Pick me!…..Pick Meeeee!

Well, here I am again, running for POTUS. When I get elected, I’m switching out Air Force One. I’m opting for a Stealth Fighter. I don’t need to carry around a bunch of staff and press people. They can still take Air Force One. Give me the best TOP GUN pilot there is. We will get to our destination every time, safely, very quickly, and before everyone else. Oh, and yes, I already have my own coffee mug, got it from a buddy the last time I flew with him on Air Force One (many years ago, (see pic). Just give me a Dos-XX, and a box of “Sushi to go”, I’ll be a happy camper. Hahahahahaha!

Let me say, if you think this is absurd! I TOTALLY agree! If you think this is not all that crazy, I TOTALLY agree! If you find grammatical errors? SO FUCKING WHAT? It’s just a story at best, right?

Write-In your VOTE FOR DR. THOMAS CHARLES SAXE for President of the United States of America on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Our species has reached an inglorious stage in our evolution. Mankind has always warred with each other over one thing and another, mostly religion. Worldwide, mankind has managed to reach a point of spending Billions and Billions of dollars every year on the infrastructure of War, what we call the “War Machine”, the “Military/Industrial Complex”. Think about it. The HUGE amount of worldwide spending by ALL countries, on weapons, and use of those weapons by a few Bully Countries, to kill others of our own species.

Less than 1% of those Billions are spent on humanitarian needs/causes, or any other causes for that matter. Do the math. What does that say to us as a species? We are our own worst enemy. Other animal, plant and ocean species are being killed off by OUR selfishness, and greed, and we are doing a fairly good job at killing off each other as well.

Think about what our world would be like if we spent those Brillions (a Brillion is a number you use when you’re not quite sure of the real number, and you’re too fucking tired to google it), anyway, Brillions of dollars on humanitarian causes, like feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, giving shelter to those less fortunate, taking proper care of our veterans and our elderly folks, curing diseases, giving the citizens free health-care for all, tuition-free state colleges and universities, building and rebuilding infrastructure, raise the Federal Minimum Wage Guidelines to “Livable” wages. How about Peace?

If I sort of sound like a Bernie Sanders type to you, I’m OK with that as I agree with much of his platform that he’s running on. Anyway, I hope you get the point.  I believe we CAN overcome ourselves, in spite OF ourselves. We have to start somewhere. Where do we start? Knowledge. Spread the Good Karma. Love one another.

I am an optimist. I believe that as a species, we are about to face a fork in the road of our evolutionary process. I believe that we will take the right path that leads us to a better world, with no war machines, with no more wars, a better life for all.

What is our society coming to that we have had to suffer as a people, because of a syphilis-degenerated person like Donald Trump as our POTUS for over three years now. And, the polls are so close on the Democrat side of the gutter, it’s crazy. It’s as crazy as me thinking that people are going to “write” my name in on voting day.

You don’t have to be a career politician to run this country! You don’t have to be a television star/businessman to run this country either! What you DO have to be is a person with Common Sense and Common Decency (Karma).

You do have to have “Good” Karma and Common Sense. ANYONE, I repeat ANYONE, with Good Karma and Common Sense can gather together a team of like-minded, (Good Karma) people with the right skills to not only run this country, but to also insure that we can, as a species, help the rest of the world also strive for peace and prosperity for all of mankind.

 Think about it.

We all know what “Branding” is. Coca-Cola, Wheaties, Trump. The use of the name “Kleenex”. So, think about politics described as an aircraft, it’s “Left Wing”, “Right Wing”, and both wings are full of gas (shit). I suppose the “Libertarians” are another part of the plane, like the tail-end, the “Green” candidates are like the brakes or whatever. “Redneck Racist Bigots” (and KKK), are another part of the plane, like the toilets (filled with shit). “Black Lives Matter” and ALL groups opposing racial injustice is another section of the plane, like the lighted aisle-ways and overhead storage bins. The average non-prejudiced dudes like myself, we might be the “Fasten Your Seat-belt Signs”…………..

Many folk believe, (due to decades of the general public’s frustration at the hands of a small band of deceitful, ruthless, and in many cases, ILLEGAL criminals within many levels of our government), that our “System” is no longer a “Two-Party” system (at least the two major political rivals), that it’s a “One-Party” system, that the major elected offices from U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate, right up to and including who becomes the new POTUS are “Selected” NOT “Elected”.

