Guess who wins at the end? The Lion? Subtitle: “One Crazy Looking Mother-Fucker or an “Austere Religious Scholar”

Joe Rogan Experience #1391- Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink

Note: The link to this particular Podcast and a few additional links are at the end of this article/commentary/review  (just so you know). Try watching it the way I did if you have (1) The curiosity (2) The patience to do so. Or just “Fast-Forward” to all the time/locations on the YouTube video that I’ve listed in my article/commentary/review, or not.

At about 53 minutes into this, and I should add, I am a fan of Joe Rogan and his podcast, anyway, at 53 minutes or so, I HAD to stop and do a little writing.

They began talking about the need to “Negotiate FIRST” with adversaries. If you listen to this taping, the question that popped up immediately was, “Why are they not bringing up the fact that Gaddafi was planning to introduce a new “African Currency” for most of Africa, and do so OFF the U. S. Dollar. Guess what folks, THAT is why the U. S. A. and its allies bombed Libya, eventually ending up with Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi’s death. I’m not going to fill up space here by listed everything good/positive that Colonel Gaddafi did for his country and his people, just look up ONE little fun-fact…..The cost of Gasoline per Litre/Gallon.

If there is a point by time I’m done writing this, it may be to prove a point, that EVEN shows/podcasts like this one are either “Controlled Opposition”, or fear of retribution which causes folks to back away from the truth, OR, they’re just plain fucking stupid, which CAN be overcome via proper education on the subject matter. Now I’ll watch a bit more of this episode, BRB.

Okay, I just had to stop at 59 Seconds. Up until this point, I agreed with probably 99% of what this Dude, Jocko Willink, Ex-Navy Seal, combat-veteran of the recent shit-show in the Middle East. As he began talking about the “Al-Qaeda Insurgents which eventually became ISIS. Hold the phone right there, Joe. “They never discussed/acknowledged the fact that WE not only invented ISIS, we supplied them with their fucking weapons you fucking dodos”. THE FUCKING MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is like a cage full of ravenous starving Lions. You HAVE to throw a ton of meat in the cage to prevent the Lions from tearing each other apart. Guess who wins at the end? The Lion? Fuck no! The fucking Elite/Cabal/Bankers that’s who. It’s a matter of “Business” to provide BOTH sides ALL their weapons and equipment. Oh, and why not throw in a little training for your “Enemy”, which is what we did, you fucking nincompoops!

At 1 Hour in, Jocko Willink giving his speech on ISIS, he mentions what happens when you totally exit a country (Iraq) and his horrifying story of the mass murder of 500 whole families because they perhaps washed dishes, swept floors, cleaned latrines or polished boots. Gee folks, we train them in the fine art of warfare and then they add a little culturing because of THEIR culture. Of course it’s barbaric! In some cultures, they would have literally had their victims for fucking dinner! Thanks for the training said the barbarian to the Army Master-Sargent. Eeeny-Meany-Minnie, where’s fuck’n Moe? That’s who I feel like I’m listening to on this podcast right now. Especially when Jocko using these two words, “Completely Murdered”. Think about that for a minute. Can you “Incompletely” murder someone? What he said was so “Incompletely Intelligent”.

Well, an hour and four minutes into this episode and I already have come to a conclusion. This conclusion came because at this point in Joe’s questioning of his two guests, the real topic or certainly over boding thought should have been the fact that ALL this bullshit that’s been going on since 9-11 is for Israel’s number one, actually only goal in the Middle East is their “Greater Israel” expansion program. Duuuuuu. Sorry folks, at this point I am disappointed in all three of these people. They either are “Controlled Opposition”, or they a fear of retribution which caused the to back away from the truth, OR, they’re just plain fucking stupid, which CAN be overcome via proper education on the subject matter. Had I been the “Fourth” person, third guest on that podcast, I certainly would have tried to get the “Truth” out. Interesting to say the least. Wither you read this and then watched the program, or vice-versa, please be sure to share your thoughts. It would be wonderful to have a real conversation on the subject matter of the podcast.

One final comment. Not a single fucking word about what has and still is happening to the Palestinian people and why the Government of the United States of America is not directly intervening to stop the daily slow massacre and eliminating Zionism from the planet like cutting out a cancer from your body. Does anyone else see this podcast the same way as I do? Let’s talk about it.

One Hour Ten Minutes Twenty Seconds into this podcast and I had to stop and write this because I was laughing so hard. Jocko Willink confirms who the largest percentage of the “Sheeple” are. Hahahahahaha. Listen to it again.

