Defeating the NWO before it’s TOO LATE! New Terminology, NEW AGE ORDER!


The following is the string of comments tonight (November 11, 2017) to a post of mine on FB.




Here’s my post and the comments that inspired me to write a story treatment which becomes a novel, six months after the MOVIE wins the OSCAR for “Best Picture in 2019. It will also be instrumental in bringing together, millions of people that share the same views regarding the defeat of the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO), and CONSOLIDATING all of our independent efforts to do so.

War is, and always has been, HELL. For those who were killed, for those who survived….Civilians AND soldiers. If you look at the reasons behind each war, WWI, WWII, Korean War, the Vietnam War (which we lost), and all the wars since Vietnam, you really get a sense of how fucked up war is. Beyond all the right reasons, there are also the wrong reasons. We are accustomed to saying, “Thank you for your service”. What if, instead of war, all those who have and are still, “Serving”, were part of a global “Army” to defeat Famine, Starvation. Sure there has always been some dictator to defeat, but what if we sent people to HELP people, instead of to KILL people? The Military/Industrial Complex got it’s start during WWI. When WWII came along, technology was advancing to the point where we could stop a war just by dropping a few A-Bombs. All the major shareholders of the war machine said to each other, “War is good for business”, so they kept it up, receiving our tax dollars, creating and deploying more sophisticated weapons. We the “People”, like sheep, just kept going to do our “Patriotic” duty Killing and being killed, dis-“Arming” and dis-“Legging” the so-called enemy as well as ourselves. We have become so indoctrinated, brain-washed if you will, that we have produced generations of war mongering sheep, ready to go to war for what ever reason we are told. Sure today we thank our veterans for their service. I think we need to ask ourselves WHY?…….and WHAT FOR? I think history will record the current history, and the past hundred years as a time when our species totally lost our minds, for the sake of a handful of billionaires who control our destiny. Why don’t we now build an “Army” that goes out into the world and “Serves” the real needs of people everywhere, building instead of destroying, bringing food to the starving, building infrastructure, saving lives instead of taking lives. War is hell. Give PEACE a chance.


Jim R Davis they tried to draft me and was even a wanted criminal who could not go to US.

Melanie Klinke and russian against afghanistan?Not exocst?

Chris Laufer Our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms and humans have made significant improvements over the last 200 years they probably did’t think the Civil War, WW1, WW2 would happen.

Thomas C Saxe None of our wars were good wars, and yes, we have evolved. Certainly technology has evolved. Our species is coming to a cross-road. All I’m saying is we need to turn ourselves towards peace and charity, humility and forgiveness, reason instead of madness

Jim R Davis the war choice is what the NWO wants. Up your game people or its lights out.

Thomas C Saxe Jim R Davis That’s what has been going on since BEFORE WWI, and it’s the five families at the top that have profited the most from war. Forget the Forbes list, Gates has nothing compared to the secret ultra-rich

Thomas C Saxe the British Royal family is part of it

Jim R Davis old news is great for reference but how do we help now.

Thomas C Saxe Jim R Davis It’s starting to happen now, different anti-war groups, there’s even an Iraq War Vet Anti-War group. I think, the more that sore is exposed, the more people that not only understand the truth, and share the truth, the various “groups” will begin to join together. I think there will be continuous war in the middle east, I think Israel, who is part and parcel to every conflict in the middle east, will be subdued eventually. I’m not a communist or socialist, BUT, and it’s a BIG BUTT, I think capitalism, as we want it to be, is in it’s death throes. It’s all part of the evolution of our species, and our existence (and our planet}. I am what they call, a “Futurist”. I wonder and write about our evolution as a species, and where and what we will be 500 years from now

Thomas C Saxe

And the Oscar goes to…….

Jim R Davis actually the whole planet is headed for a giant furball. the US tried to send me to war one time and i have no use for governments that take payoffs and orders from the corporate billionaires that think they own the place cuz they can print money and we can’t. Unfortunately for them yes we are waking up and for the first time in 30 years i finally do find people that know the truth thanks to internet. now if we can stop the co2 scam costing billions for junk proven obsolete in the 70s i will be happy .

Thomas C Saxe Jim R Davis Like-Minded people are going to unite, and it begins with communication like this

Thomas C Saxe Jim R Davis The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism, obviously, this organization with $3Billion in backing from some DotCom dude, would have to operate as a “Religion” to hide from the CIA types…A new language, spoken AND written, and the best communication equipment in the world….STARTING TO SOUND LIKE A MOVIE, GOTTA COPY THIS SHIT DOWN…Hahahahahaa

