Is your skin suffering from the HebbieJeebies?

Spoof Commercial

For a Men’s Skin lotion

Opening shot of the warning: “This commercial has a few scenes that contain material that may be a little bit raw or offensive to some viewers, and yet, clever in its use of subtle rawness.

First Scene or portion: A manly man (actually an ordinary man with a slight beer belly) is standing there in front of the bathroom mirror, vigorously rubbing EASEECUM Men’s Medical Miracle Skin Cream on his face neck and arms, then his hairless chest. The camera zooms in on the manly man’s facial skin, with a severe case of razor rash.

The camera continues to zoom in, thru all the microscopic levels. All of a sudden, the scene is of the manly man laying in bed, squirting a healthy portion of EASEECUM Men’s Medical Miracle Skin Cream on his right hand……….Then the camera sees a blurry shot (“in motion, after all, this is motion picture quality Spoof Commercial”) to the manly man’s hand gripping his penis in a choke hold worthy of WWE, i.e., he’s masturbating, as the celebrity voice for the commercial is saying, just as the manly man orgasmatically squirts a huge stream of cum, “EASEECUM will turn your rough, scaly arms and legs into skin so soft and smooth, you will think you are feeling a baby’s butt”. Then at the precise peak of orgasm, the manly man is screaming out, “OHHHHHHHHHHBABYOHHHHA”.

Back to the zoom in of the bottle of EASEECUM, as the main celebrity voice is saying, “Only $9.99 per bottle (plus S & H)…..But wait! There’s more! Order now and receive a SECOND bottle absolutely FREE!!! (just pay separate s & h). Operators are standing by for your call!  Of course, throughout the commercial, the toll-free number is on the screen for a bit, then it disappears.

The cleverness of the disappearing act on the part of the “toll free number”, is that as part of the audience, you think to yourself, “Shit, I should have written that number down”. After a slight pause, you are saying, “Melba, get me a pen and a piece of paper”….Thinks to himself, “I KNOW that they are going to show that number again”.

Well, that’s ALLLLL folks!

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C/ Saxe, DD

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