The following comment was inspired by the farcecrap video linked at the bottom. Please take the time to watch the video. I hope the link works.

Cooom-by-Yaaaaa. On a serious note, I sincerely hope for, and desire, that more and more folks of the Hebrew faith come to their senses? Naaaa, not come to their senses, OPEN their eyes and their hearts to the TRUTH about the zionists (I purposely refuse to put a capitol Z on that word). The truth is, they are an evil entity that really doesn’t believe the true Hebrew (Jewish) faith. Instead the zionists (little z) have been using the true faith like a cloak, which is to say, a DISGUISE.

I am going to donate to the organization that Noah Wagner, the young man, in the video belongs to. You can’t change a zionist’s mind, but you can enlighten those of the true HEBREW faith. You notice that I have capitalized HEBREW and NOT capitalized zionists. THAT is how BIG a difference there is between those of the true HEBREW faith and zionism.

Since the creation of zionism up to the last second, a second ago, is part of our (mankind’s) past, we can say that it has been part of the ongoing evolution of our species. zionism will be not only defeated, it will be totally eliminated from the face of this planet EARTH, and so therefore, there is a reason to believe that our species, the human race, will evolve to a PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, AND GOOD WILL TOWARDS ALL OF OUR SPECIES, AND EVERY SINGLE SPECIES ON THE PLANET, ANIMAL, VEGETATION, AND MINERAL.

Thanks for reading this. I was inspired by the young man in the video. If you are inspired by the young man as well, GIVE. Give not just money, but give of yourself, your time, your encouragement to others. Like myself this early Tuesday evening, write your thoughts as well. If we ALL start writing in support of the PALESTINIAN PEOPLE, we will become the INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE. So, take time to write in support of ALL the reasons to write about. What’s happening in YEMEN, and so many other parts of the world deserve our attention as well. PEACE AND ABIDE. – Dr. T. C. SAXE, DD…..P.S., If you are interested, please take the time to visit my website for more, including my thoughts regarding the evangelical christians (not caps on purpose), and the christian-zionists , at Thank you

Here’s a link to IFNOTNOW, as mentioned in the video

Peace & Abide

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD


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