THE COURIER – 2012 – A must see movie!


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From Wikipedia:

The Courier is a 2012 American direct-to-video action film directed by Hany Abu-Assad and produced by Michael Arata, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a courier who specializes in delivering high-risk packages.

DIRECT TO VIDEO! WHAT THE FUCK? Something REALLY fucked up here, because this movie was awesome, and Oscar worthy. Oh, I know why. Because it wasn’t made or supported by the powers in control of “Hollywood”, you know, the Zebraists!! Another reason the Zebraists turned their backs on this film back in 2012 is because the Director, Hany Abu-Assad (Arabic: هاني أبو أسعد‎; born 11 October 1961) is a Dutch-Palestinian film director who received two Academy Award nominations: in 2006 for his film Paradise Now, and again in 2013 for his film Omar. HE’S NOT A ZEBRAIST! From Production through Advertising through Film Distribution all the way to the Major Theatre Chains and so-called Professional Movie Critics, ALL controlled by the Zebraists! FUCK THEM! This was an awesome movie!




Robert Kolarik of the San Antonio Express-News wrote that the film start off well but loses its way once it starts to fill in the courier’s back story. Gabe Toro of Indiewire rated it D+ and wrote that the film “almost seems embarrassed by its content”. Tyler Foster of DVD Talk rated it 1.5/5 stars and wrote, “The Courier is a tired thriller, filled with tired actors playing tired characters, wrapped up in a tired story.” Gordon Sullivan of DVD Verdict called it “a thoroughly average B-action-thriller” of interest only to Morgan’s fans.


From Arclight Films Website:

A million bucks, just to deliver a briefcase…

The catch is delivering it to a killer as elusive as a nightmare and so feared the entire Underworld trembles at the mention of his name.

But THE COURIER (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is no ordinary carrier. In a business that asks no questions he’s the best there is, and with the life of his only friend held to ransom there’s no way he’s missing the drop, come hell or high water.

Hounded by hitmen and hustlers, double dealing feds and double crossing accomplices, the Courier embarks on an impossible search for the bogeyman of the underworld, a search that unravels his own murky past.

And if he ever makes the drop, the best in the business at finding people will discover why it’s so tough to find the best at making them disappear.


My own list of credits taken from the film itself:

Director: Hany Abu-Assad

Produced By: Gary Hamilton & Mike Gabrawy

Producer: Conroy Chan

Producers: RC Everbeck, Dale Poniewwaz

Executive Producers: Carsten Lorenz, Andrew Ooi, Jason Hewitt, Avram Butch Kaplan, Victor Syrmis, Jeffrey Kranzdorf, Ryan Gilbert, Wai But Tang, Michael Arata, John Calhoun, Patrick Calhoun, Will French, Stephen Roberts, Todd R. Slack,

Co-Executive Producers: Jon Scanlon, Stuart Sutherland, Michael Leow

Associate Producers: John Kim, Brian Beckmann

Co-Producers: Joel Morrish, Robert Orr

Writers: Pete Dris & Brannon Coombs



First of all, the dude that uploaded this movie, kirov2000, to YouTube deserves some kind if award, like “Best YouTube Movie Upload Ever” award. It was the highest resolution ever so far, and excellent sound. Bravo to the dude that uploaded this!

This scene from 23 minutes and 30 seconds to 25 minutes and 58 seconds, into the movie, is in itself an Oscar winning scene. In fact, it was slightly hard to choose between four or five other scenes. That’s how frickin good this movie is.

This is such an amazing thing written and acted in the movie. We see the transition of “The Courier”, the main character, wonderfully portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan where the “Courier” instantly transitions from this hard-core dude with no outward displays of humor, empathy, love, etcetera, into this new dude, that is suddenly exuding the first sign of emotion, and the audience would be having difficulty trying to figure out what that emotion was. Was it love? Was it because right at that moment, he had an enormous Woodie? That transitions in the “Smell of your perfume” bit from “Love” or “Horniness”, into perhaps the perfume reminded him of a woman that he loved a long time ago, and THAT makes you think that perhaps that love of his life was dead, which turned him into a almost zombie-like unfeeling dude.

That’s it. That’s as far as I’ve gone in the movie so far, 25 minutes. So, excuse me while I go watch some more. I’ll possibly be stopping again somewhere in movie to write some more.

I have not started the movie again yet. I went outside to have a smoke, and I began talking to myself, out loud that is. That’s when I transitioned from slightly stoned, too really stoned. Everything I thought, i.e., every thought was being verbalized. Even my last utterance “Out Loud” was, ” That’s when I transitioned from slightly stoned, too really stoned. Everything I thought, i.e., every thought was being verbalized.  FUCK! Now I can watch more of the movie, maybe the entire movie. Except the funny feeling that I’m going to be stopping again to write about another 28 seconds of the movie. I’ll be back. Then I look down on the floor alongside the couch here and see my can of Dos XX that I forgot all about. Josie Ho, the actress in that scene that plays Anna, just 5 seconds of her thoughts/emotions went from a sort of, oh well, to a sudden empathy or compassion as she all of a sudden offered to help him with his wound. That five seconds alone was played so well, she deserves an Oscar, as well as the Director, Hany Abu Assad, for that entire scene (and the movie), as he was able to give direction to the two actors in that scene, as a direct and accurate interpretation of the screenwriter’s (story originator) intention for the characters emotional transitions. Which means that the screenwriters Pete Dris & Brannon Coombs both deserve an Oscar, and if they were just screenwriters interpreting from someone else’s novel, or story, THAT dude deserves a Pulitzer Prize AND an Oscar.

This dude the “Courier” is a fucking MacGyver in the interrogation scene when the fat deputy leaves the room.

44 minutes and 44 seconds in is the next contender for “Best Scene” Oscar. Where Ana (Josie Ho) comes in saying, ” I can’t find Stitch”. In the scene we see the “Courier” (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tell her that Stitch is dead, just with the tiny changes in his facial expressions. Superb acting!  All I have to say about this scene is “a kiss out of compassion, not sexual at all” how well performed and how real that kiss is, .

That dude the “Courier” is a Sherlock Holmes and the original writer/story teller is a frickin William Shakespeare. Oh, and my “Open Face Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich” which I just invented is awesome. Like Pancakes or Waffles with PBJ smeared on heavy, only it’s just two slices of un-toasted bread. I need to add this to my book, “Gourmet Recipes for the Toothless”.

Here’s the clincher for the Pulitzer Prize for the writer. Beginning at 1 hour, 18 minutes and 15 seconds into the film, where the “Courier” and the audience receives the revelation at the same time. “Evil Sivle” spelled backwards is “Elvis Live”.

More “Executive Producers, Co-Producers, Producers, and Associate Producers than Campbell’s has “Soups”.

A most bizarre but wonderful experience tonight, taking 3 hours and 45 minutes to watch a movie that’s an hour and a half long. Tomorrow night I’m going to watch it again. This time all the way through without stopping.



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