So, anyway, that’s how I originally got this idea for this story “Treatment” which eventually will be the NOVEL that came out six months AFTER the MOVIE version wins the Oscar for Best Picture.  Hahahahahahaha
In the beginning, there was FACEBOOK….FB became the tool which allowed people to communicate with one another, throughout the world. After seeing the horrendous things taking place around the world, the wars in the Middle East, the persecution of the Palestine people by Israel, the election of Donald Trump, like-minded people began to communicate the urgent need to give control back to the people, and to defeat the NWO.
Several different groups, 8 groups actually, allied their efforts together to form one large, coordinated group of people to deliver a solution to the problem. The solution you ask? As menacing and disturbing as it sounds, again inspired by someone’s post asking the question, “Maybe we should get rid of the entire Rothschild Family”. I think I responded originally by suggesting (commenting) that the top five families of wealth globally might be better.
The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism, obviously, this organization with $3 Billion in backing from some DotCom dude, would have to operate as a “Religion” to hide from the CIA types…A new language, spoken AND written, and the best communication equipment in the world….STARTING TO SOUND LIKE A MOVIE, GOTTA COPY THIS SHIT DOWN…Hahahahahaa 

So, anyway, as the story goes. 

Very quickly the eight groups combine their resources and voices, and become a unified group under the name “The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism” (ITAD) (incorporated in the State of Nevada, with headquarters in Las Vegas), with each of the eight original groups still maintaining it’s own name, logo and personality. To join ITAD, click here, open in new tab

Anyone believing in the Manifesto or “Articles of Belief), can join regardless of their religious beliefs. In other words, you can be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist…….Or an Atheist or Agnostic. It doesn’t matter who your God is, as long as you agree with the basic principals/beliefs of “The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism” (ITAD). The initial Board of Directors or “Founding Fathers” will write the ITAD Constitution or Articles of Belief, whatever they decide to call it.

The first and foremost belief is that there ARE a handful of “Families” that control the real wealth of the world, beginning with the entire Rothschild Family. The second Article of Belief is that these families have been planning and is still in the midst of creating a New World Order. New World Order is defined as………DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, YOU EITHER BELIEVE IT OR YOU DON’T….. The ITAD Board of Directors decides who is on the list, how many families, how many people will be “invited” to live on the ITAD Island.

Fortunately, a nice DOTCOM dude from Silicon Valley becomes a member and donates three (3) Billion Dollars. The groups first mission is the creation of a new written and spoken language that cannot be broken.  “The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism” is created and incorporated as a “Non-Profit” institution in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The original eight groups start with just over 500,000 people, from all walks of life, from 14 countries, mostly via Facebook, but 80% in the USA, Canada and Mexico. With the influx of already established “Militias” along with thousands of people joining every day, total ITAD membership quickly grows to two and a half million members. Meetings are held in 32 cities throughout the North American continent, and in fifteen other international cities around the world. In the USA, the twenty-six cities are split into six regions. Canada has three regions and Mexico has three regions.

Almost overnight, six major satellite operational bases are set up all over the world. Being well financed, “The TAD” as we call ITAD has set up the most sophisticated communication system in the world, along with the best trained and best equipped private security force in the world. You have done your research, all members are in agreement on a manifesto describing the Purpose and Goals of the existence of “The Tab”.  In effect, we have created a new “Shadow” government, planning in the background, and eventually “Executing” it’s “Plan of Operation”…. POO? Hahahahahahaha. Had to add a little humor right there. A new Language/Computer Algorithm is created for secure communications. It cannot be hacked.

Think about it. What we ALL think about isn’t so much the overthrow of our various governments, since we are all educated in this NWO subject, we know we have to get “Rid” of certain families of people who are at the top, pulling all the strings on the various “Puppets”. Some have suggested literally killing these people. My vote would be to put them all on an island. Let them govern themselves. Let them learn how to plant crops, dig ditches, feed the chickens. Of course they have no weapons, and no means of escape. No guards, just a continual monitoring by drone helicopters.

The planning and execution of the world wide coup and the resulting “New Age” on our planet will give the movie audience hope for the future, and inspiration to actually join and get involved. Obviously there is a trailer at the end of the movie, before the “credits” that explains how to join “TAD” and get involved. Notice I said “New Age”, not New World Order (NWO).

I think once you get the original Billionaire to join and invest, he/she will convince others to join and invest. Very rapidly the “Bank” of the church controls over $300 Billion dollars, all over the world (and the largest single entity holding of GOLD in an unknown location).

“Collection Teams”. The Collection Teams are created for one purpose, which is to simultaneously pick up and escort the “Guests” to the “Island”. Most of the “Guests” actually think they are going on a vacation or some other outing. The “Guests” that take a little more convincing, are “Darted” with a Cannabis Dart (insert link to my Cannabis George page) and immediately subdued and escorted to the Collection Vehicle, which could be a Rolls Royce or a Greyhound Bus or a Tel Aviv Taxi. Brouhaha

The ITAD (The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism)  Island is several square miles, large enough to accommodate 5,000 guests or so. Fortunately, the original population is around 200 or so. Self-sustaining, the guests grow their own food, they govern themselves. They learn how to plant crops, dig ditches, feed the chickens, etceteras. Of course they have no weapons, and no means of escape. No guards, just a continual monitoring by drone helicopters. Life for these guests really is quite simple and a  Shangri-La in and of itself. So I really don’t think of it as punishment, I see it as a re-distribution of their wealth. Hahahahahahaa.

