Facecrap. How we all use it

If you use Facecrap, as a personal page to voice your opinions about how great you are, or how handsome or beautiful you are, you might be a “Narcissist”, defined as follows:


  1. having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.

“a narcissistic actress”


synonyms: vain, self-loving, self-admiring, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, conceited, self-centered, self-regarding, egotistic, egotistical, egoistic;

full of oneself


If your personal page, and general comments about yourself are all about you, because you are trying to promote yourself as an actor or actress, or Film Director, or Chef, or Dog Catcher, that’s okay, we understand what your motive is in having a Facecrap page in the first place. But, and it’s a BIG BUTT, don’t post something for the world to see that will obviously garner both positive comments as well as negative comments (in your opinion) from other people. Don’t expect that everyone agrees with you.

I don’t mind negative comments, after all, people do have a right to express their feelings on a subject, whatever the subject may be. I don’t care if someone feels so strong about the subject that they feel they must use, or call me a negative name or word, Karma will get that person for sure. I am an OLD FART, but one thing for sure, I’m NOT a racist or a bigot, or a hypocrite, like many people I know.

Also, it goes both ways I reckon, be careful what comments you post as a response to other people’s posts, as you never know how they might respond. I learned this today, and realized that the negativity was coming FROM someone possibly suffering from narcissism.

If you use your Facecrap page to express your rage, disagreement, and opinions about ANYTHING, and you share it “Publicly”, expect to hear back from people that are in total agreement or alliance with your “cause”, but also expect that you WILL get comments or “posts” that are diametrically opposed to everything you are, and post. I allow ALL responses, even the one’s from very negative people. When I recognize a narcissist, rather than carry one a “conversation”, the back and forth crap that people do, I make my point, then I go on my merry way.

I did so this morning with an obvious narcissist, and “unfriended” that person. I have been unfriended myself in the past, mostly because of either the person was offended by my sense of humor, or my strong beliefs in equality and human rights. That has happened a few times after posting something positive about the Palestinian people and their struggle to survive. My guess is the person that unfriended me was a hard-core Zionist. I admit that I am an Anti-Zionist. I am NOT Anti-Semitic however, and it would be a great conversation if you care to partake.

Facecrap is the world’s “Soapbox” let people speak. I just think it is exposing us all to feelings that we never thought we would have to deal with. I have a relative that uses Facecrap for expressing every feeling she has. It’s okay, I understand. The only thing she is doing is exposing herself and her feelings to the entire world. To a world that just doesn’t give a shit about what her evil neighbor said to her yesterday, or whatever. I have always held my tongue with her, never responded with words of rebuke OR encouragement to her anger especially, because anything I say MAY be misunderstood by her or her friends. She needs to chill however, maybe smoke a bowl or two.

If your comment is filled with sarcasm, and they get it, or you post a comical response, MOST people will respond back in a positive way, happy face, smiley face, whatever. Some people will disagree violently to your “comment” even if you were being sarcastic, or trying to make that person laugh. Remember, some people have no sense of humor, or just not get the “joke” behind your comment. You WILL get rude and sometimes threatening responses back from a “Narcissist”. If you do, just unfriend them and go about your life knowing that the person in question needs help. Narcissism is a disorder that is incurable by the way.

So, in conclusion, yes, Facecrap with all its faults, has allowed all of us to express ourselves, except for those things that are against the rules, like full on sexual images and exploitation. Just be aware that you WILL get both the positive as well as the negative responses. Have a wonderful day folks, practice the Golden Rule. Bring peace to the planet, not hate.

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