“Hey, Facebook, delete and ban me for this image, you excretions from the rectums of Piss Ants, and, I’m really NOT mad at at you Facebook, I just think it’s a funny statement”

A while back I posted a blurb of FB conversation because I thought it was pretty funny, and cool.  Here’s the link to that post: (for now, you will have to try and look up that particular post because I have to look for it right now myself). The reason I shared that particular conversation on my blog, is because of the nature of, and end result of the FB conversation. If you read that link, you will understand that in the beginning, we both were arguing, by time we finished “Talking” we BOTH discovered that we were BOTH okay dudes, and became FB friends. THAT’S why I shared it, to show my readers that you CAN work things out with MOST people if you try, then all of a sudden, you think to yourself, “Hey, he’s not such a bad dude after all, even if you think he’s a little more on the stupid side than on the genius side. Hahahahahahahahahaha,

So, in saying what I just said, (I know, I can be a little long-winded at times), the FB conversation that I post here tonight, I post ONLY because I think it’s funny, number one, and number two, it’s part of my story about censorship by individuals AND multi-billion dollar software companies.

Laughter can be as much of a positive influence on someone’s “State of being, or mind” as someone else spouting their gibberish or beliefs in good faith, trying to help someone, i.e., I post here because I write things that are, sometimes serious, sometimes funny (to each his own) and always meant to be therapeutic in nature.

People trying to battle and overcome addictions need a little laughter in their lives just as the rest of us. People don’t just choose to laugh, they react to something, an event, image, statement, whatever. In their reaction, they just might think it’s funny, for SOME reason, but their OWN reason.

If the microphone picks up the sound of the Pope farting, some people WILL laugh. People buy tickets to see comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, and shelled out big bucks to see Richard Pryor back in his day, crack head that he was. On stage, he made fun of……………Wait for it…………HIMSELF!. Isn’t Facebook just one big stage where we ALL let it out? If you are offended, you can look at something else, or just leave the audience.

Last night, Face book deleted all my posts that contained my T-Shirts. FB also banned (spanked) me for 24 hours. Had my post or comments been from a Veterinarian, posting an image of a Chipmunk’s anus, in a group called, “How to care for your small pets anus”, would that be inappropriate? Or how about images of a naked, bloody, dead body, posted by a Coroner in a group called, “You stab em, we slab em”

In reference to my T-Shirts, how can anyone be censored if you don’t know whose anus it is, really? Obviously there ARE words and images that I agree, that Facebook has an obligation to monitor, and delete, like child porn, adult porn (any porn I suppose). But the photos of my “Moon Crater T-Shirts? Give me a fucking break.

Is there some sort of rule or restriction that says that people recovering from WHATEVER, are not supposed to laugh? Or cry? Or have feelings OTHER than, “I have to stop this madness?” Addiction to ANYTHING, is NOT a laughing matter, but people have been making light-hearted jokes about it forever, i.e., the comedian publicly, on stage, laughing at himself along with the audience, about the time he ran down the street with his hair on fire (he had been smoking crack I think).

Had my image of a clean anus been instead, a close-up of a Priest’s tongue shoved up a little boy’s asshole, THAT, would have been Child Pornography. Had the image been of a Veterinarian with his entire arm up a cow’s anus, THAT would have been okay for most people, and probably for Facebook,  except for the cow, ouch!

How about an image of a woman giving some Donkey a blowjob? Of course that’s “Porn” in most people’s minds. The image of a woman giving birth, showing the head of the child popping out? To some, that is a wondrous, and beautiful thing! Of course something as personal as that you probably will only see in the couple’s home movies on YouTube?

The image of Cum stains on Monica Lewinsky’s dress? That’s news? Also porn? Big deal, who cares who blows who, just don’t show the film of it on the nine o’clock news. Or on Facebook. Right?  Child Pornography? No question, it needs to be censored. All other forms of what we understand to be Pornography? Censor your heart out. Links on Facebook to these elements that society has deemed to be pornographic, of course, censor the shit out of them.

Posting a video of two dogs fucking? How about images of the horrors of war, like the naked Vietnamese girl, running towards the camera, away from her napalmed  village? Facebook had to officially determine that THAT particular image is NOT Pornography. Will some perverts still jerk off to it? Yes. Many perverts will also masturbate to images of bacon.