Clueless, fucking CLUELESS! These people really do sound like Eeeny, Meany, Minnie and……..I really could have been Moe!

Third to final thought. If this candidate for POTUS, Samoan-American member of Congress, Tulsi Gabbard was “Awakened” she would be the best candidate for the job in my opinion because of her overall publicly-stated policy statements.

Right at One Hour Twenty Minutes and approximately Zero Seconds listen to Joe’s comment right after Tulsi’s spiel on “Apples” and think, “She WAS describing LEGITIMATE EXAMPLES YOU TWIT!” He said, “There’s some legitimate concerns too”…..Need I say more!

See if you can connect my following comment with what part of the podcast and specifically what Joe Rogan was saying. The word “Algorithm”, and what they all fail to mention is the explicitly controlled platforms that are the two largest on the Internet, controlled by the Elite/Cabal/Bankers/Zionists sometimes directly, mostly indirectly, to steer the Sheeple down that path to the Promise Land with Green, Green Grass, Sheeple will eat whatever grass the Shepherd leads them to”.

Beginning at One Hour Thirty-Nine Minutes and Thirty-Five Seconds, when you hear Tulsi’s comment following Jocko’s you have to admire her in a way, that even though she is clueless to the fact that our POTUS is “Selected’ not “Elected”, she still is waging a tough as it gets campaign, with all odds against her, as she “Calls it Straight”.

Another thought garnered from listening/watching this podcast. What percentage of the population her just in the USA are what most of term are, “Awakened”? I think it’s a very small percentage at this moment in time. Perhaps five percent? What do you think? For sure, whatever the percentage is, it is a momentous task before us to educate the Sheeple to the degree sufficient enough for us to realize success at the end.

The way I sometimes will watch/listen to whatever, a great film, like a film so good, that I have to stop many times during the film to write about a particular aspect of the film wither it’s the cinematography, the great dialogue, and how it’s written as part of the screenplay, etcetera, then after the movie is finished and I’m finished with my critique and comments. I watched this podcast in that same manner, stopping frequently during the podcast, to make my comments as I have written above. You may not watch this podcast in the same manner, i.e., it took me Five hours Thirty-Eight Minutes and Twenty-Nine Seconds to watch this Two Hour Forty-Seven Minute Nine-Second episode of Joe Rogan’s Podcast, and I DID NOT watch again like I do with movies that I critique.  I just ask that you think about everything this podcast raises in your own mind, and how it makes you either mentally tune in, or it all just flies over your head not even a tiny piece of bird-shit dropped on you. It was cool to discover a new “Social” platform that supposedly is all about “Free Speech”. I’ll definitely have to check it out, maybe I’ll learn a few things that can be applied to the ITAD-NAO platform (

Second to final thought. I remind you that although I do have some real issues regarding the absolute cluelessness either because it’s all “Controlled Opposition”, or their fear of retribution which did cause their backing away from the truth, OR, they ARE just plain fucking stupid, which CAN be overcome via proper education on the subject matter, I found that a major portion of what all three of them said to be right on target, i.e., that I am in 100% agreement with them on that 98%. It’s just that the remaining 2% is the most important of all, the control the War Mongering Zebraists and Zebraist-Lovers have over our government/politics, banking, industry, media, and our lives, and the fact that they ARE Clueless to that 2% is disappointing to say the least.

I confess, I smoked a bong-load tonight as I was writing this as I watched/listened to this podcast. I think I do my best “thinking” and writing when I have partaken of the Ganja.

At exactly One Hour Fifty-Eight Minutes and Nineteen Seconds I almost spit my coffee out and bit my tongue at the same time, which for me, would have been impossible without teeth, I laughed so hard when they showed that close-up of Al-Baghdadi’s eyes…….Crazy looking mother-fucker he is!! (he’s still alive like Osama bin Laden and Jeffery Epstein). The fact that Joe Rogan really didn’t know the word “Austere” to begin with calling the word, “Asteur” in the phrase, “Austere Religious Scholar” was even funnier to me. Perhaps everyone missed the possibility that the Washington Post author of that article was seriously being “Sarcastic”, Hahahahahaha, and they all, including the general public missed that possibility. For myself, I don’t think that writer was trying to be sarcastic, but it would be hilarious if he had been using a little “Tongue-in-Cheek” there, because seriously, who in their right mind would say that about that USA trained and supplied crazy fuck Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurayshi.

