An incredible night in the mountains

A few things happened tonight on a few different occasions as I took my potty-get coffee-sit on the patio-and smoke a bowl break from writing. This has been typical when I partake of a little MJ and look at the wonderful star-filled sky (at night of course).

Number 1: As I sat there enjoying the evening, looking up frequently at the night sky above the Los Padres National Forest where I live, I spotted 7 different aircraft going in 4 different directions and I thought, “Wow! I’ve never seen so many planes in the sky before…..usually I see three at most, sometimes only one, and then five minutes later, another one or two go slowly in whatever direction, lights blinking.” Hey! Wait a minute, I say to myself, “Those aircraft, all seven of them, looked like they were as high as the stars around them, and I didn’t see any blinking red and blue lights on these planes.”

So I take another swig of coffee, a puff or two off my Swisher Sweet Cigarillo, and then a hit on my “Unique, one of a kind, driftwood pipe, that I made myyyyyself. 

I look back up again, and four of the seven “aircraft” are gone, and three of them are making these darting moves, going one direction and then reversing and going back the same way that they just came from.

CRAZY! Either I’ve just seen a sky full of UFO’s, or this weed has affected my vision. Then I laugh my ass off for a minute or two, go back in the house and start writing again.

Number 2: Number Two, really should be Number One. About an hour or so before my UFO sighting, I was doing the same thing…….the potty-get coffee-sit on the patio-and smoke a bowl break from writing, I saw three shooting stars. Moving so quick, it was coincidental that I just happen to look up at that exact moment, those split seconds, to see it. I say “it” because the three shooting stars did their thing, separately, several minutes apart. Not like normally seeing one, perhaps three, airplanes slowly moving, lights blinking, towards their separate destinations.

In conclusion, this certainly was some great weed tonight. And a great experience watching, by coincidence, the three shooting stars. And even a greater experience seeing seven UFO’s at the same time.

Peace and Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: SeattlesBest1, harvested September 23rd, 2018

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Postscript: Did the weed (home-grown from Washington State) distort my vision, and thus, my “Minds Eye” of what I saw? Or did the weed enhance my vision allowing me to see things that our eyes normally can’t see?

Postscript Number two: Those of you that consistently read my blog, know that I am a proponent of “Writing” as a sort of mental therapy for all sorts of mental issues, and those that know me personally know that I have recently been suffering excruciating back pain from a back injury fifty years ago. Prescription Pain Pills only do so much and ALEVE
(naproxen) doing less. I can definitely attribute my LACK of pain in my back to the bowl of weed I smoked tonight.

Postscript Number Three: It’s 2:48AM, and at 2:36AM I decided to go out on the patio, feeling like I was finished with this little bit of prose. No coffee, no home-made pipe with a bowl-load of grass, just a Swisher Sweet. I definitely know that the Cannabis enhanced my hearing tonight, (those of you that know me personally, know that I’m slightly hard of hearing).

So I’m sitting there, periodically gazing at the heavens (I see the Big Dipper) and suddenly I hear the sounds of footsteps. Thinking prowler at first, I turn on my Tactical Flashlight thinking prowler or possibly a bear, and see a small deer walking through the front yard. Do you know what deer footsteps sound like? I do now, thanks to the weed.

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