One lucky sperm equals a 54 year old child

I just turned 70 a short time ago. I’m sharing this short story on FarceCrap in hopes that by doing so, I might be able to locate the person, (not sure if the person is male or female), that I fathered 54 years ago. I was 16 and the girl was 17. I wish I could remember her name.

We met via my foster-brother, Marvin Jenkins. Marvin introduced me to her because she was infatuated with him, and he thought he could pass her off to me. I guess she bothered him whenever he was working at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in South Minneapolis. Marvin was about 19, and engaged to be married, so I could see how he wanted to introduce me to her.

Let’s call her “Susie”. Well, to make this a short story, Susie and I hit it off, instantly. The next day I was invited over to her house to listen to 45’s, smoke some weed, and mess around. Very quickly, we were naked in her bed and making love. Being my first time, (yes, I was a virgin), I came so fast, I didn’t think I had inserted my penis yet, and it was a huge load.

Well, I guess our bodies were close enough that some of those sperm made it to their target. All it takes is one. I remember Susie was really wet at the time, so I suppose those little tadpoles had a pretty good stream to swim up. Before I forget, Susie”s parents were on a six week vacation in Europe at the time.

We did not continue to pursue a relationship after that day, I guess because I disappointed her? Her parents came home the following week, and when I tried to contact her, her parents refused to even let me talk to her on the phone.

About 6 weeks passed, and I finally went to Susie’s house. Her father answered the door, told me to leave. Two days later, I found out why I was not allowed to see her. I spoke to her best friend (can’t remember her name either). This friend of Susie’s said, “Well, I’m not supposed to tell anybody, especially you, she’s pregnant. Her parents are strict Catholics. They sent Susie to a Catholic Home for Pregnant Girls, somewhere in Canada. The baby will be adopted, at her parent’s request”.

I never spoke to Susie again. Over the past 54 years, I have had so many different thoughts regarding this experience. If it was me, it was close to an immaculate conception, as far as my “Rocket Man with a Very Short Fuse” performance. Or, what if it was some other kid that got lucky? Or, what if it was Marvin, my foster-brother, after all, Susie was like, “Movie Starlet” beautiful. She was a real sexpot, i.e., liked sex. If you knew her, you might agree that I was seduced by an “Older” woman (one year older, hahahaha).

Over the many years, my ego has convinced me that I’m the one. I’m the father of a 54 year old man or woman who has no idea who their (his or her) biological father is. If Susie is still alive, she probably doesn’t know who the adoptive parents are. That’s how those Catholic homes for pregnant girls worked. If you were giving up your baby for adoption, you were not allowed to know anything about the adoptive parents or their arrangment with the Nuns at the Catholic Home for Pregnant Girls.

Susie, if you are still alive, and if I’m really the father of our child, please know that you both have been in my heart and on my mind for 54 years. Had I been allowed to be the “Father”, I would have loved and cared for the both of you.

If by some remote chance you are a 54 year old person that found out you were adopted, and some part of this short story rings a bell, let me know. It’s probably a 1% chance that you and “Susie” found each other somehow. That’s the only way you would know about me, if your mother had told you this story. There’s a 99% chance that I will never know the answer to this short story. I wonder sometimes.

Peace & Abide,



Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD


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