Many believe that foreign entities have gained major foot-holds, via “Lobbying”, I say “Claw” holds on our government, our legislative processes, our major media outlets, our banking institutions, and our lives, through decades of meticulous and patient methods, some clandestine, and some right out in the open, like AIPAC.

Folks, more work needs to be done to keep this plane from crashing into the side of some mountain. As a dude who is interested, and concerned about our planet, and the evolution of our species, I hereby ask for your write-in vote on Election Day. I am confident that I can pilot the USA on to a brighter future for us and future generations.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the entire, admittedly bizarre idea of voting for me went viral, and I actually won the election? Be sure and vote, and when you do, just write in THOMAS CHARLES SAXE.

Let’s talk about Platform & Issues for a moment

My very first “Executive Order” on my very first day in office will be a “Declaration” that the Formal/Legal name of THAT shit-load of Zionists disguising themselves as real Jewish people, because of them, the official name will be, “THE APARTHEID STATE OF ISRAEL”, when referring to them publicly.

Call them whatever the fuck you want in private. When found guilty, a person shall pay a fine of up to, but not exceeding $95,000 and receive a 5 to 8-year mandatory period of incarceration in the most violent Federal “Penal” Institutions we have, and it shall be the farthest prison away from their family. Now, there’s an “Oxymoron” for you (for those that have been following my “Comments” on farcecrap), “PENAL” Institution., is that a “Verb” or “Adverb” of the word, “Penis”? Next time you are spending a few days in jail for a DUI or whatever, if there happens to be a career-criminal type in your section awaiting trial for beating a few dudes to death in a bar-room brawl, and his name happens to be “Bubba, Shirley, Tom, Dick or Harry”, ask HIM if he likes it in the “PENIS Institution”. I promise to send flowers to your funeral.

For those who haven’t grasped onto my “Oxymorons”, here’s what I had to say about “Oxymorons” as a comment on a recent farcecrap “post”: I AM curious to see if the once “Nazi-Owned” automobile manufacturer (VW) (that recently opened up a new factory in Rwanda), is paying their Rwandan employees shit wages, or “Living” wages. “Living” Which is sort of one of those “OxyMORONS”, of course you normally would not employee a “Dead” person (maybe “work” them to death). My guess is that the average employee (slave) is being paid the equivalent of U. S. $1.79 per hour (949.22 Rwandan francs) can someone goggle that for me? “Oxy-Moron”, is like a “Sheeple”, a person that is deprived of “Oxygen” if he lives, he probably is somewhat incapacitated/imbalanced mentally, i.e., a “MORON”. Another name for them would be “Clueless” or “Brain-Dead”, Sheeple.

Don’t forget to vote, and ask me how you can donate to my campaign. (I’m half-serious by the way). Want REAL CHANGE? Donate $20 and I’ll give you $5 back. Can you help in other ways? Let’s talk about it. At the very least, if you are interested enough, we can talk about the survival of our species.

Here are a few more parts of my “Platform” if I ever did see a situation that raised me to the highest political office in the world:

Along with the first Executive Order that I just mentioned, first and foremost, changes have to be made to eliminate the stranglehold that Zionism has had on our country. This is NOT “Anti-Semitism. It’s a known fact that Zionism and Judaism are two very separate things, like Apples and Oranges. There WILL BE a reversal of ideologies in government, business, and religion within the next five years or so. More Christian-Zionists are beginning to wake up, and abandoning their Pro-Zionist positions. Laws will be enacted against Dual-Citizenship with ANY foreign country, for those folks holding public-elected office, starting with Israeli Dual-Citizenship. Just how in the Flying Fuck can an elected politician in the USA swear allegiance to two different countries? Easy answer, it’s called MONEY! Those in Congress that already are dual USA/Israeli citizens will have a simple choice, you will be “Fired. No second-guessing, take your fucking Israeli Passport and your shit and move to Palestine because your days of “Public Service” here in the United States are OVER! In a sister “Bill”, we will seek and successfully legislate “Term-Limits” for ALL “Elected” officials.