Instead of just talking about it, let’s do something about it. Go to my FB Group

First thing to do is expand membership and form a Board of Directors

Anyone interested in helping with this effort, please contact me

We need dedicated people for the “Board of Directors”

Anyone interested in taking up an active role, like becoming a Board Member, Administrator, Fund Raiser, Member of the Advisory Board, IT Consultant, or whatever, please let us know. Thanks!

People of all ethnicity, religious backgrounds, and identities are welcome to join ITAD, just leave your own religious thoughts and beliefs at the door. ITAD is NOT a RELIGION. No matter what you believe, you are welcome to it as long as you leave it at the door when you walk in. The ONLY philosophy we agree upon is the “Golden Rule”. We disagree and abhor any and all systems of governing that we consider to be APARTHEID, which includes Zionism (which is NOT Judaism).

The website has to appear to strangers, as a wacky way out there in outerspace cult-like religion.  Shall we allow the public to access the website? I don’t think so….But just in case someone unwanted gets through, we will look like a cult to them.  Vetted members only which will be in the millions.

Same as the Local, Regional and International meetings will appear to accidental visitors as some wacky way out there in outerspace worship service, with gold calf or some other wacky object. Gold TOAD! Hahahahahahaha

The Gold Toad got eaten by the Gold Lion

When a person reaches our website, they are asked for a code (key if you will) to open the front double doors of the Tabernacle. After the proper code is entered, a cartoon version of that thing we used to do with our hands when we were kids, “This is the Church, This is the Steeple, Open the Doors, See all the people”……Then they have entered the website, which will be an animation of walking down the center aisle of the “Church”. The website will have regional mailboxes for the distribution of messages, etceteras, maybe 12 mailboxes to cover the 12 regions on the planet?

Politics, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of it all, is just a weaponized tool of the Elite NWO. Our species, THIS planet, has not had a day without war for over 2,500 years. THINK about it. – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

To join ITAD, click here, open in new tab

To go to FB page for NWO Freedom Fighters, click here, open in new tab

CONSOLIDATE! CONSOLIDATE! CONSOLIDATE! Let’s consolidate our efforts on FB and other platforms and get OFF of Facecrap

Reminder, the sole purpose of ITAD is for camouflage and secure communication

ITAD email address:

NOTICE: After trying about a dozen or so different iterations, we now have secured a domain name. 





Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD (Tom)





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Raijin Sanada Pt. 2 of Being Manipulated, Controlled, Brainwashed, Indoctrinated and Corrupted:
Well Fox News is owned by George Soros and Viacom Mega Conglomerate owns CNN if you do not know about it. He watches with his elite Jesuits in Gleefully Happiness while stupid humans brutally assault, torture, kill each other over stupid crap such as Religion, Politics, Technology, Creationism, Science, Mysticism, Race, Wealth etc… While they get away separating Tribes pitting Mother against Father creating Various issues so the dad become Alcoholic mess beats the living crap out of his Beloved Wife due to Frustration and Hopelessness. She become a member of Feminist Terrorist and children some of the Women become Nuns and the boys become Priest both are Raped in Churches by Pastors and Popes practice of The Talmud Tradition or by Relatives and Colleagues, they become just as ignorant and Apathetic as the Parents due to the Receiving End of the Constant Bullying from School Abuse at Home are more susceptible to Addiction, Crime, Gangs, Drugs, Abductions, Splinter Cell, Military career and Manipulation, Control instead of Living, Loving Unconditionally. Growing with them become Desperate enough in order to Provide for his Family, the Female Nurtures, Backbone, while the Male is Pillars, the Main Provider both are Foundations NEEDED to CREATE the Blueprints which are the Youth All Tribe are Defenders and Protectors like the Pride of the Lions or the Reclusive Social Packs of the Wolves. Our Children are Sacrificed they drink the blood of Virgins, Cops murder or Imprison our Youth for false charges so they can Complete their Quota for the Month and makes it easier to collect Dead Bodies for Big Pharmaceutical funded Hospitals Soldiers contribute to Harvesting Organs from freshly deceased Vessels. They have infinite supply of blood and Vast Quantities of Human Remains from that and Volunteers are tricked into eating Carcinogenic foods available affordable such as Donuts, students have no other Options available so they renewing their blood by acquiring books from Jesuit Foundations because the cost of Higher Learning in College or Universities at Blood Donation Centers “To Help out in Cancer and Medicine Research Facilities” where they kill their Patients with Chemotherapy designed to Spread out Cancer Cells to working Organs, Muscle, and Skeletal Systems! Protect yer Loved Ones by NOT splitting up the TRIBES and VILLAGES.


More to come


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