Our species is so (insert adjective here)


When all is said and done (bombed) this particular portion of our evolution as a species will disappear in a fog of lies and CGI. If you do the research, you will determine for yourself that the real evil behind all this, is a military/industrial complex that has a history going back for well over 100 years now. Sure, it has developed a sophistication of sorts, along with mankind’s inventiveness (better bombs), but it’s still linked back to the past, beginning with colonial conquests hundreds of years ago, on thru to the greed of a handful of people today (they know who they are). This video really only can convince a sane person that the Syrian government AND the Syrian people, have been besieged by outsiders funded by the USA, the British, the Zionists, Turkey, and the Arabs controlled by the same thugs. Much more to be discovered. Do the research, it’s disgusting. Disgusting because it’s so hard to get even a taste of the real truth when the whole world is being convinced that the bitter rancid taste of all the bullshit is sweet. Just repeat after me, “The fucking BULLSHIT that our governments and the Mainstream Media have been feeding us IS SO SWEET”, again,”The fucking BULLSHIT that our government and the “Mainstream Media” have been feeding us IS SO SWEET”, again…..”The fucking BULLSHIT that our government and the Mainstream Media have been feeding us IS SO SWEET” – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Peace and abide,



Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD





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