Military Grade (PSYOPS) Production of “Fake News” (also called “Propaganda”)

Do your own research. Much of what we see flashed before our eyes via “Mainstream News”, that has long been thought of by some people to be “Fake News”, is finally being verified/proven to be “Productions” financed primarily by the USA, Great Britain, France, Saudi, and Israeli Zionists. I’m sure there are more minor “Actors”  in this dirty rotten business of producing this Military Grade (PSYOPS) Production of “Fake News” (also called “Propaganda”). Most recently, the “production” of the totally fake “Mainstream Media’s representation of the so-called chemical attack by the Syrian Government on it’s own people.  See the following clip:


Think about it!  Think how fucking STUPID these hired “Producers” must think the world is, especially the sheeple in the western “civilized” countries.