I was abducted by Aliens three nights ago.

It was last Friday night, normal routine, after dinner, I watched my favorite show on HBO, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHR. Great show. It was approximately 10pm, had just won a huge pot playing No-Limit Holdem on my laptop. I cashed out, i. e., left the table, took a leak, went out on the front porch for a bong hit or two.

I guess I had been sitting there, beer in one hand, a cigar in the other, for about fifteen minutes. My porch faces the street where I live, so when this late 70’s Lincoln Town Car pulled up, it was just, you know, weird. Two dudes dressed in black I think, with black hats (it was dusk, more towards early dark, when you can sort of see.

The two strangers, now five feet from my rocking chair, are definitely dressed in black. They both were wearing the same black hats as well, and they both had on the same black sunglasses. I said, “Can I help you two fellows?”. One of the dudes said, “It is important that you come with us”.

Now, I’m not a paranoid type of person, normally, but here I am, in my bathing suit, no shirt, barefooted, and a little stoned. I thought to myself, “Gee, I have no enemies, (that I could think of), maybe they are Cops?”. “Do you mind telling me what this is all about?” I asked. Maybe it’s the IRS? (I thought). “Kinda late on a Friday night for the IRS to be out and about, isn’t it?”, I queried.

Suddenly, the second dude, the one that as yet had not spoken, removed his sunglasses. His eyes were glowing like red fiery coals, (I thought, maybe this is how you die and go to hell?). As He looked at me, I immediately felt weak, and also light. In fact, I felt light as a feather. It felt wonderful, yet strange. I’m actually floating towards the big black Lincoln Continental.

The back door opened. That’s when I noticed it was a stretch limousine. I can only remember a portion of the trip. “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”……All the windows were open in the Limo, “Hotel California” a version by Luciano Pavarotti was playing on the radio. We rode for miles, out into the desert. I tried to talk during this road trip. My mind was talking up a storm, but my brain was not transmitting from my mouth (thought I had a stroke).

I still felt like I was in a hazy dream, and as light, and high, as a kite. The high was not like a normal buzz, in fact now it was beginning to feel rather unpleasant, conjoined with the simultaneous terror that I was also feeling.

When we finally stopped and got out of the car, I could see a huge glowing object about fifty yards from where our limo stopped. This was not some blinding light like you see in the movies, just a soft, warm glow, almost golden light coming from the strange object that looked to be saucer shaped, with a slight cigarness to it. Okay, so my UFO had a warm golden glow to it.

The two dudes floated me up a ramp to the entrance of the “Golden Shape”, and from there, part of my memory is gone. The next thing I do remember, is lying on a very comfortable bed in some kind of room. The room was oval in shape, no windows, and the color of an eggshell and an abalone shell in color.

I got out of the bed and walked around the room for a few minutes. “Hey! I’m not floating anymore”. Suddenly I felt that elevator feeling, like losing weight, definitely feeling as if the room was dropping, very fast. I want to say it was some kind of window that appeared, almost the width of the room. It was a port or “window” all right, but nothing I had ever seen. It was as if there was no glass, like I could walk outside. The view was so amazing.

Lifting off the ground, this ship began to accelerate. I’m no rocket scientist, but I’ve seen a few Sci-Fi movies in my time. I am guessing that at that point, we are already past the speed of sound, as I could now see the blue of the ocean, and the entire western third of the United States.

Weird how I felt like I was going down in an elevator, (with that losing weight feeling) when in fact I was in the elevator going up, and should have felt like I was gaining weight, not losing it. Within a minute or so I could see our entire planet, getting smaller, and smaller. Like the changing of a slide, the view changed to a view of our moon, getting closer, rapidly.

Haaa, I knew it! I always thought the moon was a base or colony of ours. Great secret they kept from us all these years. I still had not met an alien. The last dudes I saw were the men in black, so flying on some airship of some kind, and approaching the moon, just made me think that the technology was ours (human), and that we had established a base on the moon.

I also embrace the theory that the “Men in Black” type could be Human/Alien hybrids. The dudes that REALLY control and run things on our planet. Forget the Rothschilds, the Zionists, and the Military/Industrial complex. These dudes with the blazing red eyes are evolved way beyond them, and the Photoshopped reptile eyes on farcecrap are just that, crap. The question was, what the hell do they want with me?

I’m too old to join the Space Force. As we approached, instead of going straight in for a landing, my view began to darken, first slightly, then rapidly as we left the light side of the moon and entered the dark side.

As we got closer, I saw many circles of lights glowing on the surface of the moon. I saw dozens spread over what I assume was several miles. There were structures in between the circles of light, and they also emitted light from thousands of pinprick size holes. I later discovered that these structures were ten to twenty miles high, and those windows were not pin-pricks, but massive when seen up close.

Another window in my room, or in this case, a door opened. I almost peed my pants. There, standing in the opening was Nikola Tesla. “You’re Nikola!” I exclaimed in wonderment. “No, my son, I am called Guntha37. “Come, follow me please” he said.

Later he would tell me about his origin assignment utilizing DNA from Nikola’s grandfather” 250 years ago. Yes, Guntha37 was 250 years old, and one of the first “Human/Alien hybrids. Nikola’s grandfather, Nikita, had really good genes.

Stay tuned to find out more. I will share things that will confirm many, many theories and debunk many as well, some things that we thought were the truth.

To be continued……….

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Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD






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