Abandoning “Imperialism”, another wonderful goal and a strong part of my platform. Shutting down military bases, and bringing soldiers home. Spending the dollars that would have been spent on the Military/Industrial Complex on free health-care for all, revamping our educational systems, like providing tuition-free upper education and training for/from non-private colleges and universities, repairing and building new infrastructure. Spending the dollars on more medical research, lowering the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals, more scientific research in areas like alternative energy, there is so much more that can be done just with the dollars that would have been spent on military budgets, wars (Imperialism) and killing people.

We need to return to the Gold/Silver Standard like JFK attempted to do. We need to shut down the Federal Reserve and eliminate the stranglehold that the Elite/Cabal’s Central Banking System has had on our republic. If I had anything to say about it, I would put JFK on a new, gold-backed $100 bill and Gold Coin.

Look at the recent proposed changes suggested by Putin for Russia, (that must be voted on by the Russian people), the one that I find to be the most interesting, and something that the U. S. should consider as well, is Putin’s proposal for a Constitutional change  that will require that ALL pending legislation be reviewed by the Russian Supreme Court for constitutional legality BEFORE a President signs it into “Law”.

Imagine, if our Supreme Court did the same thing here in the USA, and imagine the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, perhaps Billions,  that this, as a constitutional “law making and approval process”, would save the American tax payers if we did the same thing.

As our system currently exists, if a piece of legislation is passed by our Congress (House and Senate), and then becomes the “Law of the Land” after a POTUS signs it, when lawsuits are brought against any given Federal Law, millions of dollars are spent in our lower court systems before it even gets to the Supreme Court to adjudicate its constitutional legality, IF they even hear it. Millions of dollars and years of legal battles would be saved.

Re-vamping, re-structuring certain government functions/roles like the CIA. There will always be some nasty dudes trying to rape and steal a country’s wealth, but I have a perfect way to deal with the occasional tyrant/misfit. Ask me about it.

Total Separation between ANY religion/cult, and government

Back to the “Awakening” process. Along with a growing number of Christians “Waking Up”, true followers of the Judaic religion, some on the right, and some on the left, but both far opposite from the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazi Cult, the fakers that migrated to Palestine from Eastern Europe & Russia, are waking up as well. Well, it’s really not a matter of “Waking Up” since the apartheid ruling-class in Israel have been belligerently right out in the open for decades, right in-your-face with their nasty, selfish, murderous natures.

Here’s where the front-gate to Hell opens up for the traditional Jewish Zionists and the Christian Zionists, and they all think it’s Heaven’s Gate that is opening up for them. Here’s where I suggest that you take a break from reading this, and watch the video in the following link:



Getting back to our discussion (I hope you enjoyed the video), if you do your own research and just do the math, it will become alarmingly  apparent to you that the Sabbatean-FrankistsAshkenazi Cult  didn’t just disappear, and that they have morphed over time, into the most vile, most evil, and secretive cult on earth. Posing as good Jewish Zionists, this small handful of cultists control the government of the State of Israel, and have a huge amount of control over the U. S. political system, and political systems in other major countries throughout the world. They control International Banking and the Monetary System (Rothschild), the Main Stream Media (MSM), Social Networking Media/Websites, Hollyweird, and all the major entertainment outlets/people.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, centered on the leadership of the Jewish Messiah claimant Jacob Frank, who lived from 1726 to 1791. Frank rejected religious norms, and said his followers were obligated to transgress as many moral boundaries as possible. At its height it claimed perhaps 500,000 followers, primarily Jews living in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Folks, again I ask you, just do the math! They just didn’t all die off and disappear (see the number above). Their goal IS the subject of many different variations of the same conspiracy theories in that they are methodically, and quite patiently, working towards their end goal, which is the enslavement of mankind under a “New World Order / One World Government” system that will have its central seat of power and authority in Israel (Jerusalem to be specific). I happen to believe as Henry Ford believed, that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a REAL document, that somehow slipped out o the hangs of a drunken Zionist in a Whore House one evening, a long time ago.

If what I am suggesting here is not some Cannabis-Induced conjecture on my part, not just another variation of an existing “Conspiracy Theory” but is found to be the “Gospel Truth” at some point, or even a good portion of it, just what can we do about it?

