Think about it. What are you “Recovering” from?

Think about it. What are you “Recovering” from?

Recovering: Alcoholic? Dope Addict? Child Molester? Cancer Patient? Serial Killer? Wife Beater? Sex Addict? Religious Zealot? We could go on and on.

Stop. Stop recovering. If you no longer drink, you have recovered. Don’t remind yourself or others you meet, “I used to get shit-faced drunk, but now I’m a “Recovering Alcoholic”………..just so they know, and you know, it was a brave, life-long struggle to finally stop drinking, which in real life, it really is, for the true (medically addicted) alcoholic. So be proud of it for yourself. Consider not bringing up your past indiscretions connected to being shit-faced drunk.

If you happen to be at a company party, or with colleagues at a bar for your bosses 29th birthday party, if the subject about alcoholism is being raised, you’re not going to raise your glass and say, “I’m drinking Seven-Up, because I’m a “Recovering Alcoholic”. Change your way of thinking. If you no longer drink alcoholic beverages, good for you, you won! Keep it too yourself.

If someone is offering you a drink, tell them you’ll take a Virgin Mary or whatever. You can tell him that alcohol causes a violent reaction for you when you’ve taken a Viagra. Your friend will laugh, you’ll get your glass of tomato juice.

You’re buddies really don’t give a shit. At least those who truly are not addicted alcoholics. The one dude who just downed his sixth martini without a hiccup, really, at that moment in time, doesn’t give a flying fuck if you used to drink or not. Point is, if you want to believe you are “healed”, that you are in “recovery”, that’s okay. It’s sort of like, “Forgive, AND forget.

If you feel THAT compelled to share your success with everyone, try telling your story of your “continuing recovery” in a bar full of “Social” drinkers. Chances are, they are going to throw your ass out at some point, or at the very least, you’ll get your ass whipped. “Oh, I’m a recovering alcoholic”…..”BULLSHIT! If you don’t drink anymore…..wonderful……keep it too yourself”.

Unless you have the extraordinary skills, empathy, and desire to speak to people with a similar issue or problem, try going to AA. I’m sure at some point, your story, although unique, and inspiring, will sooner or later become boring. I know people that have died from the disease of alcoholism. I know a few that lived their whole life in “recovery”, never ever drinking again after being a drunk.

Sounds a little bit presumptive on my part I guess, but if you no longer drink, good for you, you’ve been cured! Hooray for you. Keep it to yourself. If you happen to be a recovering “Dope Addict”, best to keep your mouth shut except at AA type meetings.

Same thing goes for the recovering “Sex Addict” (you obviously are going to keep it to yourself in most situations).  Same thing if you are a recovering “Serial Killer” or “Wife Beater”, Congratulations! Feel good, but keep it to yourself.

If you happen to be a recovering, “I’m in remission”, “Cancer Patient”, it’s not a “bad” thing to share with people going thru the same thing. Sharing words of encouragement with others who are suffering from the same thing, is generally a welcome thing.

And this can be applied to a lot of things not on the list tonight. Sharing your battle with cancer, with people who have no clue what you are talking about will be a waste of time, except for reminding your friend Bill that his wife just died of cancer a month ago.

If you happen to be a recovering “Child Molester”, go ahead, tell your story, just tell your story to the general population at San Quentin during lunchtime. In fact, try dancing in the spirit, yelling, “Praise God, I used to be a recovering Child Molester, now I’m cured!”  See how well that goes over in your church on a Sunday morning. Same thing with recovering “Sodomite”.

If you happen to be a recovering “Religious Zealot”, i.e., someone who has “seen the real light” so to speak, who’s discovered that religion is just a man-made thing, designed to control your thoughts and your actions and your life, then you are correct if you keep it to yourself.

If you are in the middle of a crowd of enthusiastic Christians discussing Jesus, unless you can command their attention, and share your thoughts with them with spell-binding attention on their part, keep your mouth shut. You don’t care what they believe. You are not an evangelist for atheism.

What? You think it’s your obligation to convert your holy friends to atheism? Bullshit! You really could care less what they believe or not believe in, except that they treat others the way they want to be treated, i.e., the Golden Rule.

For, me, if pressed into giving a statement, I will explain what I think, and why I think it, in as few words as possible. When I am finished with my brief oratory, I will simply tell them that that I will make myself available privately for further discussion at their convenience.

This most certainly will entice the most zealot of your religiously zealot friends. As one by one, some of them respond to your open invitation for a private discussion, and come to you separately, hell bent on trying to “convince” you that you are going to HELL, unless you confess your sins, ask forgiveness, and believe in their dude.

A few of them may have some sincerity of belief based upon their honest ignorance, and genuine intentions to save your soul, however misguided they are. Some of the zealots, will attempt your conversion simply out of the same ignorance boosted by a false bravado and ego on their part, just so they can tell others that they made that attempt to convert you.

The extreme “Religious Zealots” have an issue with their hypocrisy being exposed, they’re the ones that will leave you alone most of the time because they know, that you know, that they know, it’s all a bunch of fabricated bullshit. That in many instances, they are as “sinful” and evil as they come.

Of course, the real question, and the real answer is, “Who are these people…….and what in 1958 Corvette’s Name are you doing there in that particular crowd in the first place”. I believe in science. I believe science when proven, or whatever proved, is the truth, as I “know” it.

Ask me any question at all, related or not to what I just wrote tonight. The answer is probably already somewhere in my blog. Aliens? Favorite recipes? Evolution? Life after death?

Sharing your story as an encouragement to another? Sure. One on one, when they have asked you about your experience with the subject.

Last word. Having lunch with friends, and bringing up your colostomy experience while everyone is working on their desert, is not a good idea. The next time you are eating at Taco Bell and a stranger is staring at the hot sauce dripping down your chin, feel free to say, “I’m recuoberine from a cupbola stroches”.  That’s okay to share at that moment. Then just smile, and wipe the taco sauce off your chin.

P.S. If you are suffering from a mental disorder like PTSD, or depression, do share with someone who can help you combat your illness. Especially seek help if those close to you ignore your plea for help. Join a group. Seek out a therapist if you feel the need to do so. Do NOT bottle it up.

There’s even pages and groups on Facebook where you can share your feelings and thoughts with. My greatest therapy has been and continues to be writing. It’s not my job to make sense of my writing for you. You either get it, or you don’t.

Try writing yourself. Good night!

Strain: Greenthumb 2, harvested August 1, 2017

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