I believe that SNL’s portrayal of Tulsi of being “Evil” was in my opinion (but we’ll never know), actually a genuine and purposeful portrayal of her in a most positive light as the being the best candidate for POTUS of all of them out there.

I have to hand to both Joe and Jock for being so accommodating for what was, a Two Hour Thirty-Seven Minute Nine-Second commercial (slash) campaign video for Tulsi Gabbard. As I previous said, if she was “Awakened” she would be the top candidate, most informed, best platformed, and one that COULD make changes or at least get the ball rolling, on all the things here in the USA that needs to be done, changed, whatever. Having said that, even if she ended up running against Frump, she would never be the “Selected” one, so we are all fucked for another four years of the Elite/Cabal/Bankers, with Frump as their puppet.

Or perhaps like I wrote in an earlier post, he’s for real, a “Master at Card Tricks”, and really against the Elite/Cabal/Bankers which can only mean that they are still arguing with themselves as to how they are going to get rid of him. Using the Demo-Rat’s Impeachment process? Heart-Attack? Surely not a fucking bullet. It worked for JFK, but it would be too fucking obvious with Frump.

Bottom-Line for me? Although Joe Rogan is either “Controlled Opposition”, or he fears retribution which causes him to back away from the truth, OR, he’s just plain fucking stupid, clueless, I will continue to watch his podcasts when he has a guest or guests that I’m interested in hearing if just for the “Entertainment Value”…….with the hope that someone amongst the “Awakened” can develop their podcast to the same level as Joe’s, audience-wise, and truly be the “Jesus” for the movement.

At approximately the Two Hour and Seventeen Minute spot in the Podcast when Joe was talking about the shift from the “Shifty Politics” to (in my words) “Honest Politics” it reminded me of the Ruthlessly Criminal actions of the Selfish, Dishonest and Narcissistically Money-Grubbing Christian Televangelists who are finally being exposed for what they are thanks to the “Spreading of the Word” via the major Social Media platforms like farcecrap.

Responding to Joe’s speech the POTUS position being an impossible job, I think if a truly “Awakened” person could ever be “Elected”, not “Selected”, AND be successfully protected from being JFK’d, that person could not only change to USA in a very great and positive way, that person ALSO could be a catalyst for making positive changes around the world. Changes that could result in PEACE, not WAR, PROSPERITY, not DESTITUTION, LOVE, not HATE, for all of mankind.

Although I strongly believe that Gaby (short for Gabbard) is the best choice for POTUS based on her platform, her experience as a combat Veteran, and her experience as a Congresswoman, if she was up against an opponent that was “Awakened”, she would not get my vote. Bottom line, clueless, these folks were/are absolutely fucking CLUELESS! Great campaign video for Tulsi, Joe. Congratulations on a Podcast well done. Call me Moe, I should have been on Joe! We’re a teeny-tiny team, us 5%, but I’d volunteer to be the Quarter-Back, anyway, any day.

At the finish of the Campaign Video for Tulsi, I feel like singing a perverted hybrid of “I’m a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy” and “Hail Mary, come to me, drop your drawers and piss on me” (original lyrics by Donald J. Frump to the tune of “My Country, ’tis of thee, Sweet Land of Liberty”).

Final sad and disturbing thought. Not a single fucking word about the scourge of Zionism or the daily suffering of the Palestinian people.

In conclusion, although I do respect them individually for their positive achievements, Joe Rogan’s overall messages and success of his podcast, Tulsi and Jocko’s military service to our country (Gaby’s Gray Hair IS fake in my opinion….here I go singing that song again, I’m a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy……) and agree with much of what they all had to say during this podcast, all three of them are “Un-Awakened” and CLUELESS, and I dare any of the three to debate me publicly, wither on their individual podcast’s or at ANY Town Hall Meeting, ANYWHERE, ANY SIZE, or any other public venue. If anyone of my farcecrap friends or readers of my website/blog that read this article knows how to put this challenge before the three of them, please do so, I’m going to “Twitter” my challenge to all three of them, and email it to them. By the time I had finished watching the podcast and writing this, I have convinced myself that just about ANYONE who’s “Awakened” could become a successful POTUS, including myself. I would seriously consider choosing Tulsi as my Vice President, as long as I could “Wake” her up, and be assured of not being JFK’d. Donations to my “Campaign” can be made at the PayPal link below.

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