Met her in a bar, how smart he are

Story of how Musk met his 2nd wife, Talulah Riley in a bar. How fucking romantic. Inspired tonight by a full-length YouTube Documentary on Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the Billionaire of PayPal and Tesla fame, met the British Actress/Model/Porn Star Talulah Riley in a bar, (I’ll explain the “Porn Star” part in a minute).

She claimed she had never heard of him or his wealth, or his companies prior to meeting Elon. SURE….She’s either the stupidest woman in the world, or she knew all about him, studied his every move, researching him on the Internet, watching and waiting for the right moment to “accidentally” meet Him in a bar.

Six years later, Elon Musk and Talulah Riley Musk divorce for the second time in six years of their Fairy-Tale Fucking Marriage. We promise, soon as Elon gets into financial difficulty again, like back in 2008, he will come out with an Infomercial selling “Talulah & Elon”, Volumes 1-2 Sex Tapes, and titles like, “Talulah and the Gardener” “Talulah and the Neighbor”, “Talulah and the Dude from Mercedes Benz USA. But wait!! There’s more! Buy the entire collection of fifteen DVD’s for only $39,95 and we’ll include “Talulah and the Sons of Trump” PLUS the rare, “Talulah does the Donald!”.

Here’s what really happened. Yes, she stalked him. Their initial one-way conversation in the bar? Elon Musk: “OK, I know all about you, you fucking slut. Don’t you think a tech savvy geek like me, who also happens to be a fucking billionaire, wouldn’t have one of the best security teams in the world? I knew about what you were up to since you first texted your girlfriend Susan a year ago that you were going to catch me and take me for all I’m worth? Listen, you’re nothing but a two-bit whore to me. I have to hand it to you though, you’re a very smart woman, and if you can fuck like you look, I will continue the charade”. Her response? “I’ll suck your dick riding in a Tesla, fuck your dog in the swimming pool, as long as we have an understanding, dollars & cents wise”.  Note; In their final settlement, she got pennies in comparison to his billions. Her compensation for sporadic fucking & sucking? $16 Million and some stock in SpaceX. Probably what a billionaire WOULD pay a hooker that accepts PayPal.

Let’s face it, she made far more money getting hooked up with Elon Musk, then she would have made as an actress or model. At that time, Elon was so wrapped up in all his efforts to save and build up his companies and various projects, he not only had no time to build a relationship with Talulah, he didn’t have enough time for his five sons from his first marriage. Bottom line? She got what she wanted, Elon had a great piece of ass for a while, which was a pleasant distraction from saving and building up all his businesses. Since the divorce Elon’s net worth has gone from $17 Billion to $40 Billion. I haven’t researched how much Talulah’s SpaceX stock has increased in value.

P. S. Just my opinion, but I think Elon Musk is one of the most brilliant thinkers and businessmen alive today. To bad he doesn’t run for political office

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

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