For starters, there already is a massive portion of the “Awakened” folks that KNOW that the shit going on in the world today stinks (we can’t quite put our finger on it yet), but we know that the evil part of Zionism is to blame. I believe they are the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazi Cult. In addition, there is a very large portion of the Jewish people, mostly younger folks, that are also against the apartheid treatment of the Palestinian people to begin with, and against many of Israel’s other Zionist policies, and they are slowly beginning to educate themselves, becoming “Awakened”, and realizing that much of the shit going on really does stink.

The only way to combat that handful of (let’s call them) Satanic asswipes, the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazis,  is to further expose them, to expose their wickedness, and to spread the truth far and wide. The more people that become “Awakened”, the more difficult it will become for these Elite/Cabal/Cultists to carry out their plans.


As for those that read my essays on a regular basis, this is repetitive, as I say this again. We MUST ORGANIZE, and do so soon, and do so OFF of farcecrap and all other social media owned and controlled by the Elite/Cabal.

The most ironic part is that most of the various layers of the Elite/Cabal directly under the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazis are totally clueless themselves, and unknowingly are being used for the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazi Cult’s end goals. Perhaps even many of the Elite/Cabalists who are not part of the Sabbatean-Frankists-Ashkenazi Cult will be “Awakened” to the truth as well.

Research the Sabbateans-Frankists-Ashkenazi Cult separately on your own. Bottom-Line? As POTUS, I will NOT allow ANYONE to give me their religious bullshit advice as part of the governance of our country. That includes ALL religions.

As the truths are being discovered, (and I’m not talking about your Grandma’s secret recipe for Potato Pancakes), people are waking up and realizing that they no longer have to be like mushrooms being fed a ton of bullshit as has been the case for generations. Like the official government stories about major events that in many cases decided the fate of entire countries were outright lies/deceptions fed to the masses LIKE the proverbial bullshit fed to the mushrooms by the MSM.

One great example is the discovery of overwhelming evidence that the assassination of President Kennedy WAS a covert operation by the “Deep State” and NOT the result of a “Lone Gunman”. The culprits still have not been brought to justice,   some have died of Old Age issues, many may have been “Clintonized”. Another great example that was really known from day one, and touted as just a “Conspiracy Theory” for many years, and has gained real momentum recently because of the research, and widely shared truth regarding 9-11, debunking the government’s “Official” story, again, the culprits have yet to be brought to justice.

Quoting a much-used line, “Everything has been a Rich Man’s Trick” is the gospel truth. The fact is, every day, more and more people are being “Awakened” to the truth about serious shit that has affected the people all over this planet, and that “Awakening” is also like that “Snow-Ball”, rolling down-hill. Millions of people have died, and Trillions of dollars have been spent on that Military/Industrial Complex based on lies.

There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and I believe that the lies and deception, the fabricated stories, began before JFK was assassinated. President Dwight D. Eisenhower publicly warned us about the Military Industrial Complex when it was in its infancy, compared to the monster it has become in the past fifty-nine years since his dire warning in his farewell address to the nation on January 17th, 1961.

Well, it IS your “Right” to exercise your “Freedom of Speech” in many parts of the world, so you can continue with your posts and comments about “Anti-Vaxxing”, “Pubic Hair Waxing”, “Vegan Deer Hunter”, “My wife’s a Grunter”, or “Round versus Flat-Earth”, “Your Poodle just gave birth”, or “Your Grandmother just knitted you a really ugly sweater”……”Santa Claus IS Real”, “You Once Fucked Shaquille”, “Let’s all MAGA”, or the “Clinton/Epstein Dead or Alive Saga”……or WHATEVER boat you’re floating. Just keep in mind that old saying, that “Money Makes the World go a’round”. It’s the “Money Trail” that you need to aim your flashlight at as our species comes to the “Fork in the Road”.

Those who have done the research, and are “Awakened” no longer need a flashlight to see the truth. We ARE sharing the truth with you however, and if you will just calm down, even for a second, and really use whatever common sense you MAY have and listen to us, you MIGHT just learn the “Truth”, and what the correct fork in the road is, to continue your journey on this planet.

We, the “Awakened”, already know which “Fork in the Road” to take when we get to it. We have been holding out our hand to guide you, constantly sharing the truth with you, but we will not drag or force you to follow us once we do come to that “Fork in the Road”. The choice has to be yours, and yours alone. You can only decide for yourself once you have been presented the “Truth”, and accept it.

