Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch.
That’s the flavor I’m drinking right now, you know, those little packets of colored-flavored crystalline additives for the cheapest bottled water you can buy at the Dollar General store.
I also grabbed a Little Debbie snack cake which I’m about to open after sitting on my desk for a half an hour because I’m stoned. I have now somewhat relieved the “Gotta have a munchie” feeling
A second after I described how great “Fruit Punch” tastes, I made up this fictitious conversation between two ten year old boys on the school playground….
Bully: “Why’d your parents name you FRUIT! HAHA! Are you gay, hahahaha”….
Fruit Punch: “BECAUSE MY LAST NAME IS PUNCH”, as he punches the bully in the nose, breaking it.
This was Fruit’s first day at this school and apparently the bully hadn’t heard when the teacher called out the name, “Fruit Punch” during roll call.
Now, think about this. Who/what parents would name their little boy “Fruit”?
Think of that Johnny Cash song, “A boy named Sue”. Smart parents. Actually brilliant parents.
They could have named their little boy, John, or Robert, or whatever, and the last name Punch would not have had the same effect.
I’ll just betcha that Fruit had to defend himself and his honor/name countless times beginning in Kindergarten.
The smart one was his father, knowing that his son was not going to be a wimp growing up.
Fruit by the way, had those early years of scrapping with other kids, getting bloodied up sometimes, but by time he was 14, he already had a black-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Makes me wonder how many people have the last name “Punch”. Any Punches in the audience tonight?

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