An image of a mangled, bloody, dead body of some Syrian child, ripped apart by a bomb? People NEED to see these things too. It’s heartbreaking, but not pornographic, but in your own twisted mind. My image of an anus used in the manner that I used it? I really don’t think that its pornographic. Rude and obnoxious, maybe to some, but not as bad as a lot of shit that people post on Facebook. Funny? Hell yeah, to 99% of the people that have seen it.

Remember, it’s sorta like a political cartoon, depicting Hillary giving Donald a……….Wait for it………..Back rub? Inject your own thoughts here. I can understand that the news people can air a story about some politician like “Wiener” texting photos OF his wiener, without showing the actual image OF his “Wiener”, that he sent to some woman.

It is proper that the networks and news outlets censor themselves. Censor YOURSELF in church, or in public, but not necessarily in a Tittie Bar? Think about it. My image of an anus on a T-shirt,  (I also have the same image on my “special” business card), is meant to tell someone that they are being an asshole.

I think it’s pretty clever to say, “You are NOT a Moon Crater”, instead of calling that person outright, an “Asshole”. Some people will be to ignorant to figure it out. They’ll be saying to themselves, “Looks like my asshole, at least the last time I held a mirror down there, what’s with the Moon Crater? I don’t get it”. Exactly, you Moron.

With my new image of a horse’s anus, I’m telling that person that they are being a……….Wait for it………Horse’s Ass. My image could be of a chipmunk’s anus, prove me wrong. At least that image of an anus is clean. What if instead of shoving acorns in their mouth until their cheeks puffed out, squirrels shoved acorns up each others ass. Pornography? No. Funny to watch? Maybe.

All the previous to say, that it’s OK to censor me, I don’t care. But do it for the right reason. This dude (name withheld) who writes stuff on Facebook trying to convince people that he’s a real comedian just wasn’t funny to me, so I told him, politely. It’s too bad, and I could really give a fuck, but the Administrator deleted the original post messages of mine and the “Comedian”.

I really don’t feel it’s necessary to tell my readers what “Group” this took place in, it’s not important other than it really inspired me. My hope is that the people IN that particular group will read this, and understand that even with their issues “Addiction”, they should LAUGH.

What started out as a software program to enable college students to communicate with each other, has become a global phenomenon and has become the greatest media software ever created.

Major and minor news outlets successfully drive traffic to their “Internet” portals…….companies with SOMETHING to sell to you, entice you to “Click” on their links, to THEIR websites. Ordinary folk stay in touch with, and sometimes find, long lost relatives and friends. I have been able to find and communicate with people from my long distant past, both good and bad, people, and experiences. I have written a few posts about both.

Let’s “FACE” it, Facebook is the greatest invention since the wheel. The possibilities are endless. Facebook probably even causes people to masturbate to the weirdest shit. Although I personally have never gotten my rocks off while on Facebook, I can believe that some people have, maybe while looking at a particular image, like a close-up of a very clean anus, or a plate of bacon while texting some dude or dudette in Iraq.

With regards to communication and advertising, Facebook is worth more than all the TV and radio networks, and Billboards COMBINED.  I have previously written that the next evolution in this format of communication is what I have named, “FaceTalk”.

Similar to programs like Skype, but weaved into the Facebook architecture. It will be on all electronic devices that are able to utilize FB, yes, of course, even “Smart”  phones. There will be self imposed filters, in case you REALLY don’t want to look at Anthony Wiener’s, wiener.

If you like my T- Shirt, buy one. If you don’t like my T-shirt, DON’T buy one, simple as that. If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it. Over 27,000 people from over 30 countries have been to my website (blog) since January of this year.

I really hope that some of my readers, who understand what I am saying, will get some positive benefit from my writing. There may be those whom would label my writing in another way other than my intent, AND also pre-judge me for something I say, or for an image I post.

I promise I will not post a graphic true-to-life image of the Donald’s penis, and I know you are thinking that I am referring to Donald Trump, oh no, not that Donald………….Wait for it……..Donald Duck, because he doesn’t HAVE a penis, does he?

I now share the brief bit of Facebook dialogue that recently led to my 24 hour FB ban (spanking). The original comment I shared was deleted by the group administrator. From my recollection, it would seem like I was blatantly advertising my blog on her group page. In fact I was, including an image of a Moon Crater, if you know what I mean.

My response to her was because she had written to me to tell me that she though I was one dude with two FB names arguing with myself….Hahahahahahahahahaha. I did NOT make an attempt to correct their spelling or grammar errors.

This whole conversation made me chuckle.

