The day my car fell into a pothole in Ensenada

El día que mi carro se cayó en un bache en Ensenada.

I’m just joking with my title for this article of course. On a serious note however, this is a quick story of my own recent experience, comments and suggestions.

The reason I have to replace one of my tires today isn’t because of the roads here where my Casa de Hippie is, it’s because of the main roads in Ensenada.

The dirt roads in our private gated community of Rancho Packard are not so bad that they can cause tire damage, with all the dips and furrows caused by the rain over the years. The potholes of Ensenada, now that’s a different issue.

The first couple of days driving into the city from our little community, I had no fuckin’ clue just how bad the city streets are. Even at fairly low speeds, like 25 to 30 MPH, a few really bad cavernous holes in the road took me by surprise. Sudden, and sharply deep enough that even the humongous tires on a 4WD truck would cry out in pain. That’s how bad the public roads are in Ensenada, and probably most major cities in Mexico.

I quickly have learned how to navigate these treacherous trenches of evil. I’ve always kept several car lengths between myself and the vehicle in front of me. NOW, I observe what is happening to the vehicle in front of me. If I see that the person that I’m following is swerving (to avoid the craters), or I see their vehicle undulating, rockin’ and a rollin’ as they drive right through a pothole without a care in the world, or were taken by surprise, I know right then and there that a big one is coming, and it’s coming, QUICKLY. I slow down, swerve to avoid if it’s safe to do so, or a slow down to a point where my vehicle can crawl over the chasm safely. One thing I also should mention. Drivers down here, for some reason, tailgate, and honk their fucking horns. Keep calm, flipping them the bird will get you nowhere.

My suggestion? That dude Carlos Slim, number two or three, sometimes number one richest dude in the world, COULD donate what would be pocket change from his vast wealth and fill ALL the potholes in Mexico. Think about it Mr. Slim, if you happen to read this little essay. While you’re at it, please pave the roads here in Rancho Packard, thank you for your kind generosity. Hey Mr. Slim, just think of all the jobs you would create, and all the families you would help.

Peace & Abide (La paz y la morada)

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