by him. Yes. I hit him with my little bat”, all this said in an excellent Indian or Pakistani accent.

Now, Jose, who truly has never committed a robbery in his life, (sold some weed however), is given 15 years and sent to a “Real” prison, where he learns how to be a “Real” criminal. Think about it. That’s how the justice system works in America.

Those rich fuckers that I mentioned earlier, they never have to worry about having to earn a living, because they OWN the fucking factory, wither it’s a factory making clothes, dish soap, or Cheerios, the rich don’t have the same worries as the working poor. The rich do not have to worry if their son or daughter is caught dealing H or perhaps they just killed three people while driving intoxicated, or your Football hero son just got away with raping an unconscious Co-Ed at a Frat party.

They have the MONEY for the good attorneys, PLUS they’re WHITE. Go figure. So yes, our entire outlook towards “Crime and Punishment, and our justice system needs an overhaul. Again, the perverts and pedophiles belong in the same nut house you just sent Father William to for fucking little boys.

What about Jose you ask? Why should you care? Except when he gets out six years later, “rehabilitated”, having learned from the best of them (criminals), goes out a week later, and robs that same 7-11 store, this time by gunpoint, and shoots his old buddy Lakshay in the head with a 12 gauge, sawed-off shotgun, messy, but effective.

Remember now, that Jose originally wasn’t a bad dude. Lazy? Yes. Criminal? Not really, until he first stepped over the line and got a huge knot on his head as a result of his first robbery attempt. Could Jose have come out of prison, still a good karma dude? Of course. Let’s pretend he did. His 12 year old daughter, Alexandria, is now 18, and pregnant, his wife Angelina still loves him, even though she WAS fucking Jose’s cousin Albert while he was in prison those six years.

Even in whatever negative situation Jose comes home to, regardless of wither he found Jesus or not, the odds are against him if he’s a nice dude, but still a lazy Fucker. Teach people GOOD skills while they are in prison. How about Bill & Melinda Gates donating towards prison programs that teach people enough for a four-year degree in Information Technology, and a Microsoft Certification?

Wouldn’t that be cool for all the Jose’s and Jeremiahs, and Johnsons, and……You get the point. Think about it. Don’t just create jobs for America’s main population of jobless. Use prison labor to help repair our roads and infrastructure, some of those “closed” factories might just reopen. Our bridges would be updated, repaired, even rebuilt. Our transportation systems would be reconstructed. And above all, while doing all this, our prison populations will be reduced, and crime will be reduced.

More and more people will be back to work. Poverty, hunger, all the things we despise as a human species, will be reduced dramatically. Back to the perverts and pedophiles, stick them in a Mental Hospital environment, NOT a prison. More than likely, for the “Real” crazies, they can never really adjust to society, so leave the really incurable crazies, perverts and pedophiles hospitalized.

Think about it. More jobs. Train the Bubba’s to be guards, AND therapists. Imagine if you will, a dude who really is a good karma dude, but made a mistake and served six years in San Quentin. Under my system, he has now re-entered society as a guard AND a licensed therapist for the perverts and crazies at the local Booby-hatch.

There is much to be done, with so many things in our societies and cultures, can we lead the world in making positive changes to benefit ALL mankind? YES. Just my thoughts tonight, inspired by another persons post on Facebook. Part of my ongoing series about the evolution of our species.

Strain: Bubbadust 2,  harvested September 12, 2016

P. S. Again: I felt it was important for people to read this particular comment from Stephen Waters on Facebook. This is what my blog is all about folks, sharing opinions, thoughts, brain farts, and especially comments like the following

Stephen Waters Interesting read. I love your narrative writing style. It’s just descriptive enough to take you there. I fully agree with therapy for pedophiles, studies indicate their attraction to children may have a biological basis and trauma sourced Origin. I also think every person that goes to prison should earn a college degree including people that will never leave prison. Learning does incredibly good things to both how the brain functions and the student’s outlook on life. Unfortunately many people do earn degrees in prison, some rather advanced, and still can’t find employment because of the stigma having served time carries. But instead of making them prison guards, make them paralegals and attorneys. Could you imagine how drastically different our legal system would be if most lawyers and even some judges were veterans of the big house? They would truly understand what rehabilitation is all about in America. Keep writing! Too many people accept what they cannot change when they should be changing what they cannot accept. Note October 2018: Thank you Stephen, wherever you now are, be at Peace. Stephen passed on some time after he had made this comment. I didn’t stay in touch with him because farcecrap had deleted my original profile/page back in August of 2018 (along with my “Friend’s List”).  If you click on his name/link above it will take you to a “Memorial” page.

Peace & Abide, La paz y la morada, السلام والالتزام , שלום ושמירה, Paix et Demeure, Խաղաղությունը եւ մնալը, Мир и пребывание,, 平和と遵守, 和平與恪守, Aştî û Abad, صلح و عبید, Fred och Abide, Kapayapaan at Patuloy, Frieden und Bleiben, Mir i Ostanite, शांति और निवास, Hòa bình và ở lại, Мир и Абиде, שלום און בלייַבן, สันติภาพและการปฏิบัติ, Mir in bivanje,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE


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