Once you discover what makes governments kill and steal, you WILL understand that ALL other pet-peeves, causes, and other curiosities that you spent so much energy on, pale in comparison. Then, and ONLY then will you have the knowledge to defeat the Elite/Cabal, and by knowing, you WILL desire to actually DO something with that knowledge, instead of posting pics of your sister’s boobies.

The dudes at the very top of the Pyramid have allowed a whole sewer-full, entire “Families”, of “Goy” to participate in the “Game” and they, the “Goy”, also willingly, sometimes unknowingly, share the “Shame”. As “Puppet Participants”, the “Goys” have received a tiny share of the “Game $$” that THEY, laughing at us, take to the bank.

Just follow the money. Take a good look, do the research yourself. Just how many Billions of $$ have gone to the Non-Jewish “Goy Puppets” over the past 100 years. Then think for a moment, just how wealthy the top families, at the very top of the Pyramid are. The British Royal family alone is said to be worth close to $100 Billion, close, but no cigar compared to, many believe, the Rothschilds. The Rothschild wealth is off the chart, many say, somewhere in the Trillions.

The top “Goy’s” wealth? Pocket change in comparison to the Cum-Stains at the top of the Pyramid, even with their measly Billion or two. The Amazon dude, Jeff Bezos, supposedly with a net-worth of $160 Billion, might seem impressive to you, but I can assure you, it’s also nothing more than pocket-change, and in reality, he’s also just a “Puppet”, a very wealthy one, but he’s controlled, just like all the other wealthy puppets.

One major reason why our entire species has been suffering for so long from divisions, injustice, and inequality is quite simple. We used to have three classes in society, the “Upper Class”, the “Middle Class”, and the “Lower Class”. It was ALWAYS just a fiction of our imagination and fed to us with a “Silver Spoon”. For generation after generation, we, “John Q, Public” ate that shit up like a baby eating mushed sweetened Banana baby-food.

Many of us have been knowledgeable or awakened a long time to the fact that there never were three classes. It has always been two classes, the rich and the not so rich. There is the top, the rich, and the bottom, the not so rich. 85% of the world’s population falls in the “Not So Rich” category, and the other 15% are the rich. Much has been said over the years of a need for the re-distribution of wealth. I don’t think so, at least not in a manner that most people spend hours discussing. It’s quite simple. Create a fair and equitable system of taxation that taxes the ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations at much higher rates, and gives a vast majority of the “Lower” class an almost tax-free environment to raise their families in.

Churches, or ANYTHING resembling a religious or cult-like entity? No more exemption from taxes on religious grounds. No tax either, just a “Church Operation Licensing Fee” of 45% up to 75%, depending on their size in relation to their “Humanitarian” Programs/Efforts. We will have Strict guide-lines on what is considered to be “Humanitarian” Efforts. A Gulfstream G650ER twin-engine Private Jet to ferry your fucking Pastor around in because he just can’t fly with “possessed” people on a commercial aircraft? Does NOT qualify for the “Humanitarian” discount on your “Church Operation License Fee”.  Sending 100,000 tons of food, medicine, etcetera to another part of the world that desperately needs it? Now THAT will get your “Church” a yet-to-be determined discount off your bi-annual “Church Operation License Fee”. Pipe-Dream? Socialistic? Communism? None of the above.

The United World Citizens Militia

Here’s a thought. Our “Founding Fathers” intent when it comes to the second amendment was that each State, each local government in each State, County and City, would have their own “Militias” that I have named the, “United World Citizens Militia” (for lack of a better name), hereafter referred to as the UWCM, for the sole purpose of protecting the citizens of this country of ours, wither it be an “Invasion Attempt” from outside by a foreign power, or an attempt to invade, or change our country from within, or find and arrest the dude that broke into your garage and stole a bunch of shit from you last night while you were at “Church”.

Since that was and IS what was intended in our constitution, let’s eliminate the need for our various national military branches, perhaps keeping a very small portion for training and support of our “Localized Militias” and take our tax dollars and use it to build, train, and arm those militias at the State, County (Law Enforcement), and City (Law Enforcement) levels, for the sole purpose of “Defending Our Shores and Writing/Issuing Of Parking Tickets”. Again, wither it’s an attempted invasion from outside or inside, our militias would put a very quick end to any invasion attempt, I guarantee.