Tom Saxe‎ to XXXXXXX XXXXXXX  Dear XXXXXXXXXXXX (also Administrator)  I am a completely different person who was just responding to a dude, XXXX, who certainly has the right to express his opinion of me or my writing, and certainly has a right to censor or spank someone who’s thought process does not agree with his. Basically I also have a right to MY opinions, I just won’t try to censor others. I could care less what that dude thinks about me or my writing. I have had over 26,000 hits on my blogsite since January of this year. Not ONE complaint. Many compliments. I felt it my duty, to respond to this very unfunny dude who calls himself a Stand-Up Comedian. He may be as troubled as all the rest of us are, so I forgive him.

Respondent one: XXXXXXXXXXX This is completely none of my business Tom and does not relate to your post, but I notice from your page that FB is sensoring you’re posts. You may find this documentary informative and interesting:https://oevig.net/facebookistan-new-danish-documentary…/

A Link to a new Danish documentary about Facebook | Peter Øvig…OEVIG.NET

ADMINISTRATOR: Thanks XXXXXXX for posting. I also plan to watch this later on today.

ADMINISTRATOR:   To first respondent XXXXXXXX, I haven’t watched this yet. Facebook was recently taken to task for censoring that image of the young girl in Vietnam War who was running crying, naked toward the photographer after her clothing was burned by Napam bombs. Facebook called this child porn, and recently was challenged about this. They now have recanted and the image, a historical one about the horrors of war, has been placed back on.

ADMINISTRATOR: Tom, being on a blog is different as people willingly access your posts. Being in a closed group where I wish to moderate and have a certain level of decorum is different. (It was my Moon Crater image) I try to not censor which is why I initially tried to engage in what I was respectful dialogue with you about your wording. When I saw what I thought was the same person, beginning to argue with himself on your post, I had to make a decision to delete. It was not about your post, but rather, about this (which you should be able to understand….if it were true that the same guy was pretending to be two guys and arguing with himself, then I hope you could see that this is weird). If your posts are being sensored by Facebook, then perhaps this might be some indication as to how your posts are being viewed by not only me, but many others. All I wanted, was for you to have a wider audience, and thus tried to be helpful in suggesting how you could do that. Your blog had important points, but unfortunately, the shock value (which by the way, is not humour but rather, merely profanity), detracted from all else you wrote. I thought that to be sad, as I think you had some important things to say

DUDE WHO THINKS HE’S A STAND-UP COMEDIAN:  Tom, please do not mix personal attacks on me into your communications with ADMINISTRATOR You may write to me in personal messages. It is disruptive to a group to have a feud.


DUDE WHO THINKS HE’S A STAND-UP COMEDIAN:  I do not have the power to censor anybody in this group, but the administrator not only has the power but the responsibility to use it without apology. You misunderstood me. I was suggesting you pay attention to Helena’s comments.

DUDE WHO THINKS HE’S A STAND-UP COMEDIAN:   The post and thread are no longer available, but I remember how torn I was between compassion and empathy for the severely damaged person you portrayed in your piece of writing and the way in which that character was blaming, hostile, and suspicious toward everyone who tried to help him, and eventually as a reader I felt attacked also, and very upset. because you engaged my “ain’t it awful” issues without offering any healing. You are obviously creating a persona in your writing that as a sardonic kind of wit and observation, but it is not to everybody’s taste. If you can choose your audience, your writing will of course be more acceptable to that audience. I repeat that I was torn. I had great empathy for the persona in your writing, who is being told of the tremendous challenges he faces for recovery and is furious at the inadequacy of the help he is given. I also found it “triggered” my own feelings in a way that was uncomfortable to encounter in this group, because they were such a total surprise.

Note: I just told him I didn’t think he was a funny dude at all, now, I admit I really don’t know him, he MAY really be a funny dude on a stage. BUT, what he had to say, and how he said it (that’s the portion that was deleted), left me to believe that he was too serious a dude to make ANYONE laugh. Hahahahahahahaha

Now, back to the subject, that gave me a good laugh, and inspired me to write this post today. It was all about the image I originally used for the Moon Crater.

Bottom line, If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it. Over 27,000 people from over 30 countries have been to my website (blog) since January of this year. If you like my T- Shirt, buy one. If you don’t like my T-shirt, DON’T buy one, simple as that. Here’s the link to my T-Shirts, which were originally inspired as comedy relief for people battling the demons of addiction. It was meant to draw them to my blog, yes. for good, not bad, so LIGHTEN UP FOLKS! Laughter is not a bad thing, ask the DUDE WHO THINKS HE’S A STAND-UP COMEDIAN.    

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