Think about this for a minute, I think ANY invading foreign military would be defeated very quickly by “Patriotic Militias”. Our “Militias” would have all the same materials and weapons that our military currently has or will have. As an example, my next-door neighbor whom happens to be a trained pilot, could very well be a “Militia Pilot” trained to fly, let’s say, an F-22 Stealth Fighter. As another example, the “Militia Navy” and all its military ships, would be manned by Militia members from many states. Your insignia or patch would include the name of the local militia that you are from, so each crew on say, a Missile Frigate or Submarine, would be crewed and operated by people from many States.

Next, let’s close down ALL military installations in other countries and bring our soldiers home. Perhaps we can give those abandoned military bases on foreign soil to the United Nations, in case they need them. In addition, let’s bring ALL of our Naval fleets home as well.

In other words, throughout the United States, each State’s Militia would be organized at the State, County, and City levels, with ALL Militias dedicated solely to “Defending” our country from foreign invaders and internal sources, and to ticket people who park illegally in a “Clearly-Marked Handicap Space”.

Along with eliminating the military branches at the Federal level, we would also eliminate the Imperialistic wars that have plagued our country for decades. All “Drugs” shall be de-classified to misdemeanor level offenses for shit like Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis and Shrooms, which actually has proven to reduce overall crime and addiction in many other countries. What does that mean? Less fucking crime equals less chances that your friendly neighborhood liquor store is going to be robbed at gunpoint while you’re taking a piss in back of the building. Less crime also means you are less-likely to get caught taking a whizz behind the liquor store because it’s not getting robbed at the time, so no “Police” car is going to come roaring up with their sirens blaring, guns drawn, just as you begin to piss out two six-packs. Less crime so you don’t have to explain to the cop that you were just taking a tinkle. Less Crime! Get it?

If there is some uprising or civil war type of conflict elsewhere in the world, the United Nations would send in troops organized, staffed, and managed by all the “Member Nations”. The United Nations “Peace-Keeping” forces would include volunteers from EVERY nation, from every “United World Citizens Militia”, I say “Volunteer” in the true sense of the word even though they shall still receive a paycheck from their Town/City, County, or State that they originate from.

Their sole purpose? To put a quick end to whatever uprisings or civil wars have been, at that point in time, or will be initiated in the future. If the country in conflict has leadership that is obviously in need of replacement, the armed forces, the “Peace-Keepers” the militias, would do just that, like removing cancerous tissue from your asshole, probably very quickly because there will be a lot of Ex-Marines and Army Infantry dudes and dudettes who will naturally migrate from “Armies of War”, to the “United World Citizens Militia”  Peace-Keepers.

Now, we ALL know that in the past 50 years or so, the wars that the major powers have been involved with, the war machine itself, which we call the “Military/Industrial Complex”, have been about three things, (1) Oil and other natural resources, (2) Maintaining and increasing the size and strength of the “Military/Industrial Complex”, (3) Increasing the wealth of the top one percent of the human race. Let me add a fourth to this, many of us firmly believe that all three of the items that I have listed, are all part of the top one percent’s plan for our species, and that is, to eliminate a large percentage of us, leaving those who are left in control, and the remaining “Sheeple” to do their bidding, with the Elite/Cabal’s version of a New World Order.

This idea for a new way of protecting our OWN nation, would have an immediate effect of greatly downsizing our Federal Government. This means that the government of the United States would ALSO have to undergo a drastic overhaul. First by giving the real powers of governance BACK to the people at the local levels. I suggest, like so many others believe, having term-limits in Congress as a start. Giving each state the powers and control over the areas of our lives that affect us, wither it be environmental, human rights, drug laws, education, or other areas.

I also believe that the changes in our ways that I am suggesting will eventually bring about a natural elimination of “Borders”. No more “Passports” or permissions required for travel OR migrations of people to other countries, world-wide. You might ask, “Well, what do we do with regimes like North Korea?”. Simple answer, by including ALL peoples, regardless of origin, in the same basic rights that we all desire, like Peace & Freedom, the powers that need replacing, COULD be replaced, but in all fairness and reality, I don’t think that would be necessary. If I were to have the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion with Kim Jung-un and explain that he was no longer going to be a target of imperialistic countries like the United States, that he would be given the resources and technology to improve and assist him in making positive changes for his country and his people, he would jump at the opportunity to cooperate and change.

Monetary System

Changing the world’s monetary system. Of course I don’t have all the answers…..yet. Here’s a few thoughts however. Let’s say, you are a huge factory in Los Angeles. Regardless of wither you are a factory that is privately owned, or part of an International Conglomerate, each “employee” would be given a “Living Wage” to begin with, and not only would you, as an employee, receive “Dividends” from the profits, each and every citizen, man, woman and child, living in that town or city where said factory is located, would receive a fair-portion, “Dividend” on the profits of the factory, NOT the shareholders. This WILL eliminate the need for “Share Holders” and the “Stock Market” as it exists now. No more “sharing” of the wealth with just a few, but “sharing” of the wealth with everyone.

There still would be a need for “Money” obviously, how do you buy that loaf of bread or carton of milk. It’s structure and how it’s controlled would be vastly different. No longer controlled by the top one percent, i.e., the Bankers/Investors, Stock Market, and the top one percent. Perhaps this would be another function of the United Nations, a World Currency, no longer based on investments and manipulations, but based on productivity of the people themselves.

Since real wages are being given, along with the sharing of profits, people in general will have more productive and full-filling lives. Taxes being what they are meant to be, would be much lower, and spent on all the things I previously mentioned, at their local level. If you have a brilliant idea that becomes a product that people need or want, your new company from start-up to maturity would share the wealth with employees and everyone in the locale where you build your business.

Population Control

Bullshit! 95% of our planet’s population is concentrated on 10% of the land, and that concentration is in and around 8,500 major cities throughout the world, plenty of room for everyone that is here now, and everyone whom is yet to be born. Our future will include thousands of new cities and urban areas. With the continuing advances in technology, eventually factories will become more and more automated, and the average person will be wondering on any given day, which golf course to play next. There no longer will be a vast equality gap in financial terms, and folks, instead of punching a “time-clock” every day, will be concentrating more on their physical fitness, i.e., things like eating healthier, living what some would term, a “Utopian” life, spending their days in tending to their gardens, creating art, music, literature, or perhaps spending their time creating new cures for whatever diseases remain, or teaching children how to be humans.


The “Bad”? They are very few in number, they aren’t even on the same road, and they haven’t been on our road for a very long time. Their road has no “Fork” in it, and it leads them straight to “Hell”, (if you believe there is such a place). There is no turning back for them. Their road has been, and still is, a “Road” of “Enslavement, Wars, Death and Destruction”, and they have been traveling that road, dragging the rest of the mostly clueless human race (Sheeple) along with them, for a very long time.

The millions of “Good” people (the Awakened), jumped across the ditch, jumped over the barbed-wire fence, ran through the corn fields, and discovered a different road a while back and are now traveling down that different road in the opposite direction, a road that leads towards Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for all mankind. With technology like the Internet, (while it is still available), we will continue to present the evidence and the “Truth” to those of the “Totally Clueless” that will listen to us, in our efforts to try to save them as well. Time is of the essence as they say, we know we are on the right road and no longer have to guess which fork in the road to take as we approach it. We know the road so well now, we don’t need flashlights to see it.

The “Totally Clueless” still have to be educated with the “Truth” and discover/accept it just as we did. The “Truth” will tell them which way to go when they come to that “Fork in the Road”. If they STILL are “Totally Clueless” when it comes time for them to make a decision, they will be facing only  two choices, either to take the road that will lead them unknowingly back to the road that the Elite/Cabal are on, ultimately to a disastrous end for them, or the correct road with us, the road towards real Peace, Prosperity, and Harmony for all mankind.

I’m convinced that we WILL be successful in defeating and displacing the “Bad”, the Elite/Cabal, with the “Good” and along the way I believe we have the power in numbers to convince millions of the “Totally Clueless” to come with us as we arrive at that “Fork in the Road”.

You might ask how you can help, how you can take part in this journey. Write to me and I’ll share what I believe you can do to become a part of this endeavor. Or you might happen to be one of the “Totally Clueless” folks, and something in this essay/message has lit a small candle of thought in your brain that requires more information. Private message me on farcecrap while I’m still on there, or write me a message using the form on my website, we can exchange email addresses, and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Pick me” Pick Meee!

I remembered so vividly tonight as I write this. My Church Softball Team’s Grand Championship Final Game back in the Summer of 1976. Our church was large enough to have six teams. On a scale of one to six, one being the best, Team One consisted of mostly adults from 25 or so, to 40-years-old, the very best athletes that money could buy, if they were professionals, and Team Six being the worst, the unwanted kids who nobody ever picked (but only picked on). I was “Coach Tom” for Team Six, which consisted of all kids, The youngest on our team was Andy, at 12, and the oldest, a chubby dude, Harry who was 21.

That kid that DIDN’T yell out, “Pick Me”! was a mentally and physically challenged, and very shy young dude. If I remember correctly, he was 14. Through-out the season, we struggled and Billy, the young kid I just mentioned, he struggled as well. I played him in Right Field usually at least three innings in each game (we had more kids than positions, so it was necessary to “bench” kids so everyone got an opportunity to play). Billy NEVER got to first-base on either a hit or a walk. Our entire team consisted of the over-weights, the skinny kid with glasses like the bottoms of a couple of old Coca-Cola bottles, and other kids that nobody wanted on their team. 

Well, it’s the end of the season, and by some miracle, (certainly not because of my coaching skills), we found ourselves playing against, sure enough, Team One with all the Bad-Ass “God Bless You, Brother”, Macho Dudes. It’s the bottom of the 9th, Team One has the bases loaded, two outs, and the batter at the plate is Cisco, an Ex-Marine, the count is 3 and 2, I knew he was going to hit a home-run like he did twice before in that game. If he did hit another homer, it was going to be a loss for Team Six, by three runs. Cisco swings, hits the ball so far in the air, a pop-up so high, I lost track of the ball in the Sun for a second.

Guess where he hit the ball? Yep, deep in Right Field, and it looked like it was going to come down right on top o Billy, (the physically/mentally challenged young teenager). The entire bleacher sections on both sides of home-plate were on their feet, yelling, “CATCH IT BILLY!!” almost like a chant, although the ball was only in the air for about three or four seconds. Well, BILLY CAUGHT THAT FUCKING SOFTBALL, ONE-HANDED!!  Game over, WE WON!! Team Six had just won the Season Championship by ONE Run! Our team went wild! Yelling, cheering, (a few “Fuck this shit” from Team One dudes. Our entire team ran out into Right Field to join Billy, including me, I was so jazzed for Billy, who had a look of bewilderment on his smiling face. No moral of the story here, other than I had always told my kids on Team Six to have fun, not to get disappointed when we did lose, and to always be happy for the winning team, whomever it was……IN LIFE!

Anyway, you and I both know that the chances of me actually winning the Presidential Election are worse odds that me getting struck by lightning while sleeping in bed. I know that, you know that, but let’s have a little bit of fun with this, who knows, maybe I will get read by some magazine editor (Rolling Stone Magazine would be nice), and I sign a contract at 71-years-young to be a “Contributing Writer”.

Thanks for reading this essay, and be sure and VOTE! PICK ME!……PICK MEEEE!! Write in my name, THOMAS CHARLES SAXE. On a serious note, I think I have shared some fairly common-sense issues and suggestions.

Hopefully, enough for YOU to actually THINK about where our species is today, and the different directions we can go from here. Or just be thoughts for your next drunken chat with your friends. Only one bong-load contributed to this effort, spread over the past two days of writing. Hahahahahahahaha!



Who am I kidding? “Selection” NOT “Election”, that’s what we have had for decades

Wake up folks!

Peace & Abide, La paz y la morada, السلام والالتزام , שלום ושמירה, Paix et Demeure, Խաղաղությունը եւ մնալը, Мир и пребывание,, 平和と遵守, 和平與恪守, Aştî û Abad, صلح و عبید, Fred och Abide, Kapayapaan at Patuloy, Frieden und Bleiben, Mir i Ostanite, शांति और निवास, Hòa bình và ở lại, Мир и Абиде, שלום און בלייַבן, สันติภาพและการปฏิบัติ, Mir in bivanje,

Yadhum oore yaavarum kelir, “The World Is One Family”

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE


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